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EMI acquires MUTE records

Written by emilio on May 10, 2002 to .

LONDON - EMI Recorded Music has acquired Mute, one of Europe’s leading independent record companies, extending an existing licensing relationship that Mute has had with EMI’s Virgin Records for over 15 years.

  Founded in London in 1978 by Daniel Miller, Mute has consistently been at the forefront of artist development with an artist roster that includes Moby and Depeche Mode - whose last albums sold 8 million and 2 million each respectively. The acquisition includes Mute’s catalogue and its operations in the UK, US and Germany.

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For Roxette it could also mean that records will be sold in the states...or couldn’t it?

speaking about releases does anyone know when their single “Stupid” is coming out and what was the name of the movie it’s going to be in–or is that movie put on the shelf also? would like to read more about singles that might come out soon. i can’t beleive Joyride is that old of a song already. I live in the states and its a real shame that close to the end of the 90’s they stopped playing Roxette tunes. You never hear songs from any of the other albums except from Look Sharp!: The Look, Listen To Your Heart, It Must Have Been Love. What happened to our “Joyride?” and those singles off that amazing album? It’s a real shame what us Americans are missing in music.

So now EMI are going to kill off Depeche too eh?

How’s it that EMI is near to bankruptcy and then they go and buy independent labels?

Thanks for the reply but, this movie “Spun” is it out yet and are they really going to play a Roxette single off this movie–remember EMI messed up with that julia roberts/richard gere flick 2-3 yrs ago with the single “It will take a long, long time” They(meaning EMI) didn’t get that single on the soundtrack so what makes us believe that “Stupid” isn’t going to go through the same damn thing? right? please reply. thanks

Oh, that’s just wonderful:( Now one of my other favorite bands, Erasure, are going to have to deal with crappy EMI.

Rockstar, I also only hear songs from the Look Sharp! album in my area (Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA), and it irritates me. I’ve tried requesting “Joyride” (#1 in the US) and “Fading Like A Flower” (#2 in the US) but have had no luck. They play “It Must Have Been Love” or “The Look” instead. I only hear “Listen To Your Heart” on the AC radio station. Otherwise, I hear nothing else.


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