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Roxette’s record label revamping name, restructuring

Written by roxeteer on February 10, 2002 to .

LONDON - Roxette’s forthcoming releases won’t be on the EMI-branded label anymore. The UK-based EMI Group is streamlining its company structure and as a result, one of its labels, EMI Records, will be renamed Capitol. EMI Group’s other labels, including Virgin and EMI Classics, will keep their old name and brand.

  Another part of the restructuring is that all local EMI offices will start using a similar organization chart, with a single managing director and externalized back-office operations.

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Let’s hope this doesn’t affect Roxette’s strong base at EMI Svenska because of personal changes over there.

On the other hand, this structural changes are meant to make EMI and it’s artists stronger, not weaker! We’ll see.

How does this effect the fans? Anyone knows?
I support the opinon of sacha that hope that it will not effect EmiSvenska..

Rox on!

Capitol? Wan’t Heartland Mini-LP released on Capitol label in USA?

Yes Per Ypu Arre right Capitol Records Did Release The Heartland Cafe Mini LP in the USA. it’s Interesting to note that although emi USA have close both Capitol And Virgin Are still in the US market. I wonder if Capitol USA will be brought back into the EMI Fold. Very Interesting.


P.S. what Happened To Parlaphone?

It won’t make a blind bit of difference.

I think we’re assuming a bit too much here.

“Roxette’s forthcoming releases...”?
“The UK-based EMI Group...”?

A touch ironic, considering how they can’t even be arsed releasing Roxette’s work here in the UK in the first place!!


Music for the masses... like for example Madonna?? I’d prefer Roxette as an exclusive band :P

Imagine Roxette guarded by 23 bodyguards, even at the hotel, where you can even chat with them? (isnt Ms. Dimberg enough?)...
Hell yeah! It would be a nightmare!!!
Two nice humans gone plastic!

well, Gee, as long as they’re still touring Germany, you really don’t have to worry if they’re popular or not...just think of some other countries and maybe you would like to wish the fans there that Rox will sell more CD’s again, so maybe not only you and some other Europeans will have the chance to see them live!

Yippie! That is really great!
Tack för lektionen btw!


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