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Per’s look-alike doesn’t want to look strange

Written by PerAndren on October 8, 2002 to .

KRISTIANSTAD - The Swedish tabloid newspaper Expressen has published a couple of articles about how some potential guests have come forward to say they were requested to lie on TV3’s “Ricki Lake”-inspired show “Hannah”.

  The last one to make such an accusation is Michael Garderud, 30, an IT professional from Kristianstad.

  “I was contacted by one of Hannah’s researchers through the ’net. Since I look like Per Gessle, and in the late 90s I did an imitation of Per on ZTV, playing the song “Joyride,” they wanted to have me on a program with the title “I am obsessed with my idol”, he explains.

  “When I said that I wasn’t obsessed with Per Gessle at all, they asked me if I couldn’t pretend that I was. Furthermore, they wanted me to ask my friends to play along as well, and pretend that I was a crazed fan that liked Roxette… the purpose was to show me as being strange.”

  The program’s host, Hannah Widell, denies that guests are encouraged to lie, as does TV3’s spokesperson.


This guy thinks he looks like Per??? AHAHAHAHAHAHHA he’s mad. Poor man.
Fernanda - Brazil

*LMFAO* - tv must be gettin pretty sad over there in sweden

Hahahahah! I look more like Per than this dude even though I am a female. What is up with some people?

The original one is always better:-))) (In this case: The Best!)


Would you believe it?? Come on lets be serious here!!! My cat looks better than that!!!

Per is the best one, the greatest one, and the handsomest one yes no copies, the original is always THE BEST!!

PER FOREVER!!!! WE LOVE YA BABY!!! NOTHING compares to you!!!
Bg Hugs and kisses
yurs forever BigRoxfan xxxxxxx

Hannahs show is really boring.
I saw a few minutes once and it was enough for a lifetime.

I also looks like Per!

Bonne journée! / Have a nice day!

I’ve just seen the photo and then read all your messages. Mind you, that’s a bad photo, maybe he looks a bit more like Per from the front view. I quite admire this bloke, ’cos he had the guts to tell the truth.

*ROTFLMAO* Are they BLIND????

OK,maybe he looks a little bit,a very very very little bit like Per..............and OK,i have to admit,Per looks better,even if i don’t think he looks good :p

Hey. i read that he doesn’t look like him but you compare Per as your dog,as your cat, as a woman!?!?!?

I hope he won’t read this...poor PER

C’mon join The WAF Joyride Meow!!

please, Come on don’t make me laugh.

Who needs a man LOOKING like Per when he is NOT the same inside hm??
*gettingphylosophical* ;)

ok that dude doesn’t look like him at all. I dated a guy who looked more like Per. And my date admited he looked like him. this other guy (if they had a better pic) might be able to pull it off. nice try though!!

Per is great!!!I really like him!!!!!:)))))


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