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Roxette Could Be One Of EMI UK’s Upcoming Successes

Written by onlywhenidream on September 16, 2002 to .

LONDON - The Guardian has recently published an article on EMI UK and its future. In this article, published September 6th, it mentions that Roxette has the potential of being one of EMI’s biggest artists for the forthcoming year.

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Agreed Lars...

Of course all our sincere thoughts and best wishes are with Marie during this troubled time...

Everyone, keep thinking postive thoughts...

Marie and her family WILL emerge through all this...

Life will go on...

Positive thoughts... thats the way...

Well maybe EMI´s, but not EMI UK‘s :)

Emi uk had better pull their finger out if they think Roxette will shift 1million copies in the uk. I’ve heard no airplay and the only single (a thing about you ) promotion i’ve seen was attached to the news about Marie on ceefax & “liquid News” on BBC Choice.

best wishes to Marie.

Hi Duncan!

I couldn’t agree more about Emi UK....why do they refuse to release all Roxette’s new stuff???
Why don’t we UK Roxfans sign a petition to Emi UK to wake up and smell the cofee??
What do you UK fans think? We can do an online petition...I have their email address!! Lets go for the jugular!!! Come on lets make a stand!!

Heal well, Marie, we are all behind you in our thoughts and prayers!!
saluti and ciao
xxxxxx BigRoxfan

The reason EMI UK do not release all of Roxette’s material is simple...

...they don’t sell enough units.

One could argue that this is a direct result of a lack of promotion, but I believe it’s more a question of musical preference on the British buying public.

Per & Marie are advancing in age (Polite way of saying they are not young).

Their music style hasn’t really evolved (although us hard core fans hear the subtle differences).

And they are based in Sweden, making promotion akward.

Roxette fans in the UK are a very small force.

I agree - but just was curious about the article. Why do EMI UK place so much emphasis on Roxette being one of their bigger players if they will not put any effort into promotions?


That is exactly what I am wondering about!!!

The UK taste in music leaves nothing to be desired!! I have played all the recent music to teenagers and they said if they had known Roxette ’s singles last year had been on sale at record stores, they would have bought them! As well as Per’s single I wanna beYour Boyfriend!

Just plain lack of promotion! Roxette’s music is QUALITY not sausage machine stuff!!!

ROXETTE FOREVER!!! Saluti xxxx BigRoxfan

I wrote a letter to MR EMI-UK back when Roomservice was released. In it I asked why Woolworths was not on the stocking list and was told it is not a PROPER record shop as apposed to hmv, etc. My point being in every major and minor town there is a Woolworths store which, as a chain sells over 50% of records ion the UK. This also means “joe public” does not have to drive long distances (20 miles to the nearest city center for me) just to buy a CD single.) After all I got my copies of WICF from Woolies and as we know it reached number 11 in the charts.
I think it is not the amount of Roxette fans in the UK (as we would accept new one with open arms) but the ones who just go into the shop to browse and think “i’ve heard that on the radio and liked it ” therefore purchasing it there and then. instead of haaving to go to every record shop within the 20 mile radius checking through the a-z sections in each one.
they should be selling to the masses not the minority.

Dunc: EMI UK usually talk nothing but bollocks when it comes to Roxette. I’m SO hoping this is the exception that proves the rule.

Remember that between Vulnerable and the present, we have had less than -half- the number of Roxette singles in the UK that the rest of the world has had. When Room Service went Top-Ten and even #1 the world over, here it made only #120, thanks to all the publicity of a wet fart on Curry Night. We get flimsy excuses and blatant circulars from Martin Nutley, Karen “J” Millard et al when we complain about their disgraceful (and wilful - let us not forget the Anyone débacle) mishandling of Per and Marie’s UK releases.

BRF: I’m all up for a petition to get EMI UK to handle Roxette properly, but it probably won’t make a difference. This was tried when Room Service was five months late and two of its singles didn’t even appear (The Centre Of The Campaign, remember?), but without a whole bundle of success. A petition to the small minded money-grabbers at EMI UK is just so much shredded paper.



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