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BBC highlights EMI in new documentary series

Written by onlywhenidream on October 23, 2002 to .

LONDON - EMI is to be one of the six “most recognizable and influential brands” featured in a new BBC documentary series called “…And Me,” that will be televised over the coming weeks.

  The series examines brands like, EMI, Marks and Spencers and Ford and attempts to show their effects on the British culture and also how the UK has changed the way they have had to operate.

  The screening date for the EMI segment is set for November 27th on BBC2.

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I’ll bet it will highlight EMI UK, and don’t that one suck big time?

@ Annon (above):

Quote “Typically, the British are congratulating themselves for things that don’t even work or provide very bad service!”

Clearly you have not read the article correctly (if at all). The program highlights large companies that have had to radically adjust the way they operate in order to survive in today’s markets...

...EMI is just one such company. Nobody is saying these compaines are great.


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