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EMI UK drops prices of CD singles

Written by steven on August 8, 2003 to .

LONDON - Music giant EMI is to introduce a new system of prices for CD singles in an attempt to revive sales. Most singles will be available on two-track discs for £1.99 - but releases by the biggest names will be priced at £3.99. The changes come as the UK music industry tries to recover from a sales drop that has seen almost 40% fewer singles sold so far this year compared with the same period in 2002.

  The company’s new policy will see £1.99 two-track CDs released from September, backed up by £2.99 versions with added extras, such as DVD tracks. The £3.99 releases will be reserved for a select few “blockbuster” artists.

  EMI chairman Tony Wadsworth said: “There is confusion among consumers about pricing. They see singles at £1.99, £2.99 and £3.99 and don’t know why. The singles will remain at the same price for the duration of their release - rather than being discounted in the first week but reverting to a higher price.”

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I don’t think the price is the problem. The problem is in the UK that there are rules to what singles count for the charts. Single must be not longer then 20 min. Max of 3 tracks a single (can be 4 if 1 is a remix) Not more than 3 dif. releases count for charting and a lot more. So buying CDsingles is becoming very expensive you need to buy all formats to have it complete. Well complete not really because many remixes get edited to stay in the 20 min. limit.
But yet again the Record compagnies think they know better and make stupid moves like this. Oh I forgot the real cause is the fact we all download the high quality music they release today. Yeah right. ;-)


Oh hoorah! I’ve totally given up buying CD singles. And no, I don’t download instead.
I watch the music channels every now and again if nothing on the main channels.
The crud that is in our charts at the moment, I wouldn’t want to buy anyway!
Well, I MIGHT be tempted once the price drops. ;) Hehe!

How much are these prices in Euro?

In Germany we have a brandnew 2-track single format named “pock-it”. It’s only 3” big and in a different package. Currently you only get 12 different titles every week, but I think it’s still a test-balloon.

about bloody time, its cheaper to buy albums than singles in UK most of the time lol

Doesn’t really affect us anyway, this - you know what EMI UK are like for releaseing Roxette singles...


If the music is crap it doesn’t matter how cheap it is....I still ain’t gonna buy it :P

right Vix!

I really love buying music, I can say it’s my hobbie. But it is so expensive! All record companies should get prices lower, they’re the ones who are losing money anyway, and that’s why people prefer to download free music in Internet. I don’t do that, but I understand those who do it.

this diesnt make sense with thingds like i music taking off why do this now


ever mistake international

@ COy:
EMI = ever mistake imaginable


oh thats right they have no presence internationally anymore lol


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