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“Ballad & Pop Hits - The Complete Video Collection” out now

Written by tevensso on November 18, 2003 to .

(UPDATED) - The new Roxette DVD called “Ballad & Pop Hits - The Complete Video Collection” is out now, so far only in PAL format. This is the new title of the updated “All Videos Ever Made” DVD.

  Capitol Records Sweden confirms this is a worldwide release. TDR’s sources claim this DVD has better video and audio quality than the previous issue. Added to the new DVD are the two latest videos; “A Thing About You” and “Opportunity Nox”, while some of the extra material has been removed.

1. A Thing About You

2. It Must Have Been Love

3. Listen To Your Heart

4. Fading Like A Flower

5. Spending My Time

6. Queen Of Rain

7. Almost Unreal

8. Crash! Boom! Bang!

9. Vulnerable

10. You Don’t Understand Me

11. Wish I Could Fly

12. Anyone

13. Salvation

14. Milk And Toast And Honey

15. Opportunity Nox

16. The Look

17. Dressed For Success

18. Dangerous

19. Joyride

20. The Big L

21. Church Of Your Heart

22. How Do You Do!

23. Sleeping In My Car

24. Run To You

25. June Afternoon

26. Stars

27. The Centre Of The Heart

28. Real Sugar

29. Neverending Love

30. Soul Deep

31. I Call Your Name

32. Chances

33. (Do You Get) Excited?

34. Fingertips ´93

35. Fireworks

36. She Doesn´t Live Here Anymore

37. Un Dia Sin Ti

38. The Making Of Joyride

39. Really Roxette

Capitol Music Canada has also confirmed the following information:

Format: DVD Video

Genre: Pop

UPC: 724349094895

Released: Nov 11, 2003

SRP: $26.98


The DVD will be released in both PAL and NTSC. Since “All Videos Ever Made” never was released in countries using NTSC format (such as Brazil, Canada, Japan and some Asian countries), it was time to have an NTSC release - and at the same time also update the PAL release. The audio format is unknown, but TDR assumes it will be Dolby Stereo.

Steven Howlett and Rob McIntyre contributed to this article.

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Obviously this is the updated “All Videos Ever Made...” DVD. Which, Per told TDR, will include the ATAY and ON videos plus a “new ’The Look’ remix”.


NOT FOR ME..pfffff

Can´t believe this stupid idea...
Wonder who´s going to buy it, just because of 3 new videos...

..a bad idea!!!

I would like a documentation from the ROOM SERVICE “Really Roxette”... :o)

put something new on it, and I’ll buy it, why don’t make a 2-DVD and include a concert

well i didnt know the first DVD was not released worldwide :-S, so its a good idea for the other places that dont have it, people get to see new roxette. now will they be any promotion. i dont think so lol.

now i’m pissed i paid for a pal dvd that will now be out in ntsc format

They really dare to release such crap! Won’t buy it - as I mentioned quite often before.

I juse they include other documentaries...that would make it worth to buy!

I’m gonna get it, because I haven’t got the first. I do hope The Look ’95 will be on this one this time...I won’t get my hopes up though.

Actually I kinda understand EMI now... I mean, it really was about time to release the DVD in NTSC! And since they had to do a new master anyway, why not really include all videos they have? I’m sure people would have complained if they had left out ATAY and ON... as would have the people in PAL countries if there was no PAL-release (which I guess is partly to reduce the financial risk of the NTSC-Version), too! So what did you expect EMI to do? Someone would have complained no matter what they did...

@Starrox: Agree fully!

@Starrox: Agree fully 2 !

I will buy it for the ATAY video, not to arsed about Opp Nox and did not really like the video, there is bound to be something else on there as well..... wait and see, we shall all known sooner or later...

I only hope this time this DVD could be released in China.

Well at least it´s a great new for all brazilian fans like me who were waiting for a Roxette DVD so long ago. I guess now EMI Brazil will have to release it here, since it´s NTSC system.

A couple of things...

Worldwide? I highly doubt it will see a release in the USA of all places. We haven’t even got ’The Pop Hits’ album.

The tracklisting. Since the title is ’The Ballad & Pop Hits’ the tracklisting could be different from ’All Videos Ever Made & More.’ We might only see videos to the songs that actually made these two compilation albums. Therefore, we might not have videos such as “Fireworks” and “She Doesn’t Live Here Anymore.” I hope this isn’t the case.

I think it’s not a good idea ...
I do believe it would be better for example to propose the fans a DVD with the live sessions, a biography, new singles or original sessions (i mean never seen up to now ...)

and, who knows, maybe with some numbers from this Unplugged in 1993 ...

Don’t you think it would be a better idea ?

“Wait and see” ... as they say

Guys! Guys! The DVD is named “The ......... HITS”. So this DVD might contain ONLY their hits, like in the prev. 2 cd’s. This would be like a video version of “The Ballad Hits” & “The Pop Hits”. Another one in this saga...

Pincette: People such as me would buy it.

