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iTunes enter Sweden finally

Written by tevensso on May 10, 2005 to .

Today Apple’s very successful legal downloading service iTunes opened its gates in Sweden. It features all of Per Gessle’s solo work, some of Gyllene Tider’s, some of Roxette’s and quite a few Marie Fredriksson songs.

  This first day only one related album was found among the top 100 and that was Gyllene Tider’s “GT25 Live!” at #68. “Finn5fel!” isn’t available, at least not yet.

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...mmmmmmm boring.... no Swedish music except from what was already available (’cos of Finland). I searched for:

- Patrik Isaksson
- Niklas Strömstedt
- Tomas Ledin
- Lena Philipsson
- Nanne
- Sara Löfgren
- Adolphson & Falk
- Peter Jöback

and couldn’t find anything!!!!

Very good news! I hope the existence of iTMS Sweden powers Roxette’s material at the other stores. It takes a while until the local labels add their content to the store.

”...and quite a few Marie Fredriksson songs.” This is pure understatement. In fact iTMS features 6 full albums by Marie – available everywhere in Europe!

PS. I don’t get why Look Sharp!, Joyride and Tourism are still missing – while these are the only rox albums available in the US store.

iTunes could actually be quite good, just too bad it sucks big time.

So six full albums isn’t “quite a few”?

what are the Marie albums available? I won’t buy any song so won’t bother to download the program..

it woudl be nice if per signed over their entirel catalogue to itunes so peopel who can’t get their hands on the deleted singles can get all the goodies .

The Marie Fredriksson albums available in the Finnish ITMS are “Het vind”, “Efter stormen”, “I en tid som vår”, “Äntligen Live” and “The Change”.

“The Change” is marked as “partial album”, even though it contains all 12 songs. The difference to full albums is that you can’t buy partial albums at once (usually 9.99 €), but you must buy all songs separately (0.99 € a piece).

thanks - so actually it’s most of her albums :D Not bad. Can you see how many times a song has been downloaded too?

No, you can’t. I don’t think Apple wants to tell it in public.

is it REALLY that good? I mean 9sek per song and not that much is there to choose from. You can get FFF or Mazarin for only 99sek in ordinary stores throughout Sweden now and then it comes complete with a sleeve and a booklet too. :)

Hmmm I’m confused...

I think I need some guidence here...

I checked out iTunes, and found some Roxette related material to download, but the service asked me some realy bizarre questions...

“What is your credit card number?”

I don’t understand.

You DO know it cost money, right?

I still prefer CD with a booklet...

aprilsnow: Actually there’s plenty of singles (incl b-sides) on iTunes.

The difference in the price is due to different taxes in different countries (for example it’s much lower in USA than in Sweden).

...and they actually now offer a “digital booklet” with some albums.

Weird indeed. I also prefer a CD with a booklet 100 times out of 100. How’s the quality of the iTunes material? I take it it’s not CD quality? And yes, the songs are still too expensive in Sweden, they have fallen from 15 to 9 kronor in about a year, but they would have to cost 5-7 to even be considered by me.

It’s not CD-quality, 128 kbps AAC.

The quality is quite enough for me, at least. And so it is for thousands of other iTunes customers.

Aprilsnow, your facts are quite wrong! From :

The iTunes Music Store lets you quickly find, purchase and download the music you want for just 99¢ per song. You can burn individual songs onto an unlimited number of CDs for your personal use, listen to songs on an unlimited number of iPods and play songs on up to five Macintosh computers or Windows PCs. And the iTunes software works so smoothly on both platforms that you can share music with any combination of Macs and Windows PCs on a local area network — regardless of whether you’re running iTunes on a Mac or PC.

Personally I prefer buying real CD-albums as well, but iTMS is great for single tracks. I bought the spanish HAND tracks at iTMS.

Roxette related material at iTunes Germany, 2005-05-12

Pearls Of Passion (Re-Release Version)
Crash! Boom! Bang!
Have A Nice Day
Have A Nice Day (Spanish Edition)
Stars (Single)
Stars Remixes
Room Service
Don’t Bore Us, Get To The Chorus (Edel Version)
[for a while there had been TBH as well, now deleted]

Efter Stormen
Het Vind
I En Tid Som Var
Äntligen – Marie Fredrikssons Bästa (1984 – 2000)
Äntligen Live!
The Change (partial album, 12 songs)
Duetterna (by Totta Näslund, feat. 2 songs with Marie)

Per Gessle (partial album, 16 tracks)
Hjartats Trakt
The World According To Gessle

Gyllene Tider
Ljudet Av Ett Annat Hjärta
Halmstads Parlor: Sämtliga Hits!
GT 25 – Samtliga Hits

The Lonely Boys

Tevensso: I just thought “quite a few ... songs” sounded a bit strange in comparison to “all ... or some albums” by GT, PG. ;-)

roxeteer: Maybe so, but why pay as much or even more for AAC-tracks which is not in CD-quality instead of getting the CD and rip it yourself?

Rip it yourself? Yeah, and if the CD’s copy controlled, you’re breaking the law in a number of countries... how stupid is that?

I also prefer a complete cd with booklet etc and I’d never buy a full album from iTunes but, on the other hand, I think it’s great for the odd songs you like (better than buy a single if then you only like the first track). So long live CD albums but welcome MusicDownloads for the music you’re not a fan.

I also prefer the CD to having only digital files.. therefore I end up buying the CDs sooner or later. I also prefer to pay the 11-12 Euro (or less if you wait some months till the CD is not that “hot”) a CD might cost at CD-WOW (with vouchers..) and then make mp3s myself (as the owner of the CD, I am entitled to make a copy of it for my private use, if I am not wrong?), I mean, I prefer to pay the 2 Euro more to have it “for real”.

What will happen when/if CD-WOW goes on raising prices.. another store with cheaper prices will show up :)

Starrox: HUH?!
A CD can NEVER be copyprotected!
If it’s copycontrolled, then it’s not a CD.
But if you’re talking about that plastic disc with music and a copyprotectionscheme on it it’s legal in most countries, and you can bypass the copyprotection legally if you have good equipment.

Judith: In most countries it’s perfectly legal to make backup-copies if the disc is copyprotected.
If it’s a CD it’s always legal.

Of course, I prefer buy an original cd


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