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“En händig man” update

Written by tevensso on April 28, 2007 to , and . Source: Per.

HALMSTAD (Updated) - Per has been kind enough to send us another update on the new project. He says the single has been chosen, and he will get back with the title. The b-side will be exclusive to the single. Regarding the album Per says that it will be relased in three different versions: a twelve page booklet, a 24 page booklet and a "deluxe" version which will include an EP ("En händig EP") with four extra tracks not available on the "normal" album. (Which will have 14 tracks.) "We're still talking about an LP [vinyl] version, but I'll get back about that. Believe it or not, but we're still mixing, we'll be done tomorrow, Sunday!"

Per comments about the EP. The songs on the EP are not left-overs, they are as great as all the other songs. "The reason I made a 14+4 scenario is that 18 songs on one single album is too much in my book! The album would be too long (I think)," Per explains. "The EP is just as good as the 'normal' album, but a unit of its own."

Update: Word has just arrived that there will be an LP. Seven tracks on each side, all in all 41 minutes. Simple division shows us that the average song on "En händig man" is 2.56.

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You see ?! Not 21 songs as I thought... But 14 + B Side + 4 on the EP( 19 ) !! Im sooOoOooOOoooo happy and can’t wait to buy all versions of it :-P :-)

And that’s why I never pre-order!!!

c) is correct option, so 24 page booklet and 14 + 4 new songs + 1 b-side.

Whatever...Somehow here’s somebody who’s not too excited. Three-four versions of one album sounds like a total fan rip-off! I will get something, though. Hope it’ll be good!

we should be used to rip offs by now dear.

Good news, guys! They changed the law that says you have to buy every version of a CD a band releases - now you can just buy the one version that suits you best!

@roxtexanet: Verrrrrry well said. Full ack.

I think they don’t really get rich by the 1400 “musthavethemall” collectors in the world who buy whatever is released. They rather aim at different target groups consisting of a few 100.000 people in Sweden (!) who either want good music for little money or on the other hand want to have a complete album with some goodies.

Keep on thinking.


3 version’s ?! ! why on earth that many ?

3 different versions from albums are a normal way of releasing CD’s nowadays. I’ve seen that from many other artists...
You can choose after your demand. Why should I buy a 12 side booklet when I can have 24 side one.....So I’m longing for the DELUXE version....yeah!!

I’ll buy them all!!

well i have not seen 3 version’s of the same album released at the same time, not a common practice in my book Normally a deluxe verson or tour version is released 6 months down the line. I personnally think its a spin to get people to buy them all ! just my view.

Well, the non-deluxe version is much cheaper. If I remember it right these different verisons are an idea from the record company to avoid the illegal downloads. Some buyers just don’t want any booklets at all and these albums you can buy for 5 € (if I remember it right). I’ve seen lot of albums in the shop with stickers on them saying: Deluxe version, standard I think it’s your own fault if you feel forced to buy all three. I don’t. (as long as they don’t create 3 different coverspix ...grrrr)

roxtexanet –so what you suggest if we (OOhh how strange) want to hear all songs from our favorite artist on normal price–to be pirates?

thenicekai –“who either want good music for little money”-people who want good music for little money actually buy singles..

CRIZ –SOAP normal version for 5 in stores? :-)

the idea of putting 1 or 2 good song in deluxe or EP version,but put bad songs in normal version is not very fair.

But as someone said- it’s not for the first time..
Compare to money we spend for concerts it’s maybe nothing,but still a little irritating to be honest ,especially when DELUXE versions ARE NOT available in other countries!!!!!!.
EMI gives music industry bad name :-)

Hmm, this CD won’t be available in any other countries at all (meaning it’s not really released for the 200+ fans in Europe,) PLUS that there won’t be any “bad” songs on the “normal” album?

lol makes one think though doesnt it !

tev-usually we can order normal version from EMI representative ,but not deluxe version.
Sad but fact!

as Per Gessle fan i use “bad” for songs which are great but not as PERfect as others :-)

Cool, sounds all good to me! :-)

@Emil: there was no “cheap” version of SOAP available. But I’ve seen such CD-versions here from german aritsts. There was no booklet in the CD at all!
@Per: albums can’t be too long as they are in high quality! ;) Anyway, you’re are the boss! How much for the Ferrari-version compared to the normalversion?

@Emil__BG: No, what I’m suggesting is that if you want to hear all songs for a “normal” price, buy the edition with 14 songs and the smallest booklet. If you’re willing to pay extra for extra songs, buy the better version. If you’re not willing to pay extra, you have no right to the extra songs anyway. If I want a house with 4 bedrooms instead of 3, does that mean I get to steal one with 4 because I’m only willing to pay the 3 bedroom price??

For the complainers, at least Per and EMI are making the special edition available NOW instead of waiting six months to re-release the album you already bought with bonus tracks (see Beyoncé, Mariah Carey, Maroon 5, etc.) - I think that’s something fans SHOULD be complaining about, not this. At least here you have the choice right from the start to buy the best version available, and not find out six months later that if you want all the songs, you’ll have to buy the exact same album again.