Who says this is stupid? I bought my DVD from England and have never been able to watch it on tv because of the system difference. Jeez how self-centred and stupid could you be!

Most of you people from Europe would not understand the fact that North Americans use a totally different system than you do. All you do is ask for new stuff and yeah if they add this, I will buy it. If they do that, I won’t! Who cares what you think?!? Capitol Music CANADA released this for Canadians and not you!!! So stop complaining and nagging!

Who of you know the tracklist and extras already today? Nobody! The information from EMI is very thin, so I wait for details. Should you also!

I’m hoping they’ll fill the compilation to the brim with their videos, to guarenty its sale in the North American market. There is a possibility that it might just contain the band’s hits, as implied by the title, but people have been waiting to replace their previous VHS compilations with a DVD for years here.

I suspect that the documentaries and television performances will not be a priority and will not be included though.

I thought AVEM dvd was released in Canada? I asked about that by email last year and they said they´re gonna (propably) release it.

No, “All Videos Ever Made” was never released in NTSC.

sure i’ll buy it, even though i have the other one. i would like to be able to watch it on my big tv instead of the computer, and it’s cheaper than buying a fancy new dvd player, if i could even get the right sort to play PAL discs here. i’d only need a player like that for roxette and marie anyhow.

He He Hej

Great news for brazillian fans... finally we will get this DVD.
And I don’t think that the DVD will have only the HITS, cause the VHS “Don’t Bore Us, Get To The Chorus” has some videos that aren’t in the Cd version, as Church Of Your Heart.

All the best

I can’t believe. The dvd in Brazil ahhhhhhhh!!! I’m soooooo happyyyyyyyy. Thankyou a million Marie and Per !!!

I’ll buy it. I hope they fix the menu screens. I hope they make it look more cool!

Happy Birthday to me. My birthday is 3 days after that is released. And I’ll buy it because I don’t have the other DVD.

LaMan - They had told me that they would be distributing the “All The Videos” compilation but I think they decided to wait for a remastered version.

Anonymous - I also suspect it will be released in the states too.

great for those who cannot watch the PAL version, but I think releasing it on NTSC should have been done when “All videos...” was released, then there would be no need for this DVD and they could wait some years to update it with a lot more of new videos.. not just 2.. and release it - again - on both systems..., but of course, “there will always be fans who will buy both, so why not” >:|

Btw, now that u are at it, make a better menu! (including correcting spelling mistakes ;)

I won’t buy it because of only 2 new videos. Does Per think Roxette-fans buy everything?!?!? I think Per needs money!!!

They HAVE to do a new menu because of the new tracks, title and coverdesign! :-)

I know they have to change the menu, so that’s why I say that they should do it better when they are at it ;)

I understand that those of you who don’t have it are glad about the dvd. But if they don’t add any new stuff it doesn’t make sense. Is there one reason why they didn’t release AVEMAM worldwide before? Just at the same time when it was released in Europe? No. Well, let me think about this ’no’ again. Yes, there is one, they are trying to get the money twice and that’s what annoys me. I won’t buy, but this is not about buying or not buying it but about how cunningly these people try to get me to part with my money.

the next will be the compilation that was released in US in 2000, but this time released worldwide, updated with the 2 last singles ;)

But hey! if they go on like this, they will make my pocket a favour, as I won’t spend any cent on Rox in some years ;)

yeah of course it means Menu, but the DVD is in English ;) besides the menu itself is quite “poor”...

It´s a great idea!!!
I think Brazil will have this Roxette dvd in stores.
I´m anxious about this releasing.

I think they should release a DVD Single containing the extras that weren’t included on the first compilation that they included on the second.

I’ll buy it instantly :-)

I thought calling it “The Hits” would have worked better, but even then it’s not very accurate: “All videos...” was more logical, as the DVD isn’t just full of hit singles.

Anyway... I was very impressed with the design of the CDs, so I’m intrigued as to how they’ve designed the DVD.

too the one who said something about my complaint earlier:

I know “meny” is “menu” in Swedish.... that’s what makes the misspelling so silly...

@Anonymous 13:28: Very, very, very well said. My thoughts exactly... the ORIGINAL version of this DVD was for the fans and made with the fans in mind with lots of extra tidbits... the UPDATE is NOT for the fans, it’s for anyone who *would have* been buying the “All the Videos...” DVD in the next decade or whatever, for whatever reason. Listen to yourselves for a second... it’s obvious that they wanted to update the DVD when it finally came out in NTSC format - would you actually be happier if only those countries got the updated DVD? Of course not! On the other hand, would you be happier if the skipped countries got exactly what came out two years ago in the rest of the world? I should hope not! I agree that they should have released the original DVD all over the world at the same time, but they didn’t, so what are we left with? Release the DVD with nothing new on it only in those countries that didn’t already have it? Sure, but then you’ll have to explain to me how it’s a bad thing that new stuff has been added and it’s available to everybody. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t as they say.


