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The World gets updated; more tracks changed

Written by tevensso on March 11, 2008 to , and .

STOCKHOLM - The Daily Roxette received a message from a guy who spoke of The World around 11 years ago:

Just came home from a swell mastering afternoon at Cutting Room. To my surprise EMI have managed to locate the rejected Battery studios-mixes, made by Michael Ilbert in London in December 1996. Can hardly remember this…. but… I recall that Michael was very ill with a bad stomach throughout the week and I thought the studio was way too far away from my hotel in the posh areas so I didn't pay attention that much….. anyway… as you might know we only used the "There is my baby"-mix on the record. However, listening to the Battery mixes today both Clarence and I found them superior to the Mono Studio-mixes (made in January 1997) that we did use on the album… so…. we decided to change for this re-release. Which means you'll get "new" mixes on three tracks; "Elvis in Germany", "I'll be alright" & "T-t-t-take it!". Surprise.


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Hmmm. Interesting. They’ll be replacing the ’normal’ mix versions I take it? Is it drastically different or a nit-picky kind of thing?

Looking forward to this re-release. Im gonna have to dig TWATG out and have a listen to this cd (maybe for the last time, ha!)

I always liked this guy Michael Ilbert. I don’t know why Per quit on him. Michael was involved in She Doesn’t Live Here Anymore, TWATG and HAND recordings, the best ever Roxette sound so far. Much better than this guy Cristoffer Lunquist...

@robbie -you have something against Cristoffer, It’s so clear :)))))
when you talk to me again? Staying under cover eh?

@Robbie: You´re absolutely right. Best ever Roxette sound so far. Fresh, rocky, drivy, dynamic.

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HeJ! PER write something new as well, new album and new concert... I am saving money to come to Sweden . It was hard last summer because I had to bring my small children as well and didn’t stayed for an autograph. I lost the plane as well at return so it’s cost us another 1000 euros. So pleeese another concert anywhere maybe i’ll get my dreamed autograph this time.

@Robbie: The working atmosphere with Michael Ilbert was not soo good ..esp. for Marie...that’s said in the “Gessle-book” if I remember that right.

According to the biography Ilbert was very moody, and temperamental,

It’s so f***d up that I am not able to read that book!

with more material like this, I think that per could tour in english in one or two years

The studio is no longer a studio, but is apparently now a homelessness advice centre. Interesting.

I like the idea of new interesting to see how much they differ.

Gosh, I love you! This is WONDERFUL news. Anything to throw us fans a bone will make this dog happy! Cheers! Thanks Per.

does this mean the album was recorded in mono???? thats strange!!!! oh well at least there is gretschs and rickenbackers rippin outta vox amps!!!!!

i wonder if when per played back twatg to marie for the first time if marie thought
“f**K i wish i was here for this album”???

I am REALLY looking forward to this release! Those 3 songs I like already but even better to have a different fresh mix of them.

Of course it’s not recorded in mono, the studio’s name is Mono. I think it’s Benny Andersson’s studio.

Wow, can this release get any better!?

Would have been even better if they were added as bonus tracks, so we can get new remastered versions of the original mixes as well. But it’s still good.

@ konstpaus, I think it’s been said that Marie has said she wished TWATG was Rox album, or something similar.

Oh, this is interesting! Especially for “I’ll be alright” – maybe we get more prominent Marie vox..?

@Sascha: Would be great.

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roxette needs to this with all there albums !

It will be called also TWAG or something different or something attached to the title like TWAG “changed”?

And please sign with your full name like Per is so cool , I wanted to name my son like you, but my husband didn’t let me :))

@mixella1: I doubt that the title of the album will be changed!

The night is so pretty and so young


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