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EMI ditches copy-protection on iTunes Store

Written by roxeteer on April 2, 2007 to . Source: Wall Street Journal.

LONDON (Updated) - Wall Street Journal reports that EMI Group will today announce that it will start selling music on Apple's iTunes Store without copy-protection. EMI, the world's third largest music label, will be the first major record company to ditch digital rights management (DRM) from its catalog. The announcement is scheduled to be made in a press conference featuring the Apple Inc. CEO Steve Jobs.

EMI Group had reportedly attempted to sell DRM-free music in the past but met resistance from online music stores who demanded "insurance" payments to guard against potential increase in piracy and lost sales.

It was already reported earlier this year that EMI will remove copy-protection from its CDs.

Update: EMI has published a press release stating that they and Apple will indeed start to sell DRM-free music on iTunes Store. The DRM-free tracks will have twice the quality compared to the ones with copy-protection, but they will cost €0.30 (or $0.30) more. Old iTunes users will be able to "upgrade" their existing songs to the better quality by paying just the price difference. EMI's DRM-free songs and music videos will be available on iTunes in May. EMI is planning to expand the programme to variety of digital music stores "within the coming weeks."

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I don’t use iTunes or other online stores, but i hope other music providers start doing the same. I’ve only ever bought a few tracks, but it drives me crazy when i can’t listen to them for whatever reason.

It can only be a good thing.

This is indeed interesting news!

Now it’s a fact! >

At last a great enhancement! And you can upgrade your existing tracks for 30 Cent. Albums stay at 9,99 € for the new quality. Respect for EMI. They’re not that bad after all, quite brave to be the first in this matter! ;-)

This is definitely good news! Great!!

Hmmm, I may have to upgrade my exclusive SOAP tracks then...

Finnaly step in the right direction!!!

“remove copy-protection from its CDs” -that was a must.

i’ll buy some of Roxette and co album just to support this step!!

This is great news!
Know I don’t have worry about the CD not working in the Car!

Life is like a Box of Chocolates, you never know what you gonna get!


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