EMI Argentina just confirmed us the new Roxette DVD will be released in November here as well.

|¡Roxette Latino! >

Roxette - best duet in the world!!!!!

So many STUPID people. If you dont want the DVD- DONT BUY IT? Whats the problem?


@Roxfever it doesn’t make sense for you that has in your hands all about Roxette.
Do you know...I don’t understand why you guys always complain about everything Roxette does. Are you sure you are their fans?
Per and Marie does’t need to stole anyone to have money. Btw you are too much preoccupied with Marie and Per’s money. Live they alone. They are working and they deserve their money.

Fernanda - Brasil

I’m not even comment anything on this matter, this is getting really stupid and silly!!

@Fernandinha, don’t get me wrong, I appreciate that people from Brasil or whereever they come from can finally get this DVD. That’s great. What I was trying to say was that you should have got it when we got. Then this unecessary update could have been avoided, all of us could have had a NEW dvd with other material on it.
And nobody is complaining about Roxette all the time. But as a fan I have got a right to critizie them haven’t I? If not, my career as a Roxettefan seems to be over:-)

@Roxettefever EMI is a big mass. Two months ago they announced on tv in Brazil this new dvd and it will be release only this month. Can you see how lost they are? Imagine a release for everybody? It would be great but it’s only a dream. They are imcapable of doing this.
We lost too much more than you because we have to import everything. Singles, dvd...our TBH and TPH has only one cd.....this is the reason why I said you always complain about things that Roxette does. You have all in your hands and theres only someone complaining about something. But it’s just my point of view. Of course you don’t have to agree with me ;)

Is it really the “updated ATVEMAM” or only the hits?Please answer me!!!

Fellipe, é sim, são todos os clipes do AVEMAM mais os clipes novos de ON e Atay. Finalmente nas lojas pra nós :)

Muitíssimo obrigado, Fernandinha! Você não sabe como estou feliz... Com certeza eu vou comprar esse DVD! Como esse “pessoal” gosta de reclamar, esses europeus... Eles têm tudo nas mãos: singles e tudo o mais... Obrigado de novo e gostaria de conversar mais com você...

Makes me laugh... all these people posting Anonymously... too wimpish to post under their own nicks... or to register. Oooh, SO hard.
Of course it’s all Pers fault... didn’t you know he IS EMI?? PFFTT!
So everyone has this DVD already? Wow, must be a new one on me... cause as far as I know, this is the first time an NTSC version being released?! Ahh, and all this time I thought the original couldn’t be played in America. Doh, my bad. *Sarcastic tone*
Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

Anonymous 10/6/2003 12:54
Yep yep, indeed it does. So can I take it, you for one are happy?? :)

“this time it’s for real, the deal is all done...” and it sucks biiig time. :(

sigh - how great :S

Wow....I can’t wait to buy something I’ve already got! ;)

wait, they didn’t include the old Neverending love video? or the it must have been love soffa video?

Missing from the other DVD are:

Neverending Love
It Must Have Been Love
I Call Your Name
The Look
Silver Blue

Added are:

A Thing About You
Opportunity Nox

And I don’t see The Look (Visible Mix) on it. I hope it will be though.

thought they wanted to have *all* the videos in a DVD ;)

the old one had 40 videos, this one has 37, if you don’t count ATAY and Onox, 5 videos have been deleted, wooohoooO!

who should buy this dvd? i think all real fans have the first edition called “all videos ...” and this fans also have ATAY and ON video on their computer i guess...

so should we really buy a dvd with 5 videos deleted and a new (VERY VERY VERY CREATIVE) cover? oh no.

i won’t buy this item!

wow.. I’m thrilled...........

whats the poihnt with releasing it

Wow! Can’t wait to NOT buy it :-P

I really really can’t believe what they are doing!!
What the heck is the sense of releasing that with five missing videos?
Bad enough that they “updated” it, but what’s the point in deleting videos???



1.) Where is THE LOOK mix Per was talking about?
2.) Where is the great cover that Per was talking about?

I won´t buy this DVD. What a sad way to get money from the fans. PER & MARIE WAKE UP PLEASE, I´m not sure if they know about this release at all.
What about a petition NOT to buy this DVD. Everyone is invited...
Please let someone produce a DVD with a live concert, nothing else please. Roxette is LIVE at it´s best.
Sorry, I forgot to mention that the cover design is just awful. I think we´ve all seen this cover already “somewhere”. Very creative.

Anyway, this DVD is not “for fans”... it looks it’s to enter or reenter the north american market.... something necesary, isn’t it?

As long as the video and audio quality are increased compared to the othe DVD, I think it’s a necesary release, the other DVD was a shame....
but, if the quality sucks just like the other.... *thumbs down*

Why is that necessary? They won’t ever again enter the american market! Sorry, but that’s the truth..have a look at the billboard music is making its way and not catchy power-pop tunes from Sweden!

The cover is the most awful Roxette-cover I’ve ever seen.. )-:

Being in a market doesn’t mean being in a chart...
i don’t understand why you linked both things.

