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Compact Disc format rocks on in Europe

Written by Lars-Erik_Olson on September 28, 2004 to .

LONDON - The compact disc has at least another five years as the most popular music format before online downloads chip away at its dominance, a new study said on Tuesday.

  Technology consultancy Jupiter Research said in its annual report that in 2009 European music fans will buy 836 million euros ($1 billion USD) worth of music in the form of digital downloads and subscriptions to internet radio services.

  At that level, digital music revenues will account for roughly 8 percent of Europe’s estimated 10.2 billion euro music market. The study does not take into account the surprisingly successful market for mobile-phone ring tones.

  The piracy-battered music industry is desperate to see industry-backed download services become a hit with consumers to derail the popularity of free file-sharing networks such as Kazaa and eDonkey.

  But trying to predict growth in the relatively new digital music sector has proved extremely difficult. Last month, Forrester Research published a much more bullish forecast that the Western European digital music market would be worth 3.5 billion euros – or 30 percent of the overall European market – by 2009. Jupiter disagreed.

  “Although Europe’s digital music market has finally begun to take off after a sluggish start, it will remain a relatively niche market,” said Mark Mulligan, a Jupiter analyst.

  Jupiter said the venerable CD – not the download – will remain the best-selling format throughout the remainder of the decade as the installed base of CD players continue to dwarf that of MP3 players and other digital music devices.

  “Digital music distribution will be an important alternative revenue channel for the music industry, but it is not about to replace the CD,” he added.

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Wow - forget marie’s comeback, this is the most exciting ’rox-related’ news I’ve heard all millenium! ;)


You still can’t beat a good old fashioned CD, nice glossy booklet and case, and excellent sound quality.

Of course you can beat it with a good old fashioned venyl record!

Of course it is not related with ROXETTE, but, I guess, it’s quite interesting to read about music industry and computers, where I’m not good at.

hmmm... What has this to do with Roxette? naw....

TDR occasionally covers items affecting the music industry that have a direct or indirect impact on artists such as Roxette. Such is the case with this article, where one can be certain that Roxette’s record label is very MUCH interested in the two reports this article mentions.

CD can’t be replaced for MP3 or digital downloadable music. I love booklets, photos, lyrics. You can’t find that in a cold MP3 file. I think artwork is a part of the recording as well. That’s the reason I will buy music in Cd format forever...

I agree with Faezdel. Personally, I am more fond of having the actual product I can hold and feel. There’s nothing like photos, liner notes, and jewel cases. The CD is also better sound quality than compressed mp3 files - although if it’s not highly compressed one can barely tell the difference. I want the full quality so I have the option of compressing. Most of these download music sites only offer compressed files (and often copy protected). I’ll still want to buy the CDs and DVDs - DVD Audio and SACD which may very well take the place of CDs in the upcoming years as well.

I vote for CD as well. With lyrix, pix, etc.


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