“No, what I’m suggesting is that if you want to hear all songs for a “normal” price, buy the edition with 14 songs and the smallest booklet. If you’re willing to pay extra for extra songs, buy the better version.”

The cost in printing a CD with 14 or 18 tracks on it is exactly the same, so that is a cheap excuse. Why don’t they release only the 18-track version in a standard price?

Just imagine CBB being released in two different versions back in 1994: one with 11 and another one with 15 tracks on it. What’s the difference on the target? If I can listen to 11 songs, I can listen to 15. It’s stupid.

This multi-version strategy is just to push people to get them all.Open your eyes and see the reality as it is!

I can name 20 people tops, who will get all versions. Then there’s a few 100,000 in Sweden who will get one and one version only.
And then of course there will be at least 200 copies sold to outside of Sweden.

Bengans Goteborg again.

Come on guys! You guys are lagging to much. I can’t wait much longer for a new album.

“This multi-version strategy is just to push people to get them all.Open your eyes and see the reality as it is!”

...and if you’re stupid enough to do this, then you get what you get, don’t you?

Why to buy 12 page booklet version and 24 page booklet version and 24 page booklet version with EP? 24 page booklet version with EP is enough for me.

I have nothing against this multi-version strategy. I find it quite attractive. And EMI isn’t really aiming at those Roxette freaks who buy everything. And I have nothing against you as well. I haven’t decided myself, how many versions I will buy.
I’m just wondering what version people get who have pre-ordered the album at CDON...

The moon is alright

i do think EMI is aiming at those Roxette fans who buy everything totally. End of day all about the money. and i agree with what someone else said , imagine roxette releasing CBB with 11 tracks and another with 15 tracks on it , then another version with a bigger booklet. lol. ow well everyone to there own, now which version shall i get mmmm

Buy what you can afford... I’ll get all versions... I think its excellent that there’s several versions *S* ... Im HAPPY !!!


roxtexanet, if you are not able to support your own opinion with anything else than an insult, I think you are the only stupid here right now.

I am affraid you felt touched because, indeed, you are one of those freaks that buy everything. So, don’t worry, you’ll be one of the EMI’s lambs forever.

@rox-records: You, my dear user, are the one who uses insults, and you should stop that right here and right now.

@rox-records: “...indeed, you are one of those freaks that buy everything”

And how, may I ask, could you possibly know this? I will buy as many of the versions as I like (as will others) and if I feel compelled to buy all three that are available then I will do so without bitching that EMI and Per are stealing my money.

It really cracks me up that nobody really says much when b-sides are released one at a time across four or five singles, requiring fans to buy each new single as it’s released and to pay three or four times what they did for the album itself. But now we’ve got the chance to buy all four songs that would eventually end up on b-sides or compilations without waiting - AND for MUCH less than what all of those singles would cost - and we say Per is taking advantage of his fans and stealing our money. Right. When Per crawls through your bedroom window and holds a gun to your head, forcing you to buy all three versions of his album - get back to us. Then, and only then, will you have something to complain about.

@Tevenso - A few 100.000’s ... Well Mazarin sold 400.000 ... That’s a LOT LOT LOT for a swedish album !

Will the deluxe version have the EP as well as the 24 page booklet or just the ordinary twelve page booklet?
If it’s got the 24 page booklet, like I assume, I gotta say I don’t really understand who’ll buy the “regular” 24 page booklet version (except for people who wants to have all three of them).

About 150 / 170 / 200 SEK, or what do you guys expect the album’s gonna cost?

I know. My point was that it won’t sell anywhere else. :)
Guessing the prices will be (at CDON) around 169:-, 179:- and 189:-. I’m also guessing the thick booklet will be included in the deluxe version.

“Force you to buy”. Honestly? Can you blame Per for you buying his album? “He should know better”? Why is there always one hell of a lot of whining around when new releases are ahead?

Why would Per be interested in getting as much money as possible from hardcore fans? How many people buy all three versions, and how big percentage is that of Per’s total year income? I mean, come off it! It would be a stupid business idea indeed.

And we don’t know anything yet about the songs and if they are good or bad. He can spit out a little of this and a little of that. So don’t complain on an album that isn’t even yet released. And you choose all by yourself how many you want to buy; nobody forces you to buy anything.

@rox-records: You, my dear user, are the one who uses insults, and you should stop that right here and right now.

Tevvy, please read my previous post in the comments page no. 1 and tell me where is the insult there. But please, wear your glasses this time, ok? I hope you are not going to take this as an insult too. But sadly, it seems you are losing your vision or something like that.

Now, your legion of ass lickers can react, if they really want. But now they have a reason, at least.

I can see:

a) 14 tracks + slim booklet
b) 14 tracks + thick booklet
c) 18 tracks + slim booklet
d) 18 tracks + think booklet
e) single in matt cardsleeve
f) single in glossy cardlsleeve

That’s EMI and we are the idiots that always buy the same crap a thousand times!

Even if that was the case (which it isn’t) it’s the record company’s and the artists decision on what will be released. If someone wants to buy all the different versions they can, otherwise they’ve got an option of what they want. In the end alot of stores may only stock 1 or 2 versions anyway.