When nobody buys your CDs why should you release them? It doesn’t make much sense to me.

and by the way...great “update” get actually less than before... i would call it a really poor replacement...

This is what will happen in the UK....the DVD will get reviewed....and they will slate it as being another attempt to extact money from ppls.....and for once I’ll be agreeing with the critics!

If it was an attempt to re-enter the American market then it would most likely have just been released to them, but no...its being released all over the world so I don’t see that as an attempt to re-enter a market I see it as an attempt to re-hash old stuff coz EMI said they should

The first DVD should have been made so it could be viewed everywhere......or did they think....mmm we could re-release this in a few years time under a different name .... someone will buy it.

PS: this will most likely be the first Roxette release (in 13 years) that I won’t be buying, so what does that say..... not even die hards like myself and others are going to get it.

*edited for spelling mistakes ;) *

@Oliver: not sure about Marie, but Per DOES know about this release, he even said in an interview with TDR it was necessary (very!) , that it would be great to have all the videos together (yeah as u can see) and that The look mix would be included (yes sure).. :S

F*ck... they didn’t updated the other DVD, they just put two videos but DELETED other five !! I can’t believe it !! So, to have all videos I’ll have to buy both DVDs... that SUCKS BIG TIME !!!! >:(

Blergh !!! >:( I’m so pissed off !!

I’m sure its not Marie’s fault >;)

ah! now I know where the The look remix Per talks about will be included in!!

The Ballad & Pop Hits DVD - Limited Edition (just 500 copies ;) :D *muahahahaha*

500!! 50 more like....and they’ll be sent out as promo’s and be rated as 10 stars in the book ;)

yes, it’s a shame but i don’t think it’s per&marie who want this money - i guess emi want to slaugher their formaly cash-cows... sad but thats how this business runs...

American boys and girls: go and buy it! For YOU it’s a chance.
For the rest of us: go and buy the “old” version WITH the five rarities before the updated version will be released! Don’t go buying the new DVD in the shop, take eBay or whatever..they can’t do that with us. :-(

The cover is bloody awful.

I will buy it for the ATAY video which I have still not seen as I cannot get the CD single to play on my PC! **cries**, so yep I will buy it. I think it is an excellent idea for a release making it avail to people who could not play the other version. Have to be honest not keen on the cover! :(

Shall I upload the ATAY video for you? ;-)

bad cover, bad idea!

Funny thing... this updated DVD made the fans that already have “All The Videos” DVD angry, cause they would have to buy “The Ballad & Pop Hits” DVD just for 2 videos.

Now the new DVD made fans that don’t have “All The Videos” angry, cause this new DVD is missing 5 videos.

After all... everybody is angry !! “Great job” EMI ! >:(


NO COMMENT apart from what about room service stuff ??? bhind the sences of TCOTH ect . :S

I’m a little confused. Will this format play in the US (if you don’t have an all regions DVD player)??

personally I am very disappointed that the 5 bonus videos were left off from this dvd and I would have liked to see The Look ’95 added as well, but I can watch these on my computer with the first edition. But you know what, it was about time that we loyal Canadian fans finally got a dvd we can watch at home. We’ve had all the albums released but with no promotion and we didn’t even get the bonus cd with the pop hits. We don’t get concerts because Roxette does have a following in the US, so if you think life is tough in Europe, try living here.

@Salvation: Yes.

Hi Salvation. Yes, it will play on all Canadian and American DVD players ; Unlike the previous compilation, which only played on Pal compatible players and computers.

“I wonder why they don’t put this interview from Room service on the DVD which we could see online at that time. Record company people are so unprofessional.....
time to get some jobs for Roxette-fans in the company......>:)...**says the one working with unemployed people all day long**”

I agree. Why are we getting those OLD documentaries? Surely, they are nice. How about an updated one? The ’Room Service’ interview would have fit very well with this release because it’s recent.

It’s so funny because record companies wonder why they have problems. It’s ideas like this DVD compilation that irritates fans. What record companies need are fans to help out in such issues. Sometimes I question the things that they do and wonder why. Why not just give the fans what they want? Instead, they do a half-a** job of putting an updated DVD together when in reality they should be putting out past Roxette live concerts on DVD for the first time in addition to other rare material.

As for the deleted videos, why did they do this? My guess is that there’s really not that much room left on the DVD? It’s really quite full as it is. Hopefully the audio and picture quality will get an update as well.

With all that said, there are some advantages here for the American fans. So thumbs up to that.

As for the cover, okay, it’s a bit weird. But considering the title of the release, it makes sense.

Well, since it will play in my DVD player, I’m all excited now!! :)

Although it does kinda suck that five videos aren’t there, it’s a blessing to tose of us who didn’t have access to it before.


I’m pleased, mostly. Can’t say I like the cover better than the previous version. But, as someone said, it really seems to be a North American targeted release. Glad to get the chance all the same.

