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BBC profiles Roxette’s record label

Written by steven on December 1, 2002 to .

LONDON - This week, the BBC profiled Roxette’s record label in a program entitled “EMI & Me”. The program, which is part of a six-part series, examines a series of British-born organizations and discusses how they have adapted their business practices in their respected tough economical markets, over their many years of operating.

  Interestingly, the program attributes EMI’s (Electrical and Musical Industries) early financial success to the development of radar technology during the World Wars. It wasn’t until EMI secured the distribution rights of Elvis’s UK releases that their music empire started to really evolve.

  Their greatest musical success has always been The Beatles. This four man band enabled EMI to not only sell a great many records, but it also allowed them to sell in many new territories for the first time, most noticeably America.

  In the late 90’s, EMI had gained an unhealthy attraction to big name artists who commanded multimillion pound contracts. One such notable example is Mariah Carey, who signed with EMI for £36 million, only to be later released early from her contract due to poor record sales for a sizable £20 million.

  Recently, EMI was in merger discussions with New York-based Time Warner. This was eventually called off because of regulatory concerns with the monopolies commission.

  The program concluded that EMI has been forced to trim most of its fat by shedding 1,800 jobs worldwide. And consolidating its existing artists who include: Kylie Minogue, Iron Maiden, Radiohead, Tina Turner and Robbie Williams. Robbie recently renewed his contract with EMI for an alleged £80 million.

  Editor’s note: Many fans have noted that “The Ballad Hits” album was released on the “Capitol Records” label. Roxette’s record company is still EMI and Capitol is one of the labels owned by the EMI corporation.

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great how they didnt mention that roxette was emi’s ” beatles” of the 90’s nor that that bad investment policy included other american acts like garth brooks who’s crappy chris gains project cost emi 15 million dollars and he’s still under contract. BLAH AND BLAH

They didn’t mention Rox anywhere???

ha u sound surprised :)

yeah remember it was screened in the UK!!

There was no mention of Roxette in the programme.

And it’s not really that surprising... To date, Roxette have sold.. what? 40 million records? This is small against the other artists with EMI.

Is Roxette’s almost 50 million albums really small?

The so mega hyped Robbie Williams sold 20 million copies of his first 4 Albums. Roxette’s first 4 albums sold almost 30 million!

Yes.. I “am” surprised cuz Roxette was a big name in early 90s so they shud have mentined smash hits like Joyride and album sales due to these smash hits.

and oh plezzz... I hate Robbie!!! (sorry to all the Robbie fans out there) but I just can’t see him on T.V he is annoying plezzz don’t compare Robbie and Rox :)


yea.....zeeshan i agree with every word u just said.....

no they didnt even mention rox,, even though they are the most successful scandianavian act to date!! even better than abba!!
go rox!!
but it was such a let down!! all they did was go on about “the beatles” “robbie” even pete waterman got a god dam look in!! what the fuck!!

ne mind i just hope rox come to the uk,.,. to promote ATAY!!
we all do i think!!
laters mark andrew fredriksson-gessle(uk)


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