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“The Man from Roxette” goes on European tour

Written by tevensso on January 26, 2009 to and .

Per Gessle takes his new album on the road. And not just that. He takes a lot of other things on the road:  "I'll play a power pop set with tons of guitars and a snappy snare with very little technology," Per says to The Daily Roxette and continues "We'll do a glorius mess of Son of a Plum (yay finally!!!), Rox (there are so many songs I've written that I've 'never' sung. I sang them on the demos and then the songs 'turned Marie's…' Would be sweet to try out my own versions… plus others that I've sung, for instance '7Twenty7' and'Nox' would be great to try out some gray Tuesday.)

Per Gessle’s new band includes three former Roxette musicians; Clarence Öfwerman on keyboards, Pelle Alsing on drums and Christoffer Lundquist on guitar and vocals. Add to these Helena Josefsson on vocals and Magnus Börjesson on bass guitar and you get a sensational line-up. This band will sound f##king fab!! And Clarence is going to wear a Fez! How about that!" exclaims Per the-excited-Man-from-Roxette Gessle.

The Daily Roxette asks Per if there is a chance for "The World According to Gessle" on the tour… "'World According to'…? That's a bulls-eye for this band!! And of course 'Party Crash' - there are a few that I can't seem to stay away from." says Per, who also hints at the possibility for a longer tour. "The tour is too short I'd say, but Chris is a very busy man…" Per lets us all know, if the tour doesn't get extended this time, maybe later this year.

A splendid time is guaranteed for all.

Thursday 16 April HELSINKI, Finland, Tavastia Club
Sunday 19 April OSLO, Norway, Rockefeller
Monday 20 April COPENHAGEN, Denmark, Vega
Wednesday 22 April WARSAW, Poland, Stodola
Thursday 23 April PRAGUE, Czech Republic, Luccerna Hall
Saturday 25 April HAMBURG, Germany, Grunspan
Monday 27 April COLOGNE, Germany, Gloria
Tuesday 28 April ZÜRICH, Switzerland, Kaufleuten
Wednesday 29 April MÜNCHEN, Germany, Muffathalle
Saturday 2 May GENT, Belgium, Handelsbeurs
Monday 4 May LONDON, United Kingdom, Sheperds Bush Empire
Wednesday 6 May AMSTERDAM, Holland, Melkweg
Saturday 9 May STOCKHOLM, Sweden, Cirkus

Sunday 10 May STOCKHOLM, Sweden, Cirkus - extra concert

Update January 29: Tickets for the concert in Cirkus, Stockholm, were sold out this morning straight away, therefore an extra concert has been added to the tour schedule. The concert will be on May 10th. 

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Tev, English name for “Warszawa” is “Warsaw”. Anyway - the most excting news in years. I’ve bought five tickets for Warsaw show. Just can’t wait!!!!

Are you gonna take five seats, just to feel more comfortable? :P

this is a great news, but party crasher, will be realise in all europe?

I know. Was too tired when I wrote it. It will be updated in a few minutes. Talked to Per!

Any interview with Per about tour? :-D Great that Per will come again to Czech Republic.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I’ll be in Zurich for sure!


Gessle-Girls can do it (22/7/08)

any idea how to get London tickets?

@ on a misson - UK tickets go on general sale on Friday 30th January at 9am, HOWEVER if you register at Live Nations website ( you can buy pre-sale tickets from Thursday 29th January at 9am!! :-)

Wow...what a day! My mobile is empty now, I think I wrote about 50 sms in one hour to discuss this with my friends....welcome to Germany! Let’s rock the Reeperbahn!

Opp Nox live!?!?! WOW!

ON?! Maybe this tour will be the good reason to start liking this song ;)

@pwbounce - thank you.

Flights are booked for Stockholm! :)

I’m one of these people who would like to see Per in Warsaw but I’m buying the tickets on my own tomorrow in my hometown. Unreal became absolutely real. Per in WARSAW. You’re right Tomos: stay tuned and you’ll get all the info you need to go for the concert in Poland.

Thanxs Tev for the short but nice interview!
if i was allready thinking about traveling to one of the concerts,now i’m really willing to do it.
Allthow i still dream about a concert in Madrid or Barcelona.