I think it’s a great release for the audience in general. Complete tracklist of the hits, good and clean cover-design in line with TBH & TPH, available in all world-markets. Hopefully we’ll see some advertising for this!

I couldn’t care less about some crappy low-fi videos of TV-performances, although I’d like some newer bonus-material. Think about it, probably not even 1 percent of the people who love Roxette’s music have bought the last DVD!

As I already own the other one, I see no point in complaining here: This new DVD is an additional opportunity, not a ’must-buy’ for you! Or... are you angry about your personal fetish to buy everything? :-P

not at all, at least me, because I do not buy *everything* at all ;)

Like I said in previous posts, They have all this material that they can realease and now they have a chance to do so but NOooooooo lets waste time and energy on something small and little like this and hang on to the stuff we have

Sorry, I’d love to add my comment about the DVD, but i need to go find a bucket to hurl in after seeing the cover!!! WTF were they thinking?!! ;o(@)

Ok, Im back.

Who cares about the deleted “vids” - they werent good at all - more embaressing than anything else. Yes, they couldve added stuff like The Making of COTH vid, and The Making of H.A.N.D / Room Service / CBB but i guess the the dvd is quite full already.

Does it really matter if you want to buy the updated DVD or not? I’ll buy it if i find it in the shops - im not going to hunt for it. Like tons of ppl said before me: it’s more a release for NTSC countries than anything else. And for those ppl who dont have it yet. So stop crying and bitching about it. Its a greatest hits compilation - not a rare footage compilation. I havent seen dvd’s like that selling bucket loads. So let them be.... jeeeezuz.


Update? -5 + 2 = -3. Downdate:-) Cool cover! Didn’t expect them to be that creative. You did a good job guys. You’ve convinced me now. I’ll buy it. twice. no, three times. Waaah, I’m so excited! Can’t wait for 11/9.

Hehe, me too!
With that WONDERFUL, BREATHTAKING, absolutely CREATIVE Cover simply EVERYBODY will buy more than two copies of that crappy DVD, including me ;-S

The tracklist: This is F888ing bull8888!!! I’m suddenly ashamed to be a Roxette fan!!!

The cover: **purplemedusa joins carbon_boy at the bucket**

Who mentioned evil ppl?

I did. Some of the comments on here. Against Per etc. There really is no need for it. :(
Roxette are doing something for the American fans etc. Which I think is bloomin’ nice of them. Maybe they should release it nowhere else but NTSC countries. Then people won’t be claiming they’re forced to buy this DVD!

Releasing it in NTSC countries: wonder whether it will sell more than tBH in the States (someone said it was 250copies).... mmmm

Then so be it! Seems like a lot of the fans here are refusing to buy it anyway, so it’s not like it’ll make a slice of difference, if it was just to be released in NTSC countries!
EMI will be left red faced over this release of course they will.
Per and Marie would’ve had a say in it sure, but at the end of the day this release is down to EMI. Vent anger at them. Blaming Per isn’t anything but cruel. :(
It’s a just a ’because’ DVD I think. Marie is ’Off work’ as it were. Per is busy with his solo stuff. EMI need to make cash out of them somehow, for the time being. I guess this for them was the most logical thing.
A lot more people own DVD players now then when it was originally released anyway. SO MAYBE this will be a success.
Ranting and raving won’t help now. What-should-have-beens, are too late as the DVD is already, signed, sealed and nearly delivered. Stamping feet, tantrums etc of, ’I’m not going to buy it’ won’t work either. You don’t buy it, ok... that’s no skin of anyones nose. I’m not buying it. It’s too close to christmas, I have the original, I’m waiting for the Per DVD, and simple lack of cash. No-one(Especially Per) is standing with a gun in peoples back. It’s up to the individual to decide whether to buy it. And, ’I buy everything because’, well that’s their choice.

I suggested someone with a site starting a petition... maybe someone could do that, for what’s next?
This DVD is coming out, whether people like it or not. Most american etc fans on here seem over the moon, and I am that they can finally enjoy it. It’s probably as full as it can be, else MAYBE they would’ve included live/behind-the-scenes stuff.
But, maybe we could all have a say in the next release.

You know that saying that goes..... Same shit different day?

Well this is....Same shit, different cover ;)

LOL Vix *evilgrin* :D


Vixz, ur creativity never fails to suprise me!!

Hmmmm, vixz... wouldn’t say the stuff was shit! Tsk! ;)
The cover though. :(

I‘ll buy it as well.I think is a god idea to release it en every countries but i think the cover is really nasty!They must be use a new pic in the cover!!ñike pics in the booklet from TBH or TPH.And it‘s a pity that they don‘t include a live show from RS Tour.It‘s a really pity!!

Bit late though.
Oh and looksee, Per blamed on there too. Grr. If it was Marie that gave the news would people say the same about her???

Ah but the difference is....marie didn’t give the news..... coz she never would ;)

The decision is taken by EMI, Dimberg and Roxette. Roxette are Marie and Per and I am pretty sure she doesn’t care about what they decide Roxette should release or not right now, she has other things to worry about.

