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Dutch fans organising fanmeeting for Proms concert

Written by japeke on April 29, 2002 to .

Two dutch fans, Daniël and Jaap, are organising a roxette fanmeeting on November 27th in Rotterdam, Holland, before the Night Of the Proms concert of that day. No further decisions about the meeting are made yet, but the organisers are encouraging fans to buy tickets to the standing places so that all fans gather together also during the concert.



Also Belgian fans are planning a meeting of course. For the moment no details are known, but in due time I’ll post everything here, and also on

Cya then !



Why stupit?
For Dutch fans also look at
Rox-on D-san

I live in Italy but it would be great to prticipate!!!

People who have negative comments, mail me please why you think it’s stupid, and give your REAL name please. That’s a lot more grown-up.
[email protected]

Komt roxette echt alle data? Of zeker de 27ste??

Waarom de 27 ste dat is midden in de week waarom niet op vrijdag of zaterdag

give more info...

but it’s sounds very nice...
last november i met Marie and Per ,so it’s must be the lucky month for me...:-))

count me in...!!!

To Valeria from Italy
Valeria, your surname is Rossi?

Yes, its just a meeting in front of the doors. We just want a lot of fans so per and marie can see there are still fans in Holland!
Rox-on D-san

why don’t you give your name?
There are people who like to meet other fans!

Please folks! I know that you might will be suprised to hear this but it is a fact that our beloved band Roxette is a SWEDISH band. I am avare that i will be critisized for this but can we please speak either english or swedish in this forum. If you speak german half of the fans will not understand what u are saying!


Link to order your tickets for 27 November! 30 Euro, rang1.
ROx-n D-san

ik ben een groot fan van N.O.T.P. en een groot fan van ROXETTE.
Dit is fantastisch,dat ik hier getuige van mag zijn op 22 november in AHOY!!!!
Ik heb ROXETTE nog nooit live gezien,dus dit is voor mij echt speciaal!!
Ik ben 5x naar de N.O.T.P. geweest,en het is echt te fantastisch!
Pop en klassiek gaat echt samen,het is een feest om mee te maken.
Misschien zie ik jullie daar.

groetjes Wil.


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