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Bad year for EMI

Written by roxeteer on November 21, 2001 to .

LONDON - EMI Group reported a wider loss in the six-month period ending September 30th compared to the same period a year ago. The company says that conditions in the worldwide music industry went from bad to worse. According to news agency AP, EMI had a net loss of 74.5 million USD compared to 39.3 million USD a year earlier. Revenues fell to 1.53 billion USD from 1.63 billion USD. EMI has 70 labels and 1,500 artists, including Roxette.

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I’m interested in the reasons.I don’t think that it’s because of bad music.I think it’s because of bad managing.Don’t you think?

I am not worry about these bad statistics, really! Because I have no good experiences with EMI; If you have a problem and write to EMI you feel like the last stupid person. In September I wrote some mails because I´ve had some questions about releases but untill today I´ve got no answer. The same disappointment was when I called EMI Germany.... Really bad service and really bad promotion.
Therefore - No wonder; that´s what EMI get for beeing so “friendly”!!!!
Roxette will still be there, even when EMI is on the end one time. Marie and Per can be more successful without them!

Good. EMI UK deserves everything it gets. They’re killing Roxette in this country, and they know it.

Only when P&M wake up and switch to a non-EMI label will they have even the slightest chance here.



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