Taking this into account, it is obvious that Per is one of the responsible people behind the DVD, he was even defending it and telling things that aren’t 100% right.

In any case, you sound like a freaky freak defending him like this, he is not a saint neither perfect and old enough to defend himself ;-)

@purple: I’m glad I didn’t dissapoint you ;)

@den: I wasn’t actualy reffering to the music as shit ;) surely you’ve heard the phrase in use before? ;)

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 Everyone count to 10 and take deep breaths. Moan, moan moan moan moan. You lot are so miserable & quite frankly, Per & Marie deserve better fans than you lot!

Why do you always whinge about everything? Many of you are angry about the DVD, well I’m angry with you so called ’fans’.

I can’t comprehend why so many ppl get so wound up about a DVD being released, and particularly about the cover. Does it really matter? So, you don’t like the idea and you don’t like the cover, I think its totally over the top to assinate Per’s character over something so petty.

This forum is always about arguing and moaning. Why not talk about something nice - like Roxette music. After all, isn’t that what were are here for.

Finally, to all the ’anonymous’ ppl - lets at least know who you are - you must be either bone idle or ashamed of what you say.

Anyway, as I said somewhere before, being a fan - at least for me and I am sure many agree - doesn’t mean you have to agree and love and adore everything they do. First of all, before being fans, we are all human beings and we have the right to express our opinions, whether they are positive or not. That’s how the world goes round and thanks to this, to expressing our opinion and wishes, we got Marie to tour, for example ;)

Most fans were happy with PG’s CD (even Marie fans ;)), now most fans dislike this release. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. That’s the way it is.

It is great for the NTSC countries, or it was great before we got to know some videos are even missing, but it would have been a lot better or even the best to release the 1st DVD everywhere and in all formats in 2001.

EDIT: Mutley, sorry for the mess!

I’m not stupid enough to think that a true fan has to love everthing that is released. My point is that I think everyone is way over the top. I think everyone is entitled to an opinion, good or bad, but to start up petitions etc. Tsk! How sad and petty is that.

#mut waits for more snide comments#

I have to agree completely with Judith. Everyone is a person behind that Roxette fan. And everyone has likes and dislikes.

On the other hand, I have to tell you now that I have mixed feelings about the DVD. I don’t think the cover is THAT bad, I guess using a *new* picture for a Greatest Hits Collection could be a mistake. People could think it’s a new DVD and this release is obviously meant for the general public (it is not a fan-oriented release at all!).

The 2001 edition wasn’t released in Argentina and after the local crisis it became an item impossible to buy. There’s an imported copy available in a recordstore downtown Bs. As. where the guy charges U$S50 for it. Unaffordable!

Now EMI Argentina is editing this DVD what will make it widely available and for a reasonable price (I guess 3 times cheaper than that or even more) so finally lots of us will have the chance to have the videos at home. BUT there are missing videos from the 2001 release ... that’s a terrible mistake!

It’s always good news-bad news with Roxette: they release a great song once in a while. After that they don’t release the rest of the “instant hits” everyone who has the album loves. After that one more “Greatest Hits”, after that superb solo-material ... that’s how being a Roxette is to me these days... ;)

***Pass Vix(Z)ter some scotch***

Wow, what did I miss, the one night I give my PC a break I miss world war three.... jesus...

All this over one little DVD... it is quite stupid really... IF YOU DON’T WANNA BUY IT DON’T but do we really need all the nasty comments etc... is there any need to be flaming people for there honest opinion?

I agree with all Mutley said about being a fan, no one has printed on your head “I AM A ROXETTE FAN I HAVE TO BUY THIS DVD” It is optional... buy it if you want or leave it on the shelf, I am sure to buy it, just another item to add to my DIE HARD ROXETTE collection, part of being a fan!

Now please can we quit with the stupid flaming... this is a forum if you have got something nasty to say then at least log in be proud of your comments or are you scared to be who you really are...


Vix(Z) is a beer person, eh vixz :D.
At least she didn’t get Wix or whatever it was this time. ;)

Me thought she might like something stronga!!

Just a passing thought: I think there’s some ppl here that seriously need a stronger poison!!

I was just reading some of the comments and I think something should be cleared up for the North American fans.

The “missing videos” mentioned are rare clips and live performances :

Neverending Love - Two videos were made for this song, the first version being an extra on the ATVAM DVD. Strangely enough i’ve seen this one on Musique Plus and haven’t seen the other version on air.

It Must Have Been Love - This extra was a live performance. It’s good but it isn’t technically a “video”.

I Call Your Name - Another live performance that isn’t technically a “video”.

The Look - The first version of the video, filmed in Sweden.

Silver Blue - A rare clip that did make it’s way onto the music video stations in Canada. It didn’t chart though.

Fans who simply want to upgrade their VHS version of the “Roxette - The Videos” or “Don’t Bore Us” compilations will be quite satisfied because the new dvd will include all of the videos featured on these compilations.


