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Nordic Rox broadcast on Sirius crashed

Written by luke on June 1, 2009 to , and .

NEW YORK - The special broadcast of Nordic Rox on Sirius satellite radio last Sunday failed due to some glitch in the automated system. Per Gessle's concert from London was overlapped with other songs after two thirds of the concert, as well as drowning out parts of the interviews. Sirius apologizes and promises to fix it before the rebroadcast on Wednesday.

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Thank you! What about the 3 day free pass to listen to the radio without purchaising the service? Will thqat be lengthened too? Otherwise it will have expired befre the re broadcast is due...

Gessle: Det spelar ingen roll vad som skrivs, bara bilden är bra :D

You can set up another free trial with an alternate email address. I did this once, before I subscribed to the service. And if you look around online you’ll fine a free SEVEN day trial!

I just listened to Per on the Sirius-XM Channel, “The Pulse”. They played “The Look” as well as “It Must Have Been Love” with Marie LIVE from Stockholm. Per talked a bit about SOAP and Gyllene Tider, and one of his favorite songs he’s written, “Breathe”. And it was over. As a Radio Producer myself, I would have dedicated the entire hour to Per and Roxette :)

“The Pulse” is heard in the USA on Sirius-XM, on Sirius Canada, and on XM-Canada. (Sirius and XM are still separate companies in Canada at this point).

You forgot to tell that hopefully next year they might record a new album and start all over again :)
like magic and love lots of forgotten words

Just listened to it too. :) So awesome! Such a great feeling to know the Roxette machine is starting back up. Very excited to hear from the horse’s mouth that new material is coming starting the fall. Wonderful feeling.

Thanks Per. Hope you noticed how excited the DJ got when you mentioned new material. That is how a lot of people in the US feel about Roxette. US is going to embrace ya this time, trust me. :)

Yeah, I recorded the online stream from XM. What a great concert! Too bad for the glitch. I’ll have to re-record it. These songs sound amazing live.

Great interviews. Can’t stop listening to amazing songs featuring Marie.
Thank you, Per!

Can someone record and upload them?

There’s a recording at

Great to hear that they really aim for a full album next year!

When is the re-run? I missed the original broadcast...

@rossyrox.... shoot me an addy, I have a couple of clips for you :)


Sound quality is MUCH better, and in STEREO this time! Show sounds great, Nice Job PER!

Good to hear that “Breathe” is one of Per’s favorite songs that he’s written. I remember when it was released on ’The Ballad Hits’ the buzz surrounding it. I always thought that it would have made an excellent single. However, given the circumstances at the time (Marie’s illness) maybe it just wasn’t meant to be. I still think that it still should have been a radio single to see where it went from there. I think that it would have been a big radio hit, regardless. But, I suppose the goal was to release ’The Pop Hits’ in early 2003, forbidding any further single releases from ’The Ballad Hits’. Also, I don’t think that Per realized that Capitol Records actually issued ’The Ballad Hits’ in the U.S. in April 2003. It’s a U.S. pressing! Strange how ’The Pop Hits’ never followed.

Did anyone record it this time? I tried but it didn’t work... :-(


I tried to record it as well but it didn’t work for me either.....

It’s a shame the BBC can’t stream the UK show. They don’t have to broadcast it on radio, just stream it from their iPlayer.

I’d love to hear the London show, but its looking less and less likely that I’m going to be able to

I succeeded =) Going to share on the R2R forum when I come home from work.

Yup, I recorded it in high quality 320 kbps audio.

Would you mind sharing it with us please? ;-)

Sharing my bits... :-P (I hope this won’t go against TDR rules...)

Another recording by me with 320 kbps:

thanx for the files! for the next time... if its recorded for the web broadcast its unuseful to give more biterate than 128kbps because the transmition is set at 128kbps.

Those who have uploaded these files in excellent quality for everyone to hear ... THANK YOU! I, along with everyone else, really appreciate your effort and time! :)

I am totally hooked on this concert. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I didn’t expect this. :) I’m listening to “Late, Later On” again this evening and just realized what a beautiful song it is. I’ve always liked it and thought that it would be a grower for me. Now I’m just in love with it. What a beautiful performance! Beautiful song! Beautiful melody! I’m not sure what it is lately, but I’ve been on the biggest Roxette/Gessle kick in the past few months. I’ve really gained an appreciation for Per recently as well. I’ve always respected him, but now I just find him to be an incredibly talented person. Maybe it’s because I can relate to his music and words so much. Sometimes I feel that he writes these songs for me. And this latest kick actually all started before I even read about their reunion! It’s like I was getting prepared again into getting into their music. Some of these songs I haven’t listened to in years, and wow, they all sound great! Thank you Per, Marie, and everyone involved with Roxette for giving us fans this incredible music. :)


to The Rain1981. I can’t add anything else expect totally agree with your sentiments 100%. it’s been a monster Per Gessle time these last few months and the London concert just topped it all. having a recording of it has even topped that!! looking forward to more inspirational music to come later on in the year perhaps! and that CD/DVD set!

WOW!!!Thank you so much!!!You are very kind!!!


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