Another short message from The Man... yada yada:

“party crash” will be released by emi end of feb to mid march all over europe excl denmark (have new label there, can’t remember the name right now since i’m in the middle of watching a movie, feels promising though...) and excl uk (will happen but working on it still...) the same goes for holland/belgium


Has he said anyhting about adding more dates to that list? Or is it a closed list? Thanks.

If possible, it will be added on to.

Anything about Spain?

Need some help to get the Stockholm tickets!!!!
I´ve just booked the flight for me and a friend to Stockholm next 8th may, but I need to assure I can get the tickets. I don´t really understand how to register or reserve the tickets thru the, the swedish division of Live Nation. I´ve also sent an e-mail to the responsible of LiveNation to get some help...but no answer so far. Could anybody help me with the steps? Tev of Txiqui, please??? I know Cirkus is a small place, so the tickets will be sold very very will be so dissapointing to go to Stockholm and not attend that concert.

Thanks so much in advance.

So I’m guessing the album wont be released on EMI in the UK either then....or when he says he is “working on it” does he mean he is just trying to persuade EMI to release it there? Strangely enough i just noticed tonight that the Silly really single and also the remix are now on UK i-tunes. Bought them both, although i already have the single obviously.....not that per really needs my money but at least it will add another UK sale....

PolicarpoAroca, they are not on sale yet....thats why you cant buy them. They go on sale on that website on 29/1 at 9am. I’m kind of half considering going to the stockholm gig as well. I’ll definitely be at the london gig, but I’m thinking about doing another one. I can only really do Hamburg or Stockholm as they are the only Sat night gigs and i can’t get any time off work. Not sure though....might just stick with the london one, but i suppose there is part of me that is hoping marie will make a guest appearance, especially if he is playing some roxette songs.....and if that were to happen it would most likely happen in stockholm

Thanks so much!!! I hadn´t thought about the posibility of a Marie´s appearence...mmm. Don´t know really, but it will fantastic!!! I know the tickets for the Stockholm show go on sale next 29/1, but if I don´t know how to buy´s difficult since they don´t have a “english” translation of the swedish site. The day of the concert is perfect: Saturday...I can´t think in any better plan: Saturday, Stockholm and a Per Gessle´s concert. hahaha.

If you are attending Stockholm, get in contact with me:
Would be fun to make a “Daily Roxette” friends meeting in that concert.


Yep i got my silly really off itunes :-D . Guess ill see u there some way or how :-P

i guess its too soon to ask, but nevertheless, a plan to release dvd from the tour is rejected right from the start?

I can’t believe that Gessle tours German without playing live in Berlin!!!! 0_o
How can that be?

Oh come on.....

if there is any chance to extend the tour..please,please, add just one gig in Spain for all your fans here!!!!

Thank you for this tour Per!!!!! I love you! Can´t wait to see you live on stage *hugs*

Where to buy tickets for the rest of Europe?
Anyone from Argentina going?

Nox Live Great!

God dammit, Per, where is the Russia ???!!! It seems 2 me that i‘ll never see you live on stage, but i‘m listen your songs and think of you every day. I probabbly shouldn‘t do it...

if per is doing roxette songs.. i really hope he doesnt let helena sing on them..
i still dont get what per sees in this womans voice after having someone like marie sing on his songs for years.. but anyways sounds like a fun tour ;)

Oh, spain is not there.:-( well, let’s have fun all of you who can join the tour.

@roxwho: I really think the same!!!

Then maybe you shouldn’t see the tour, just in case...

What great news, especially if you’re in Europe. Looks like us aussies and the rest of the world will have to wait for things to pop up on youtube or hopefully a DVD release!

I think it’s going to be interesting to hear live renditions of Rox songs with only PG singing. But i think they’re gonna sound great!!.

I’m soooo jealous of all you Euro guys!!!