>>>And I guess there’s no archiving this topic

I need some of the strong stuff!
Yep Robmc... all the flaffing about the deleted videos... they’re exactly that... NOT videos. Maybe they were put there to fill up the DVD... but if opp nox etc were available back then, the tv stuff would’ve been left out. Maybe.
Certainly brought out a side of some people i’ve never seen before on here, has this DVD news.

I guess any thread can be archived... including this one.

Vodka! (preferably Absolut but if not Smirnoff will do)

Oh no I am an absolut girl! just love it.... well when can afford... just bought a nice bottle from ASDA was gonna put away from xmas... but could do with one now... I also have some absolut vanilla left which I brought back from Sweden now that is a good drink! goods well with vanilla coke!

Don’t drink it with coke..... usualy with redbull or blackcurrent >;)

Nah redbull sends me funny...

I’ve gotta try this absolut stuff...
From DVDs to Alcohol ... ahhhhhhh the mind boggles.

the comments on the news cannot be archived... just the threads on the Small talk..

Awwwwwwww shame,

Manda... you got to try some absolut... it is a must, so much better than a bog standard DVD! :)

redbull sends you funny..... why do you think I drink vodka and redbull ;)

Awww... Pity. :( Ah well... they’re all talking booze now anyway. ;)

Try drinking 2 litres of Lucozade as I have done this evening...

hey! I finally got this forum to download again - after trying all day. Thanks Den for the help :)

Anyway, about the infamous DVD...... thanks Per - I think its a great idea and I’ll be buying it.

Oi you! Thought you were suppose to be in beddybyes? Tsk. ;)

@Den I’m going, I’m going. #sniff, sniff# hehe

I forgot to say - thanks Judith!

@anon (you know which anon i mean) swearing isn’t always necessary to be offensive, AND we actually agree on something - Judith didn’t say anything wrong, it was you who did!

OK, I’ll be quiet now - just had to set the record straight.

Night Night friends

“I agree with Kiwein1. The last Roxette albums weren´t released in America (and those that were released, they weren´t a hit) ... then, why a DVD for the US market????? It has no sense...”

First of all, we are dealing with Capitol/EMI. It’s not supposed to make sense.

Second, from what I understand, the DVD is being released in Canada, not the USA. Considering the USA has not even got ’The Pop Hits’ and more than likely never will, a DVD issue featuring “pop hits” would not make sense. Then again, didn’t I just say it’s not supposed to make sense? ;) Hehe.

I think a lot of US fans plan to import their DVD copies from Canada.

I prefered the drink discussion.

Awww you moved the ANON piece... I found that quite good, you also moved my reply I put there this morning... OH well not to worry.... :)

Oooh, i’m happy they’ve been removed. All this ’Speak to me in private’ business... the comment was made for all anon’s... yet one person takes it on themselves. :(
I like the drink comments too... don’t drink though. ;)

I think they could have release something different from this.
But, by the way... Did they pay for this graphic work???

No I don’t think Roxette gets any royalties for any of the TV commercials that are out there, Per has not given any permissons to anyone to use his songs in commercials.

Anonymous 10/10/2003 03:11

not all of us! ;) I’m in the UK, I have to buy from abroad too. Although I don’t anymore, it’s far too expensive to import.

@anon who called us euro’s selfish.....its not a question of being selfish the first dvd shouldve been released world wide!, now it seems they’ll release a dvd just for the sake of releasing something, sorry but I just find it a way of making money out of the ppls who’ve stuck by them for years.

ps. atleast I can be arsed to log in :P

Ahhh this thread gets better and better


according to it will be out at the 5th and be a 2-DVD

Anonymous -” All The Videos Ever Made And More” DVD be withdrawn off the Roxette catalogue “

hope not!!!!!!!
That will be so wrong...
I must agree with most of the people here that the idea about this DVD wasn’t so good..
Of course noone force us to buy it and of course it’s good for peole in countries using NTSC format but it would have been a much better to release the 1st DVD everywhere and in all formats in 2001.
Realising this DVD NOW means that soon (or never) they wouldn’t realise a live DVD,and that is very sad..
But even if we forget about that–absence of 5 rarities songs from second DVD is very big mistake..
One of bulgarian girls bought the Dvd player before 2 weeks and now when she understood that this clips are missing,she decided to buy the first DVD.
But if ” All The Videos Ever Made And More” DVD be withdrawn off the Roxette catalogue .... as they did with DBUGTTH CD—ooohh my God....
damn on you EMI!!!

Yes, “All Videos Ever Made” will be replaced with this DVD.

I know that Ginza said it’d be a 2 DVD (but they could be wrong).

