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Is there a party in your head?

Written by Lars-Erik_Olson on May 16, 2009 to .

Have you ever heard people talking about getting certain songs stuck in their head – sometimes all day long? Maybe even experienced this yourself? Well, we were wondering if there's been a party going on in your head since attending one of the Party Crasher concerts (or viewing videos from the tour)… and if so, which songs have been getting kind of stuck there in your brain's own internal iPod.  We're conducting a survey to find out, and we'd love to have you participate! Results will be published in an upcoming edition of The Daily Roxette.


It’s funny you should mention this! The Oxford Dictionary added a new word yesterday - Earworm! Which defines a song which gets stuck in your head.

What a weird survey... I bet Per is behind this. Perhaps he wants to replace some of the least popular songs in the concert before they extend the tour or something like that...

Whaaat? *rolls eyes*

Although i’m not a big Party crasher album fan, after the joyride-full Cologne show one song and even just phrase have stuck in my head and appear every time when i’m walking
.... you kids know this very well ....
“i’m paving the way ,the way ,the way,the way,the way ,the way,the way” ;-)))

It was such a party pleaser
if i may say so :-)

@TDR, Thanks for keeping the celebration momentum going, ignore the eyerollers, sounds like a fun survey.

Joined! Thanks!


I guess Per can’t decide which song to take as first single for the live-cd/lp.....

And if it’s just a survey: nice :-)

From the London concert, Per singing “It must have been love” seems to have taken up a permanent lodging in my brain.

It was so nice, so fresh, so “clean” to hear Per singing a song that is usually sung by Marie.

And I thought he did such a great job,

Here’s my clips to IMHBL, plus a few others:

well there are a few songs stuck in my brain at this point;-),but i think Joyride was one of the best songs played at the amsterdam concert that was really awsome(the whole concert was btw ;-)) and party pleaser is popping up to :D

my earworm was Opportunity nox for a couple of days...

My faves of the concert were

Imhbl, opportunity nox, 7twenty7, stupid, ltyh,

getting curious here :-)

Doesn’t make sense!

Opportunity nox and Are you an old hippie, Sir, I can’t get away from this 2 tunes...

I love this survey!!! Seems I’m not the only one with a jukebox in my head....GOSH...I’ll never find the off-button.....

O-nox and 7-20-7.. and doesn’t make sense O_o
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

All the songs from the tour are stuck in my head... I get on a bus and my feet are tapping along to the music and people are looking at me thinking WTF is she listening to...


Doesn’t Make Sense really sticks out... I skipped it on the album but after seeing live 6 times I can’t get enough. It was on the iPod the other night on repeat for about two hours... I miss Chris guitar rift and even those bunny ears that kept popping up out of the audience!

Can’t forget Joyride as well, the whole balloon concept that started in Germany was fantastic... just like those good old days in the 90’s!

For me, She Doesn’t Live here Anymore, Party Pleaser and Do You Wanna Be My Baby? stick in my head but so does Opportunity Nox, Dangerous etc... All of them. The London show was fantastic!

I’m since last sunday singing nananana shes got the look all day long.... and i can’t stop, its anoying but at the same time great!!

Wow, the word “earworm” is in a dictionary now. Someone from England once told me that there wasn´t an English word for this phenomenon. But he liked the idea of the German word “Ohrwurm”. And now it´s somehow official. That´s funny.

I got a really sticky earworm from watching one of the backstage videos on Youtube: “Da gar jag ner i min källare”
For about 2 days this melody accompanied me. Felt a bit silly.

@Txiqui: Same here! The Look all day long! Haha, who would have expected it? ;-)

For me, it usually is the last song I’ve heard that sticks to my head, so I’ll have to say “Queen of Rain”.
Though.. the personal favorites of mine are Party Pleaser and 727 and.. .basically the first hour of the show.

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@grisu: That is indeed tough! ;) Poor you!

I’d say Opportunity Nox and Steppin Stone. And I’m suprised to say that the new slower version of Joyride was fab. Never really liked that song... Dressed for Success was also suprisingly good.

If had to remove some songs from the setlist my choice would be Drowning in won... (nothing really special in my opinion), Church of your heart (I really like this song, but somehow it became one of my least favourites on this tour), Party Pleaser (perhaps the weakest song in the setlist, play Thai with a twist instead if it has to be from the new record), Sleeping in my Car was also not among my favourites. Not something wrong with it, just not a favourite.

I’d add Kix and play Hey Mr DJ in total with the solo and everything.

Where is Stepping Stone? I liked it very much and i only wish Per should do an album that rocks like this song, while he is still young :)

Since the London show the songs I can’t and won’t stop playing are Are You An Old Hippie Sir and Do You Wanna Be My Baby ive even been listening to Dressed For Success which I normally can’t bear but hearing it live made me listen to it differently.

i would like to hear Fireworks or Run To You though

and Silly Really, Thai With A Twist and Sing Along :)

“I Really Gotta Know..Oh Oh”

Opportunity Nox, 7-20-7, She doesn’t live here anymore, I have a party in my head my faves. I would have been grateful to listen to Sing along and Stuck here with me, too.

7twenty7, doesn’t make sense, opportunity Nox & Steppin’ stone...WOW kick off the roof if i hear those!! Still hear myself screaming....GESSLE ROXXXXXXXXXXXXX!

Party Pleaser / 7twenty7 / Are u an old hippy...

And I agree also about “The Look” Jud,Txiqui,kiwein :)

I just completed the survey - but I forgot to check the permission box (D’oh!) So I give my permission to quote from me here should you want to =p

Doesn’t Make Sense,
Do You Wanna Be My Baby?
Opportunity Nox

Opportunity Nox - I used to skip this song but it sounded so but so good live ! A new favorite
Then I need to mention
The Look - My fave song, really liked the new arrangements
It must have been love - Lovely version by Per !
Church of your heart & Listen to your heart - Two very dear songs for me


I like very much Stepping stone, C’mon and the third was Hippie song i think, i can’t remember my third choice ..

I just wish Per to keep going like this forever and ever. Thank you for the show, was really a Party

I probably should say about myself, “You have been to Sweeden for too long” for that but “I Have A Party In My Head” was THE song for me.
-= tridy =-

I’ve attended just one concert of this tour, that is on the 10th of May. So all my memeories are stuck with It Must Have Been Love and The Look cos Marie joined Per on stage during those too. I don’t remember when I went sooo nuts the last time! It was too good to be true ;)

I wish you the best there is before you go to sleep

The same with me,after seeing videos with Marie and Per singing It Must Have Been Love and The Look I was not myself for long time. I couldn’t think of anything else but that performance, so these 2 songs gave me the biggest emotions.

euh, and the results are??


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