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Per and Marie candidates for a special award of the Swedish Grammis jury

Written by daniel_alv on December 19, 2003 to .

STOCKHOLM - Per Gessle and Marie Fredriksson are both nominated for the jury’s special Honorary Award at the Swedish Grammis awards 2003. At the moment the jury is looking for artists to nominate in the different categories.

  Other nominees include ABBA’s Benny Andersson, record company manager Bert Karlsson and singer Magnus Uggla, among others.

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GREAT!!!!They desrve it,absolutely!!!

It’s a long time since Roxette got some prize, not counting one, recieved from HM The King of Sweden. I’m sure they do really deserve it! =) Rox on!

This would be really good! Yay!!!

Roxette isn’t nominated, it’s either Per OR Marie.

Marie Marie Marie!!! :P

They’re definately music-authorities, they have me half way round the world listening to their music so they know what is good and what is not for sure!

Per & Marie, you’re the best!


I am prod of them. Roxette rulezzzz>>>>!


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