Hope MrG films one of the gigs and releases it on DVD. *sigh*

Were is Romania, we are a big country, why not try here as well? You never been here, why? Why are you treating us like this? We phoned EMI and they never heard of you here, because EMI sucks big time. I am so nervous. I have to spend more than 500 euros per day just to see you in one of these other cities, do you think it’s cheap? I mean if you decide to come here, we will do our part, besides the tickets, we will post fliers, we will go to radio stations for interviews and promotion, i mean what more can you expect from us? And we all buy your CD original ones, and it’s not cheap either to spend thousand of euros for transport and other stuff. Have mercy on us. You choose for profit those countries or for the fans, to promote were you never been? We need a reason why you never choose us!

a tour is business, not a charity event. If it doesn’t pay, why should he?
You don’t have to spend the money, you want to. You could as well stay home ;)
That’s just life and life is hard sometimes.
He doesn’t visit Vienna either, but I don’t think it’s worth for me to fly somewhere for a show, I didn’t see his last concerts either so I know I’ll survive ;)
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

Per... please come to Spain!! S P A I N !!
you know you’ll enjoy it!!

Anyway, see you one way or another !!

He goes for 3 shows in Germany, and how can anybody sell somewhere if he doesn’t sing there to make publicity. And you wouldn’t say that if was Marie instead, everybody knows you are more a Marie fan. And i would like an official explanation, how things work, from Emi or from Per, how they decide in which country they sing? How they do it, they pull a piece of paper out of a hat with the name of the country or how? And we are a big country that could mean a lots of cd sales if they would bother to make a little bit of publicity, but they don’t , no one is interested in selling? And Russia is charity too? Why not in Russia ? Give us an official statement from managment, or from EMI or even PER. HOW THEY CHOOSE THE COUNTRIES?

@judith, i’m not asking something for free, they will make money here too

@ mixella1 - chill... if the dates sell well he might add more places!

Whilst we’re in the begging mood, DON’T FORGET AUSTRALIA!

Had to be said ;-)

If you look at the story again, it says at the end that more dates may be added. Just be patient. If you don’t want to pay, then don’t go. Its that simple. I have never seen PG/Rox/MF live, and I’ve been a fan since 1990!! I’ve waited 19 years for this, but I didn’t complain when Rox didn’t come to the UK on the Room Service tour, you’ve just got to live with it

I would say they know what they are doing, they check which countries would be possible, profitable, which clubs could have interest, and the guys at Live Nation/exEMA just take care of the deals. I doubt there will be an official statement on why they chose this country and not that one, I don’t think it’s even necessary. Spain was always next to Germany the Roxette country, they don’t play there either, have no clue why, but as somebody sang.. it’s all about the money!

Marie? If it was Marie and she would not come to Vienna I would be sorry for that, sure I’d like her to play here, but it it doesn’t happen, then that’s it. I would see if it’s worth going to some other city, if yes, then I’d just book it. I didn’t go to see her in November because it was too expensive, but I didn’t freak out because she only performed in Sweden. I enjoyed the videos and reports from fans.
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

My first ROX-concert is about to become reality - g-r-e-a-t!!!! I was hoping for Spain, but I’ll have to choose another place, maybe Amsterdam.

I hope that the TDR-team will post any info about how to buy the tickets when they become available. Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaase, this would be the most basic & improtant information.

Thank you in advance

You can buy all tickets for all shows from

Yeah, its in Swedish, but you can get an idea from what it says, PLUS you can always use Google Translator! :-)

Tickets for the London show go on general sale from Friday 30th Jan. If you pre-register on you can buy pre-sale tickets from Thursday 29th Jan (i.e TOMORROW!!!). Thats only for the London shows though, I’m not sure how it works for other dates.

Ohhh noooo!!! I want to see Per singing in Spain!! Come’on!!!! is the list closed???
We need one concert in Spain!! Maybe in Madrid, Barcelona or Valencia!!

You can only buy the cirkus tickets from, all the other buy buttons only takes you to or lokal ticket agencys.

But it does link through to the local ticket agencies where you can buy tickets?

pwbbounce > No, not all of them. The Helsinki link goes to Tavasti and there from you can get to the ticket seller, but many of the rest (all?, have not checked) just goes to

Does anyone know how much the cirkus gig will cost and if there will be standing tickets or not?

EDIT: BTW, there were an add for the cirkus gig in todays swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter.

Okay, my bad then. I’m sure all information regarding ticket sales will be available before tomorrow. Don’t panic people!


