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Swedish TV4 turns 20, Roxette live on stage at their party

Written by tevensso on September 23, 2010 to and .

STOCKHOLM - When Swedish TV4 turned 20 years Roxette performed one of its very rare corporate gigs, this being the third ever (after OM-gruppen 1995 and Carlsberg 2001). According to Per on Facebook and Twitter, Roxette performed:

  • Dressed For Success
  • The Look
  • Listen to Your Heart
  • Joyride
  • How Do You Do!
  • Dangerous

Debriefing of Per Gessle

Written by tevensso on September 15, 2010 to and .

SKÅNE - The Daily Roxette has reached Per for a short debriefing after the successful "tour":

Per, you've just landed after the tour, or as you called it - "merely a handful of concerts".  How do you feel now, better or worse than when we talked before?

Oh it's been a wonderful "tour", so many hi-lites, so few downers. The very last show in St. P. was outstanding. Marie in top shape, Chris finally becoming the rock god he really is and the whole band kickin' serious ass. But all the shows have been great. It's a beautiful band, we really love to play together and I'm sure it shows. It's really really hard to stop playing live now!!

Did everything meet your expectations?

Rox has suddenly become much bigger than expected! Example: last time we played Moscow & St. Petes in 2001, we had around 5000 people per show. This time we had 9500 + 11000. Amazing!! What's cool is that Ozzy Osbourne played the same St. Petersburg-venue the night before us and had 6500 people, Sting performed the night after us and had 6000… And we had 11000… The interest in what we do is growing rapidly and it feels fab of course.

How was the audience?

Oh, without the crowd it could never have worked out! We're totally driven by the response from the audience. You know the Carlsberg-slogan? “Probably the best beer in the world”?? We're saying that about our fans: probably the best fans in the world!!!!!!

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Rock Band 3 features Roxette

Written by tevensso on September 8, 2010 to , and . Source: Harmonix.

WORLDWIDE - Rock Band 3, the latest installation of Harmonix' huge hit series Rock Band will feature 1.5 Gessle songs!. 1.5? Yes, the full song is Roxette's "The Look," so grab your guitars, bass, drums, mic and for the first time ever; keyboards and rock the night away. So what's the second, half, song? Tom Petty's "I Need to Know" which was recorded by Gyllene Tider featuring Swedish lyrics written by Per Gessle. Gyllene Tider's version was released in 1981 and is called "Vill ha ett svar!"("I Want an Answer").

This is what Harmonix writes about the game: "Rock Band 3 doesn't just feature an amazing 83-song setlist. Its deep Career Mode takes the band on a journey to gain new levels of status while the environment around them changes from streets and subways to tour stops and venues. The game also features a streamlined experience, with easy drop-in and drop-out, easier no-fail accessibility and an all-new Party Shuffle letting you jump right into gameplay. Rock Band 3 also introduces Rock Band Pro, bridging the world of gaming and real musicianship through a suite of new instrument controllers, trainers and game play options that open the door to real-world guitar, bass, keyboard and drum skills.

Rock Band 3 will be available October 26 in North America and October 29 in the rest of the world for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii, and Nintendo DS."

Timur contributed to this article.


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