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Per on Finnish TV tonight and tomorrow morning

Written by roxeteer on September 25, 2003 to .

HELSINKI - This just in! Per Gessle will be in Hyppönen Enbuske Experience tonight at 21:00 on Nelonen. He will be interviewed by comedienne Krisse Salminen. The TV show is live, but the interview was recorded earlier today. According to our sources, the interview was “very funny.” Because all the Finns are going to Per’s concert at that time, they have to wait until Sunday, when the show is re-run.

  Per has also been interviewed by MTV3. His insert will be broadcast during Huomenta Suomi morning show tomorrow. According to the schedule on their website, it will be on at 8:12.


any chances for Swedes to watch it?


...or for Germany :o)

Sorry, neither of the shows is broadcast on TV Finland.

Oh really want to see this

Is it possible that we can see a web-tv recording afterwords? I found something like that on the homepage “experience-tv” or so. But as i don’t know finnish i’m not sure. It’s from the 18th september. So mabe we can see the interview in a few days?!

With Krisse? Ooh, she’s very funny Finnish stand up comedienne :D

Pretty nice interwiev on Huomenta Suomi. Not only Mazarin and Roxette, also talking about Lindh, Swedish social system etc.

so, who has recorded it all and is willing to swap with me? Thanks in advance!

MTV3 interview is actually available online: (in Real Player format)

Blaah, interview with Krisse was kinda boring.


Yes, it was so short! But Per looked funny, as if he didn’t really get it at all :D I guess Krisse is too weird ;)

What was it about? Could we get a transcript of it? That would be great! :-))


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