However Discshop also lists it as a 2 DVD now... :)

And sells it for just 243 SEK (+ shipping, 17 SEK in Sweden)

They sell to other countries as well, but I’m not quite sure which ones...{0ADEA2AF-C308-4344-9E8F-24C71EECCE4B}&Page=Box&artikelnr=5601803

And finally, a R1-release of it:

Just CDN $28.95 (incl shipping)

Another delay : According to EMI Music Canada, it will be delayed to November 25th. This is the new release date that shows up on and as well.

The DVD is also up for pre-order at, and It also shows up on American company

It’s listed as a recommended DVD on my site so i’ll be updating my source links a.s.a.p.

EMI Argentina has also delayed the release of the DVD. It will be early in December now.

Wait a minute...! Hey guys don’t get upset because they are releasing a new DVD version... That means they are doing good and selling a lot!!! Besides this is not the first or only DVD that has a NEW VERSION... In fact that happened to me with several movies that I have in DVD that after buying the movie a couple of moths later they release the NEW UNCUT VERSION, Director’s CUT, Unrated, and so many new stuff so I have to buy it again. AND I AM IN THE U.S.A. and we needed THIS VERSION anyways... although I have the old version at home, I can not watched because is not compatible. I need to buy this new version…. SO this is great NEWS for the U.S. !!!

The german release was delayed to 24th Nov.

OK, one more time: Because there is absolutely no news about Marie...


Marie woke up this morning, hugged her children, ate breakfast, showered, wrote some songs, bought some groceries, made a nice dinner for her family and had a quiet evening at home. She plans to do the same again tomorrow

Are you people finally satisfied?

Anonymous 12:53

I think you missed the point of my message....

Whenever someone buys this, please confirm that the audio/video quality is improved and remastered. If I find out it is, then I may consider getting the release.

business is business dear people, /.../

So does this mean I can go and buy it in the UK....

wow all this bitching noi wonder they r on a long break their ears must bleed from all the complaints

@coyboyusa: Exactly.
@ally, Doubtful dear friend, doubtful.

@coyboy - well said!

I’m happy that i finally gonna get the video, about the format i don’t care my DVD can play both of them

I got to admit it’s great for the ones who couldn’t have it before; for the ones for example who couldn’t “read” the first one and also for the ones who didn’t buy the first dvd!!

I knew we had to wait a little bit just before buy the DVD but it’s like this, any time there is sth new about Roxette, we run to the shop and buy it ... (and i do like this, too! )

as i said before, i think it would be a good idea to have a “dvd single” ...

(...) but I’m not sure it would be cheap ...

Well, I’m the best, I haven’t buy the “AVEMAM” yet and I won’t buy this one... >:)

as an american fan who never really got the oppertunity to buy the initial release (im only 17 folks-i dont have the kind of money to spend online) i’m more then happy to shell out whatever for it.

after all, i have 3 different versions of ’dont bore us’, and i even have the ballad hits and the pop hits.

but i dont really give a damn, its roxette, and the last time they were in the states was 2000...and the radio station told me i was too young to even know them.

Hi Brunorox. I also think a dvd single would have been good. They could always release a future dvd single with the videos missing from the previous DVD. Those with the new dvd would also buy it for the new video.

DVD singles go for $6.99 to $14.99 in Canadian funds here in Canada. Quite affordable.

Overall, i’m quite satisfied with the release. All of my favorite videos from the previous DVD is on the new one.

I got the previous DVD as a gift and purchased a pal compatible DVD player to play it so I will not likely purchase it. But i’m happy that I wont need to import another copy of the previous DVD if anything were to happen to my copy and now I can recommend it to the fans here in North America.

Has anyone discovered any easter eggs or other hidden surprises on the DVD?

It’s still a pity that EMI didn’t include a commentary track by Per and Marie on the videos, but at least I get to see the ATAY video on my television now...

all this drama over a silly dvd. yea, ok, so its a money thing. but so were the 5 different greatest hits albums. ok, so maybe there arent 5, but i have about 3-4 cd’s with Joyride or Crash Boom Bang on it, not including the actuall Joyride and C!B!B! cd’s.

alot of the video’s i already have on the ’greatest hits’ VHS from 95, and then on my Joyride laserdisk, but im still going to buy it.

For those who care: The DVD will be released in Argentina on Dec 4th! Confirmed by EMI.

Marie and Per Please your material like, dvd’s, cd’s + ep’s, and others materials not enter in my country ARGENTINA. why?
es lamentable que un fan como Y TANTOS OTROS, PORQUE HAY QUE RECONOCER QUE ROXETTE ES DE aRGENTINA y yo no pueda tener las oportunidades de poder conseguir material del duo mas famoso de la historia en todo el mundo.
Los cd’s de Marie no estan en las gondolas de las disquerias más famosas, ni los de Per Gessle.
Les cuento que fuí victima de una catastrofe Hídrica (The Wather down in my city) aca en Santa Fe provincia de Argentina y he perdido casi todo mi material desde 1989.
Porfavor que alguien traduzca este mensaje porque estoy cansado de que no me tengan en cuenta.

thanks for all and Goodbye to you.
Per and Marie The best of my life. they are my inspiration. bye.


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