The fact is not every person buys every single release of an artist. And i’m sure Per didn’t make his millions from the few fans that have a complete discography of Per/Rox items.

And as someone pointed out earlier at least this has happend now, not 6 months later after people already bought the album, then complaining about EMI making us buy the same thing again!

Hehe. Per is smart!
He knows that if he make three versions, there will be more for the collecters to buy.
Other people download the songs, but not us. He knows we doesn’t and therefore he makes three versions. I mean, we are the only persons who buy his records nowdays.. (sort of) and it’s here the money is!
But, I’m happy to buy them! Love his music!

I think 18 songs on a single disc is definitely not too much! And the songs are all probably pretty short...And “equally good”. So why not the simplest way?

First thing what will I do after delivery will be reburn those 14+4 songs onto one CD disk. The same thing I did with SOAP.

@roxetteadina & others: Get back to the real world, please. If the users of this website were the only people who buy Per’s records, he would have look for a second job. Do you really think these few hundred people in the world are in any way important compared to the 250.000 Swedes who will probably be the target of this release? You don’t really believe that 300 addicted collectors have bought him a 1.5 million $ villa in Halmstad?

This morning, I went to the baker shop, and there were 5 kinds of bread, even different sizes. Would you call this a rip-off?
Have you ever complained that your local traffic service offers more than one bus line? Have you ever felt the need to use every single one of them just because they are there?
Oh gosh, the big red cola label offers more than one taste of cola. I mean, it’s all just cola, but different flavours. This must be a mean rip-off!

You see how ridiculous this is?

And at last: If you are whining, why are you still buying the stuff? I’ll tell you: You’re just a weak bunch of greedy plastic disc collectors.

Keep on thinking.

@ thenicekai

Are you completely daft? We’re talking about CDs that cost a little more than some bread or soda!

Oh and keep on thinking!

Exactly. One more very good reason to think about what you buy before you buy. ;-)

Keep on thinking.


The CD isn’t a bread. CD isn’t life-saver food .In the matter of fact music sell nothing , it’s just air under pressure :-) And empty sometimes chocolate box.

You can’t smell it ,you can’t see what is inside before open it.

But if we take your example ,how will you feel if you cut this bread and see that it’s empty inside .How will you feel if baker explain–“i took half dough and put it in the cheese-/hеarth-cake over there ,so you can have bigger and better choice what to buy.” ;-))

And it’s still INTERNATIONAL site if someone forgot it , and it’s normal “few” people who writes here and support Per so many years,people who bought 74 999 500 records outside Sweden to disscuss how can they will get a new record from this “only swedish” artist.

But don’t take it so serious . As long as we have a right to buy something ,we still have a right to have an opinion and don’t be blind.Being a fan of Per doesn’t mean that we must be fans of his or Emi business “strategy”.
it’ simple and painless.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion... but why do some feel the need to argue about the same thing over and over and over again?? Don’t you never get tired?

i’m tired .
i was such händig man in dance tonight ;-)

give us at least one dance song dear Per!

An LP, happy days! I hate CDs, vinlyls rule! Thanks for this!

WOW!! A happy response!!!!!

@ Rox-records - You’ve got some issues with fans here haven’t you. If you don’t like it, why are you here? You’ve insulted a lot of people here by calling them idiots, many of whom are very proud of their collection, me included!!!
I have pre-ordered the deluxe version and I probably won’t get another version, that’s my choice, but I won’t insult the people that choose to spend their money on buying all the versions. And you shouldn’t either!!


Tom Petty’s album from last year is being re-released with two songs that didn’t make the album, two demo’s and two postcards... his fan’s didn’t get the initial choice of which version to buy... so be pleased about that fact, as others have already pointed out.

I have only one interest, and that is to get hold of all the new music mr Gessle releases. I have no interest in different versions or thicker booklet, music is my essence. So the way things are looking, I’, heading for the deluxe version with ep, plus maybe single, if that has a song/b-side which are not avaliable anywhere else. Can’t wait to hear titles, and the first single, and later the whole album of joyful, melodic and good music from mr Gessle.

the question always begs how is it emi is so willing the throw alot of money pers way to do things like this yet when it game to rox they were stingy as can be?

If they do retire soon per better take emi to task open up the rox vaults and spend the next decade serving us up some awesome stuff

40 minutes’ too short! He never came to think of that...:-)

I would like to know something about an album. Continuation of Mazarin, more popy, more rocky, more folky? Hope we´ll get first single snippet soon.

Do you remember?

BTW: Can anybody translate main content of this article about Per?


It’s all about how bad the tickets for Gessles shows sell. It says that only (lol) 13.000 of 23.000 tickets for Halmstads show were sold ;) And of course - no data is officiall ;)

The ending of this article is quite positive - it tells that everything can change when the first single from EHM will be released ;)

@tomos 85
Thanks for translating. I also thinks that people are waiting for the single and album. It´s understandable.

In an article in Dagens Industri yesterday they say that Gessle probably will be the king of the summerstages this summer.

Of course, Per Gessle will rule Sweden in summer :D

The moon is alright


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