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Per Gessle on tour - finally!

Written by tevensso on June 16, 2003 to .

STOCKHOLM (UPDATED) - It may have been the pressure from the media or from the fans, or Per Gessle’s own lust for touring, or the mix of all of it, but in the end, Per has managed to arrange a tour around the end of July to mid-August. The “around 14-gig” tour will take Per at least to Stockholm and Sofiero Slott in Helsingborg where Gyllene Tider started Återtåget tour in 1996. This time, however, the premier will be in Brottet, Halmstad on July 29th.

  Per’s band will be the same as at the release party: Helena Josefsson (backing vocals), Jonas Isacsson (guitars), Jens Jansson (drums), Christoffer Lundquist (guitars & backing vocals), Anders Herrlin (bass guitar) and Clarence Öfwerman (keyboards). TDR will publish more dates as they become available.

  “I never could’ve imagined this reception for my little mazarin,” says a happy Per Gessle, “and a tour was never in the cards. But we had so much fun in Halmstad and I can’t resist the possibility to take these songs out in the Swedish summer. They are sort of made for parks and picnics, and I hope the audience agrees with me… and wants to end the summer in a green park with a mazarin.”


Fantastic news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



What can I say...It’s just great!
I have been waiting for this for so long!
Wonder wich date he will be in Halmstad?

Rox on

Det är toppen :) äntligen..Idag har varit en bra dag.. Har fixat så att jag kan åka till skansen på tisdag o se Per :) o så ska han ut på turné!!!
Per är kung.

WoW!!! That’s great!

I hope there will be a DVD like the Marie one

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!! wow, going to the signing in Goteborg next friday... will have to go back for the tour!!! YAAAAAY!!!! :D:D:D:D:D

yes!! this was the best piece of news I could ever get!!!! gud va kuuuuuul !!!!!!!!

Now thats more like.....end of July....I can get time off work then! ;)

where will he tour

WICKID WICKID WICKID!!!!!! Where and when can we get the tickets!!!! I am there already!!!!hehehehehehehehhehehehe!!!!!


yeaaaaaah!!! i’m there too! also wanna know where to book!!!


Hallo fellows!
Cool news! I cannot go to the signing, so maybe this is my chance to see Lord Per live!
Well, at least I have holiday week 31 so if there will be a tour during week 31 that would be really cool!
Per - come to Denmark week 31!!!

NOw that’s good news, even if I don’t know if \i can go yet.....

BUt....where’s this news from actually? It doesn’t say does it?
Maybe someone from EMI talked...?!?!?!?! :)

YES!!!! This means no new kitchen for me, but who needs kitchens when Mr. Gessle is on TOUR! And it’s in the right time! THANX! But it’s soooo sad that some of my best friends can’t come!!! :o(


:( and Connie and I have to fix the bath :´( missing Buddaboys[.com] live was bad enough, and now we have to add Gessle? sigh, that’s life.

all those who can go there, HAVE LOTS OF FUN!! :)




WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW official pressrelease on!!!!

YAAY!!! Now it’s really for REAL!!!

Was it less real before, you mean??

thank you guys for the great news!! how do you manage to be always the first and come with the greatest news???

tdr rules :)

Oh what a night!!.... I am soooooo happy!!! feel ill and some well deserved sick time is needed at work when tour dates are announced!!

29 July on Brottet. BE THERE

Äntligen Per, det här har vi längtat efter!!! Kom till Växjö och spela på Evedal!!


Well yes, this is a press release, and TDR didn’t name any source. So it might as well have been a rumour...

do what i’m doing! get on a plane and GO!!! heheh!

EDITOR’S NOTE: We’re always happy to have new readers... so here’s some background you may not be aware of. With a heavy emphasis on adhering to the same standards of journalism as ’traditional’ newspapers, The Daily Roxette has, from it’s very inception, ALWAYS taken great pride in reporting factual information. On those rare occasions where we would cite a “rumor”, we would include language such as “rumored to be...”
It is precisely because we’ve tried to be “serious” about our jobs as journalists for this little independent e-newspaper, that we’ve been able to develop the kind of contacts that allow us to often be the first to publish truly newsworthy information of interest to Roxette fans.
Thanks to all of you for your continued readership and support. - LEO

AAAHHHHHHHHHH I can’t gooooooooo :( !!!
All brasilian fans loved this album. Per come to Brazil on tour with Mazarin :)


Back to Sweden ...again! Do I have to?? ;) Woohoo!!

@ Anonymous (fan from UK): Consider yourself invited ...but only if you pay for me, also from the UK ;)

Wooooooooow... But give me the exact dates before I start jumping around... X-:

If someone could tell us how fans outside Sweden can buy tickets (first of all, to the Halmstad concert), I’d be very grateful.

pietro: I guess that the tickets will be on sale thru .. and.. maybe, just *maybe*, the fanclub will also sell tix, but first we have to wait for the full tour plan I guess :)

swedish-dvd: after so many years having this site online and having this site bringing us the latest news, you should know how serious these guys behind dailyroxette work! There’s no room for rummours or “maybes” here :)

keep up with this fantastic fast reliable work guys!

@ anonymus from Dresden: Hej! Du kommst aus Dresden? Ich auch!! :) Wieso weiss man nichts von einander??? ;)

Tourdates, pleeeeeeeease! :-)))

@anonymous: ich wohne in leubnitz! hier ist meine e-mail adresse, dann können wir uns besser schreiben! :) [email protected]. Bis später! :)))) Achso, ich fahre heute noch nach gyllene Sverige, kann Dir also erst am Freitag zurückschreiben! Ausser Du beeilst Dich! Viele Grüsse!

Please remember to use English for your comments...

What about Finland? Please Per come here too so I don’t have to travel... :)

Hello! Do you people really belive that Per would as much as concider to play anywhere outside of sweden, exept maybe for Denmark and Norway, with songs all written in Swedish?? I DON’T THINK SO.


Yes I’m a new reader and I’m happy to have found this rox-community, among others but anyway...

As I’m in journalism myself I can see the good intentions here, it’s great to have this front page where you can always find the latest news from around Roxette.
BUT...and I’m not changing my opinion here, there was NO source named when I first read about Per’s tour here yesterday.

When I then went to the OIRFC site I found a completely translated press release about it which actually used other words than you did here, so...
in my opinion you got the news from somewhere and you couldn’t say how...that usually means someone from the recordcompany had leaked...

And I guess that was just the point I was making, didn’t mean to say that what you did was good or bad, but you’ll HAVE to agree with me that an official press release IS more official than just stating something out of the blue without a clear reference, because that’s really what you did!

Jippi kay ei!!! There is a God! Vet ngn när turnéplanen presenteras? Tror ni han kommer att spela på Solgården?

@Anonymous 6/17/2003 17:52

“the news came from Gessle himself! Isn’t that OFFICIAL enough?”

It didn’t say!

So you wanna say that Per called the TDR himself?! Right! Ok, I’m not saying anything about it anymore then, EXCUUUUUUUUUUUSE ME...!!!


hey all you roxers in the UK we should all go together!!! i can only go during the week tho!

msn me! [email protected]

PS i’m in Milton Keynes ;)

Uh, how can you buy tickets without knowing when and where the concerts are?

Yes, I know, but of course they don’t sell tickets before they know dates. All dates.


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