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Minor record label in Halmstad revolts

Written by tevensso on June 3, 2005 to .

HALMSTAD - The record label Westcoast Studios in Halmstad wants to show the politicians and record company moguls that you can get a big hit without marketing budgets in the million krona range. Therefore they have recorded a summer hit (?), with the band Solsting (Sun Stroke) called “Nu är sommarn här igen” (“Now Summer is Here Again”). The song is available for download at the homepage, in two versions, all for free. The lyrics and the chords are also available on the site “for your bar-b-que parties.”

  TDR has listened to the song and finds it very Halmstad, very summery and it even has a little Gyllene Tider feel to it.

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and don’t panic, it’s not Per’s handwriting :P

????? oh I see the, halmstad and sweden. Tenuous for frontpage news...

the worst news of the year in connection to roxette goes to.. (drum roll please ) LOL

plus the news that i submitted a while ago regarding roxette as a big influence for the sissor sisters that was in a newspaper interview in the UK for there biggest album of the year , did not get accepted as news ?! !? proves it all to me with this news :-S

Well, you don’t have to read the news, or like them, but please don’t complain when we don’t have any news at all.

Judith I was just gonna say that handwritting looks very familiar!!

tevensso LOL, whos complaining not me (zip) just doesnt make good sence when i gave you news which did have a umm better connection to roxette but was passed on when i submitted it ?! think ill come back in a month see if anything worth a read regarding roxette then :-P we all are entitledto our own opinions :) ! after all it does say add comments for the article does it not ?

ps i like the design for the cover alot , very summer.

not just the handwritng looks like per’s, the logo “WESTCOAST” is in the same font gyllene tider uses in their logo too ... strange. and btw: they sound like GT (ukulele, background-choir ...) ...

what is happening there?

I like the song... not sure of the singer... but I hear the Gyllene Tider in the music! :)

yawn, and what exactly does this have to do wit roxette

Good to hear Kuryliw. :) I don’t remember seing that news in my inbox, I’ll have a look.

@Coyboy: Nothing, that’s why it says “music business”. This is the latest news about Roxette:

— – – - — – - - ——– – - ——...

jeez, this was supposed to be a fun summery article, if you aren’t interested, just pass! If you like it, just listen to the song, relax, enjoy, have a drink.. summer is here!

@Judith - summer most definitley is not here yet in London. It’s rubbish! I’m supposed to be in line for a bright june afternoon - someone told me that once...I think he was lying! Humph!

@joyrider: The font is definetly not the same as Gyllene Tiders, and I can’t here any ukkulele in the song anywhere....That is definetly a regular nylonstringed guitar! Maybe with a capo or something to make it sound brighter! It’s not a ukkulele anyway!

And the handwriting? The designer Karl-Magnus from HFDP that designed the Mazarin covers have used the handwriting style on many of his albumcovers at that time, many swedish artists like Lars Winnerbäck and Rickard Wolf. So by that you meen Per stool the idea from those artists??

psst, don’t tell anyone, but this is just Gyllene Tider under an other name.
Everybody who has something against GT would not buy anything from GT, but if it is an other name (and like the music) they will buy it (without knowing it is GT they are supporting) :))

Thanx! I find it interesting. Unfortunately the downloading doesn’t work for me in the moment..I will try it later again.
If there would be a competition about people mumbling some people here would get a lot of awards. Roxette includes a bit more than “only” Per and Marie....

it is true Karl-Magnus used the handwriting before with Rikard Wolff, later with Gessle and other artists.. but as far as I know, they are their own handwritings, or?

Well according to my Mazarin CD booklet it’s states the PG was responsable for the written text & scetches... or is mine unique?

it’s not karl magnus’ handwriting on mazarin ... it’s defenetely per’s (concept: very per-sonal styling for a per-sonal sound... you know)

ok, the font used for “westcoast” is not exactly the same as the gyllene tider logo font BUT: you can’t say, that there are no similarities (script-font, yellow/golden-toned, ...) ...

I think the song sounds a lot like Ronny&Ragge anyvone agree ?

Niklas Wahlgren Light.

RoxUp - you are definitely right, many artists had their albums styled in this idea with their own handwriting and pictures.

It almost seems that they want to imitate Gyllene Tider or parody them.

what does this have to do with Roxette? :P

@ imazombieinthemoonlight: nothing. But it has some connections with Gyllene Tider.

This almost seems like a same kind of “secret” project from Per as TLB, only nobody found out yet ;-)

i think it’s quiet a catchy tune,i like it.

What a very nice song. I don’t understand a word of it but it’s very nice. Could be a Eurovision Song Contest song.

Not Per’s handwriting? Then it’s quite similar ;-)

Will listen to to the song then...

it looks just like pers handwriting

if you compere the text with mazarin

Can’t say I like the song at all, but the beginning really sounds like the demo version of Tuffa Tider... but slower.

Thank God, a record company revolting against the status quo. Good job, that. Kudos!

The ending is VERY much like Här kommer alla känslorna’s! The logo, the handwriting, the ukelele, are you sure it’s not a homage to Gyllene Tider??? These guys have been overexposed and traumatized with GT’s last tour in Sweden’s westcoast it seems... :-P

The song is OK, by the way...

Of course, it can’t be Per’s handwriting. The production is too bad and the melody too flat!!! It’s not really a pro’s work. That’s what I think...

Absolutely, its a pretty MIX of “Tuffa tider” and “Ingen vill veta...” of Raymond & Maria. Just much more boring. And if this song will be the new summer hit in Sweden. I’ll have doubts about the Swedes music taste which was (more or less) excellent so far :-)...

So, let’s hope that Per writes a much better, let’s say, the next boombastic summer hit for 2006. Maybe, he already done :-) :-) :-). You never know!

I like it - feels like tylösand sommar ... ;-)

I like this song! Very Gessle-ish which can only be a good thing...


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