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iTunes adds unprotected Roxette music to its catalog

Written by roxeteer on May 31, 2007 to .

As revealed earlier this year, iTunes became one of the first online stores selling music published by EMI without copy-protection. EMI artists include Roxette, Per Gessle, Marie Fredriksson and Son of a Plumber (links open iTunes Store). Many albums and singles by them are now available as "iTunes Plus." This means that the songs can be burned and copied without restrictions after purchase. The songs also have a better bit rate. Individual songs cost a bit more (in Europe 1.29 Euros instead of 0.99 Euros), but full albums are available for the same price as the protected ones.

The DRM-free releases include the new Per Gessle single, "En händig man/Vet du vad jag egentligen vill?" To get the songs in iTunes Plus format, view an album or a single In iTunes Store and click the iTunes Plus link to see the list of DRM-free songs.

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A very nice development! iTunes is great for singles, bonus tracks and such. Just one question: Why is Crash! Boom! Bang! still missing from Roxette’s catalogue?

No idea why C!B!B! isn’t on there. Maybe email iTunes and ask them??


Great news and about time too!!

I might actually install iTunes now.

wow!!, this way I will use the 2 songs that I got for free for updating my profile at one IT company. I thought I would not use them... :)

This way I don’t have to buy the single (I had some problems at cdon with my credit card so I could not buy it ).
And yes, they are available with or without DRM. Great !!!


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