Why is gonna be impossible to get tickets to the Stockholm show??? I have already booked the please, I need some help, specially from people living there. I will pay extra money if you can help me to get 2 tickets for the Stockholm show. Thanks so much in advance.

just call Cirkus or send them an email. I bought tickets for Eva Dahlgren in February last year without any problems and I even got a good row. I paid with credit card and tickets were to be picked up just before the show. Was no big deal.

Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

Hey Alesvenska, are u from Argentina? Contact me if you want to travel, I’m not sure yet

Facebook group for any UK fans interested in meeting up before/after the show!

I cannot find this information. I think I will but ticket for Stockholm gig. How much does it cost? Is there any information about it?

lol did this article get a bit longer or was I just so excited yesterday that I neglected to read it properly ?? The bit about “F***ing fab” and “Chris is a busy man” ??

Ha ha - Yeah, it got a bit longer late last night. Did you also see the extra bit added by Tev as a comment on the first page?

Oh yeah ! I noticed that now.

Actually Paul I wanted to ask you something about Sheperd’s Bush - do the ticket outlets actually make you choose between standing / level1 /level2 / level3 or are they general tickets where you can go whereever you want.

I ask because it looks like they give you the option for some acts there to be more specific but for the same price. So I was wonsering if you have any idea on that ??

I’ve actually asked that question this morning and I’m waiting for a reply. I’m hoping its going to be general standing, and not level 1, 2, 3 etc.... We’ll see, and i’ll post here once I get an answer! :-)

Ah, cool ! Thanx ! :)

Great news, got tickets, can’t wait to see Per here in Amsterdam!

Fantastic :DDDD
I just bought 2 tickets for the Cologne gig :DD

I hope he’s doing some songs in swedish also..... Födelsedag please!


I don’t think there will be swedish songs sung outside of Sweden. You may get a couple thrown in at the Stockholm gig, but apart from that, I don’t think so!

Got tickets for Amsterdam this morning :) Can’t wait!

I also got tickets for the show in Amsterdam!!! I’m so excited!! i can’t wait....;-))))

For those who want to buy tickets for Amsterdam.
Tickets are only 28 euro’s!!!!

Don’t buy them online anywhere else for Amsterdam then Ticket Service Nederland (TicketMaster) or else they charge you 49,- euros per ticket instead 28,- euro’s!

Today I got the tickets for prague and munich show!! Can´t wait!!!
Would SO wonderful to see Marie on some concert(s) to sing some Roxette songs with Per.:-)

so Roxette fans for which nobody cares last years are important again. :-))

the “old” ,”forgotten” ,”not good” Roxette brand sells tickets,SOAP and party crusher -not .

hypocritical, but comon sence finally

When was Roxette referred to as ’old’, ’forgotton’ or ’not good’??? I can’t recall that?

Anyone interested in going to poland for the concert? Here you can buy the tickets: It’s a real bargain. And here as well:

I just noticed that ticketweb have the Per Gessle tickets listed at £32 for the London gig !! Obviously not available to buy yet.

Still no reply from Live Nation about the UK standing arrangment. I guess we’ll just have to wait until tomorrow when the presale starts!! How exciting!

Hi Paul, unfortunately I do not know about others, but I have not got a facebook account, is that possible to arrange a thread in TDR for that day to meet earlier etc or do something? I think I ll pop to shepherds bush to get the ticket, do not want them to get lost in the royal mail

hope to c you all guys we met in the notorious UK FAN MEETING 2006

I have my ticket for Zurich!

Bought from

I knew those German lessons would come in handy one day... ;)


Is anybody who want to see mr Gessle on 2 May in GENT, in Belgium?
I would like to go :) Who else?

-= otus = -

wow,i can’t wait to see you in belgium.

so, I have second question , where can I bay the ticket for show in Gent. The price is 25 E? I wonder why it is almost 50% cheaper as in Germany (Hamburg and Koln - both around 45 E).

BTW: How many fans from Münster (in Germany) want to go for concert??

-= otus = -

For Gent, follow this link:

I’ve already ordered my ticket ;)

Tickets for the Stockholm show will be sold through

hej Thomas, where can one buy tickets? I would be grateful for the info by e-mail ( or GG: 7072828. Was there any problem to get them? I suppose not, but just want to know if I should hurry up.
Thanks in advance.

