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Per rocks Leif’s Lounge with his release party

Written by tevensso on June 10, 2003 to .

HALMSTAD (UPDATED) - Per Gessle threw a release party for friends, select media and competition winners Tuesday night to promote his new album “Mazarin”. About 600 people attended the club gig at Leif’s Lounge, the night club located in the lower level of Hotel Tylösand in Halmstad.

  Per and his band performed 10 songs at the mini concert. Joining Per onstage were Jonas Isacsson (celebrating his 23rd birthday, according to Per), Anders Herrlin (of Gyllene Tider), Jens Jansson (of Brainpool), Christoffer Lundquist and Helena Josefsson (soon to be married).

  The concert opened with Gyllene Tider’s “Kung av sand”, continued with the new song “Vilket håll du än går”, the album opener. After that “Om du bara vill”, “Gungar”, “Tycker om när du tar på mej”, “Födelsedag” (dedicated to Jonas), and “Här kommer alla känslorna”… all from the new album. After leaving the stage, the band returned almost immediately and played “På promenad genom stan” (alas without Marie), John Holm’s “Den öde stranden” (that Per claims he always has to play whenever he does something in Swedish), and finally the old Gyllene Tider rocker “Vill ha ett svar!” from “Swing & Sweet” (“Covers are fun,” says Per). “Billy” was, according to our information, mysteriously cut from the playlist.

  The concert was very well performed, with a surprisingly tight band. Commenting on this to The Daily Roxette afterwards, Per said “Really? We’ve only rehearsed for three days, and just forty minutes yesterday, so that’s great to hear!”

  Per was very pleased with the show, and has yet to decide if there will be a tour or not… but time is running out. “We will have to reach a decision this week,” he told TDR. The big problems are that Per’s key players, as he calls them, are partly booked with other artists. Jens will do a Japanse tour for instance. This is what they are trying to solve at the moment. “It’s all about logistics,” Per states. If a tour will come true, Per is aiming at venues like Sofiero in Helsingborg and Skansen in Stockholm.

  All in all, a nice evening with lots of happy fans. Prominent guests spotted by TDR included MP Persson, Micke Syd, Göran Fritzson, Peter Jöback, Frida Lyngstad and Björn Ulvaeus to mention a few.

  Editor’s Note: A strange but unfortunate rumor promising that the first 50 fans who got to Leif’s would get in for free seemed to have circulated, according to those managing the event. Apparently, this resulted in a bus full of 50-80 German fans arriving. “Naturally we let them in”, Per said.


Those of you who attended the party: Please scan your pictures and put it on the web so that we can enjoy them!!! I so wish I could be there, but wasn’t! That would be so cool if you do that. North America sucksssssssssss.

it was sooo great. The best show ever.

You got too excited lol! KUNG?? Haha!

now, the recordings? :)

Germans LOL

This is the truth about the “50 tickets”:

and then

I find it groooosss that they made up the story about TDR promising tickets to the first 50!!

Why *LOL* ??

I think there wouldn’t be a tour....

can anyone help me and sell me good ANDERS HERRLIN pics of that show??Also meeting ones.
I can pay very well..or swap with interesting and good pics on Per and Marie & co.
CONTACT ME at this a-mail address:
[email protected]

Hi! I’d neeeed Anders’ pix as well (and others too):-) Contact me: [email protected]
Thanks a lot!

Sounds like a fun evening!

I just looove Mazarins.. *smile*

Wonder why marie was not there? do you think people would of put 2 & 2 together to put roxette ?? steal per’s thunder?

Göteborg Posten says, Marie was there too, but not on stage.

I’m am at the Arlanda Airport, just arrived from the flight Halmstad to Stockholm! Anders Herrlin was on the plane! Today I even had a nice chat with the lovely Jonas Isacsson, he is simply the best! What a nice guy! Bumped into Clarence Öfwerman several times the day before the concert. The whole band was with us in Leif’s Loiunge both Monday and Tuesday! It simply didn’t stop! We had much fun as well. Me and another TDR member (shall I mention the name?) did an interview for Swedish paper Dagens Nyheter...
The concert was very interesting and I was glad I was there! Thanks to everyone, especially Roxgirl Germany, Felicia, Richard, David, Daryah and her friend (what was your name again) and lots of others! We should meet again!

can’t he sign in Stockholm to!!!

Per will be signing at Åhlens in Stockholm soon. I don’t know the exact date but both he and Li Eriksson from EMI confirmed this.

According to EMI Per will also do some signing in Göteborg, Malmö and some other places....


Did anyone happen to take photos of Frida and Björn of ABBA?

If so, please mail me...

[email protected]

Thanks!!! ;-)

will he sign mazarin that you bring yourself or do you have to buy it at Åhlens

Not only norwegian fans where present at the release party. The norwegian press was also there. Read the article here :

The party was GREEEEEEAAAATT!!!!
I can’t wait for the photo’s will be ready.
I got autographs from Per, Christopher, Clarence and Anders Herrlin!
Also a Mazarin-poster signed by Per!
A fantastic performance it was!!

Per ROX!!

Did anyone actually see that bus with the German fans? Cos we saw neither the bus nor those fans even though we were standing in front of Hotel Tylösand for quite some time - and I don’t think you can overlook a bus for over 50 persons or a group of fans that big! BTW, I still wonder how 80 persons are supposed to fit in a normal bus ;-)

And speaking of the rumour mentioned: it didn’t say the first 50 people would get in for free, but that they’d get a signed copy of Mazarin!
I somehow think someone made up at least parts of the story about the bus just to get in, to be honest...

I agree with Starrox, I never saw anything either... Strange story altogether...

I saw a bus when i was waiting outside.
I do’n’t know if that is THE bus we are talking about.


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