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Vanilla Ninja records Gessle-penned song

Written by tevensso on May 5, 2008 to , and . Source: Broken Records.

SANTIAGO (Updated) - Vanilla NinjaVanilla Ninja, the Estonian power pop trio formed by Lenna Kuurmaa (vocals), Piret Järvis (guitar) and Katrin Siska (keyboards), a rocking girl band that is a well known act in the Central European scene, and now in Latin America, after participating successfully in the biggest summer Festival in Latin America, the Festival of Viña del Mar, this past February.

Before the girls will go on tour next June in the Baltic states, and their second visit to several countries in Latin America in July - August, they want to release a single to warm up the audience. After discussing this issue with Hector Faune, their manager/promoter for Latin America, Hector proposed to get in touch with Per Gessle from Roxette to have a possible song co-operation, as he feels Vanilla Ninja's music has lots of similarities to Roxette's uptempo and power ballad style.

When Per was approached for a co-operation he sent over two demos; "T-t-t-take it!" and "Every Day Outside My Window" but the girls felt these particular songs didn't suit them; "Per kindly sent us two songs, and we picked one to use for the next release" says Lenna, vocalist in Vanilla Ninja. The song, "Crashing Through The Doors," is composed by Per Gessle, with original lyrics from Piret Järvis and Lenna Kuurmaa. Readers of The Daily Roxette will be pleased to know this is an English version of Per Gessle's "Spegelboll" from the highly successful "Mazarin" album released in 2003.

"The girls are in the studio working hard to get a cool version out of it," Hector Faune says to The Daily Roxette.

On the question if this will be the start of a bigger co-operation with Per, Lenna replies: "Probably. I hope so. He himself was also very interested in it, but unfortunately a person who's as famous as him, his calendar is planned for a year or two."

The song will be released on May 9 to radio stations, firstly in Estonia, and a little later in the Central European Countries, as well in Latin America.

Download a sample


I am interested in “new Spegelboll” sound, female voices and new group arrangies and lyrics.

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Wena Tito!
I’m sure it will be a Hit,their sound & voices can bring the atention that deserves a superb song as Spegelboll

So just a 2nd life for older Gessle songs. I expected that Per would hand them some leftovers and not write something new. He once said that he never wrote for other artists, just gave existing songs. Let’s check out Vanilla Ninja’s sound, if it is something to look forward to. So what is Per’s calendar filled up with the next 1 or 2 years..?

Omg how cool. A Gessle song with female vocals, and even better, Spegelboll in English lol, can’t wait to hear it.

yeah!! i hope this single will be realise here in italy!!!
but for the momente this group is not famous here....

Very cool! I loved Vanilla Ninjas entry in Eurovision some years ago.

planned calendar for the next 2 years means something for roxette as well? yeah.. that never ending question!

Per’s so clever - to give 3 ol’ songs and keep people satisfied :) Will CTTD have video? Anyone?

Vanilla Ninja....isn’t that the group whose former producer tried to manipulate the charts by buying their records??

English version of Spegelboll...why not ;)

@Kerstin - which one? Lets be honest, there’s been a few!

Love the english title, “Crashing through the doors”.

Yes, to me it seems to fit “Som en spegelboll...” - “Crashing thru the doors...”


it was back in 2005 when the German “organisation to protect the interests of the music industry” (we call it “Phonoverband”) and media control (they are responsible for the German Top 100) deleted two VN albums (“Traces Of Sadness”, “Blue Tattoo”) und two singles (“I Know”, Blue Tattoo”) from the charts register because the chart positions of those records were manipulated by noticable purchases on behalf of their former producer David Brandes (he was the head of the label Bros Music at that time)

He didn’t only manipulate VN’s charts positions but also those from Gracia (she was the German ESC-entry in 2005 and became last) and Virus Incorporation (don’t know anything about them)

i just can’t imagine a blond girl like in powderpuff chicks singing oh oh, oh, oh crashing thru the doors, can you?

If his schedule has really been planned a year or two ahead, I would really like to catch a glimpse of it. ;)

According to Katrin Siska “Crashing Through The Doors” will be able to buy and download from also for non Estonian fans soon.

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I can’t access But the other site wrote that there will be an initial batch of 1,500 singles. will be available in the next days


Could someone please explain why an English singing Girl band don’t have an English site?

Yes they have.

I’m guessing he means an “official” site. While Love-Ninjas seems totally up to date it’s hard to say if it’s The site or not.

it es at the end of the internet address from Estonia and here are snippets for the girls:

.es is Spain.

I can’t say I’m a fan of Vanilla Ninjas, but anyway, they are not super sugar sweet :) I’m looking forward to the single. Hope to hear it on the radio.

But as some of you, I’m more interested in Per’s calendar...

I wish you the best there is before you go to sleep

It is the 9th, anyone heard the song?

Not me.

I wonder if Per has ever listened to them, I just did and may I say, they’re horrible! Bland lyrics, over dramatized sound... not my cup of coffee :P

Love from Chi-town,

the single is delayed till the end of the week or even beginning of the next.

Anything new??

Would’ve been better if the English translation was left with Per for Roxette to use on the next album!

YES! :-)
But he bought records of Gracia. Often wondered who bought her records.
No I bought all the Vanilla Ninja records on import! :-)

There are Vanilla Ninja sites in every country.
But for international (English) try these: -

I think you are wrong! :-)
They have done 50 songs with different variety. Most of their best music is Live.
It’s different and not heard so you need to listen each track a few times.
But each one to their own taste. I prefer a cup of tea - without Cherry Tasting Cream!


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