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Exclusive pictures from NRJ Radio Awards

Written by roxeteer on January 24, 2002 to .


The Daily Roxette is proud to present exclusive pictures from Monday’s NRJ Radio Awards, taken by our reporter/photographer Thomas Evensson. Click to enlarge.


Great Pix!
There’s no pic-session without Per’s tongue;-)))))))

Haha!!! You’re totally right! I don’t mind though! ;p


hope ypu mean his “thumb”,, coz it’s on every oicture it is since 79!

Per is sooooooo cute!!!!! His hair became darker! :)

... and Marie looks absolutlely beeeeeeaaaaaaaauuutiful!!!!!!!

*gasp* especially on that pic to the very left ;-))

AND longer... is he planning to change his hairdo???? *sigh* Per and Marie rule! :)

Yep! Marie is always perfect!
And Per... well... I love is style as well! His tongue as well :-))))!

thanks fot the fotos, they‘re brilliant!!!

how i love per with more dark hair..
maries smile is indeed very sweet on the pic were they are given the prices

I agree, very cooooooool photos!!
This is the only Rox site (by now) with photos from NRJ Awards...which demonstrates that this is the best Rox site!

And yes, I think P&M look great, Per going back to his dark hair (time to change again!) and Queen Marie as sweet as always.

Let’s hope more awards are on the way!!

Ohhyeaaaaaaah!! Rox should get more awards that we can get more photos !!!!!
Per is looking like a little child happy about a special xmas gift on the first photo ;))


I don´t bother about pers tongue... it´s cute like the rest of him. but I don´t really like that dark hair, though.... well, I think I´ll survive anyway

Per is really looking like a little boy on christmas ;)))

we call such people “charmebolzen” in germany ;)
(some nice, positive friendly and funny person who beams like the sun when happy)...uh yea that word was made for Per

anonymous: michael jackson? nope this is just a little bit much contrast in the cam

Absolutely agree with CRIZ!!!!
More awards for Roxette!!! They really deserve it!!!
(And more nice photos 4 fans -) )

Roxette Roxette ROXETTE!!!! Great!!!!

Have you seen this one

I’ve found this photo at NRJ -site -)

Just wanted to say that I’ve just visited the site that is recommended in the last comment’s great!! (it’s called Roxland)

Really cool new Rox site!! Photos and design are really good!

Congratulations to the author/s!!


Thank You very much fo you comment, Eva Roxer!

Actually it isn’t completed yet, but thank you anyway -)


Aaah! The pictures are really great! I wish mine would have been like half that good, but nope... Oh well, at least I was there! :-)

Congratulations to this beautiful pictures ! And once again: Yes, Per and Marie rule my world;-)) Yeah yeah yeah...

GOD AINT PER HOTTTTT! he always looks so cute and happy! bless him! any per luvvin people out there get in touch!!! tee hee! Well Done guys, you really deserve it, the new album is well good!
Xarrrr ;oP

PER IS HOT! HOT! HOOOOOOOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MYOHMY!!!!!!!!! He and Marie look the best now!! Even better and younger than in the 80’s!! ROXETTE STILL RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your style is the best in the world.Marie is a rock-star,with your personal clothes and your voice..your hair(like me),Per is the new Paul McCarthney(write well??).”Dressed for success” my dearest Per and Marie FOREVER AND EVER.

Qu’ils sont beaux, dommage que je n’ai pu les voir, so ie they seem to be beautiful, what a pitty for me i couldn’t see them that day...

Anyway, I heard on the French TV there was a new NRJ MUSIC AWARDS for next week ? hope to see them. Anyway I particularly love one of the new songs known as “the weight of the world”, it’s a great one.

ROXETTE IS SO SO SO GREAT, oh YEAAAH !!! (I love the sound of their crashing guitars ...)

Agree with eva_roxer 1/27/2002 14:48

Alienista, I congratulate you for all the things you do for our beloved Roxette. You deserve an award, too ;)

Hello,! Glad to be your member :)

Totally ROX!!
I’m very happy just to see Marie and Per together again!!! They are incredibles!


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