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Project underway to produce fan “tribute” album

Written by Lars-Erik_Olson on June 3, 2001 to .

It’s an idea that pops up every year or so amongst the musically talented Roxette fans who are connected with each other online… but it seldom gets very far. This time, one of our readers seems prepared to actually make it happen.

  TDR’s SmallTalk forum has been the launching pad for a project that will compile fan-produced versions of Roxette songs and put them onto a CD.

  The compilation album is the idea of René Jepsen (TDR: AppleInTheMud) who has his own recording studio in Germany. “Every fan can send us their personal demo, of any Roxette song they want,” he said. “The 15
best – or most loveable – will be put on the CD.”

  Once the CD is ready, TDR will deliver a copy to both Per and Marie. René and his partner Jan Petersen in Denmark have offered to send the CD to readers of The Daily Roxette for free. We’ll provide details about how to get your copy at a later date.

  If you have a recording that you’d like to be considered, send it to Studio (C) Production; c/o René H. Jepsen; Charlote Niese Weg 6; D-253 55 Barmstedt, Germany. The deadline for submissions is July 15th.


There is already a topic about it in SmallTalk. Here is the link to this topic:

You will find more links there to five other topics about the project and there is also a link to the homepage of “AppleInTheMud” who is the “producer” of this project. You will find further information about the project on that homepage....

The first link to the homepage there is wrong. Just use this one:

I’ll send a demo this month. I’m not sure wich one to record...

Great idea!!! I have recorded “Blue Umbrella” now & I’m going to start to record “Lova att du aldrig glömmer bort mig” tomorrow! I think you will get a CD with 4 or 5 songs from me, maybe more!!!

As I said before: Rene, that´s a great idea! Have the time to support you know, please let me know if you need help!

Have a nice day & keep on rockin‘!

What has ever happened to the fan tribute album? Rene hasn’t updated his web site since early August. Does anyone know the tracklistings along with artist? Some artists submitted the same did he choose which version to include?


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