@regarding GENT

Well, my knowledge of Flamish/Dutch is equal to zero, but I guess (guessing from similarities to German/Swedish/English) that there are two possibilities for buying the tickets online:

-Either you get them send home to you, but only in Belgium.

-Or you pick up the tickets at that place called Uitbureau in Gent up to 16:00 the day of the concert, but who knows if it will be open that day (first of May is the previous day...) or starting from 19:00 at the place of the concert? correct me if I’m wrong, I think what this page says:
Then there is this other page with more info( but I guess the 7 days time is just for paying the tickets, and they can be picked up as late as the day o the concert, isn’t it so?

Do you know any other site that would make it possible to get the tickets sent abroad? I mean, I prefer to be sure that I have my tickets before flying there to realise that there was any problem with the tickets the very same day of the concert...

There is a telephone number, they are not selling tickets so late in the evening, but the guy on the line told me that by telephone it is possible to get the tickets sent abroad. Anyway I would appreciate any other information about how to get tickets for Gent’s concert!


Otus, the promoter decides the price of the tickets, probably based on how easy they think it will be to sell them.

Per! Come to Canada!


“Menybiljett” - ha ha ha, “menu ticket” - carrots for dinner?

Does anybody know the price for Stockholm gig? Is it some kind of secret or what? It seems to be quite costy event... And does it mean that the audience will have to sit or is there gonna be public admission?


Do you want my help, cos “GG” number sounds in very familiar way to me ;) If yes, just visit We talk there a lot about Warsaw gig.

£42.20 for unreserved standing, Ticketmaster makes me sick.

The Stockholm gig was sold out for a couple of minutes, but now it is like 10 seats aviable. And now they have added an extra show at the 10th.

Otus, the price of the tickets vary across the countries because of obvious reasons. Each country is different. It’s probably up to the cost of the club hiring.
I’m thinking about going to Belgium as it will be a prolonged weekend for us. 1 and 3 May are both national holidays for us.

Well, I kind of look forward to this tour but I always thought that I never would hear Helena sing Roxette songs *urgs*. AND I hope for TWATG stuff..


Well I’ve just bought a ticket for Stockholm, May 9, so it seems iot has been sold out yet, or there are extra places. I don’t know. I hope there’s no problem and there will be a ticket and I will enter at the Cirkus...

I got my Stockholm ticket this morning for the 9th! I don’t think I can do the extra date as I’ve already booked my flight back for the 10th, although I could change that! lol :)

I booked tickets for both London and the first stockholm date this morning. I havent 100% decided if I am going to go to stockholm though, but i thought i would buy a ticket anyway just in case as i knew it would sell out quickly. I definitely cant do the 2nd stockholm gig as I will have to be back at work on the monday

Is anybody here going to the Stockholm Concert on May 10th? I have just bought the tickets.

Yes I’ll be at the second Stockholm concert as well! Although this time I opted to not stand for that night and bought a seat so I can relax a little! :)

Why-o-why couldn’t Australia be closer to Europe!!!

Ill be at the may 9 show in stockholm! Thats were ill meet you! I might go to the may 10 show also.

hi per is there any chance you would add ireland
to the tour

Hi Everyone, got my tickets for london and cant wait to see per and helena and the band it will be great.

Bought 2 tickets for cologne too
Also love the swedish songs like födelsedag and spegelball.

See You in Cologne!
Let’s rock Germany!

Per in the UK - brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bought my tickets today. See you all there.

I got my tickets for Amsterdam!! Finally, after the cancellation of the Night of the Proms in Rotterdam we get to see a part of Roxette back in Holland. Can’t wait...

Owww, please Per, come to South America. Come to Brazil!!!
I implore you!!!!!

Fernanda from São Paulo

Mutley, your coming that is great! I’ve often been wondering how you where doing! :)

hello people! is is still possible to reserve tickets on (warsaw concert)? i can’t see such option? all tickets are sold? answer please, i beg you!!!


You cannot buy tickets on (there’s only information about Per’s gig). If you want to purchase a ticket, you have to visit this page (this link is English language one):

You have to pay then 99 zlotys + shipping:

* International registered mail 15,00 PLN
* Courier delivery service - Europe 130,00 PLN
* Pick up at Eventim center (Warsaw) 0,00 PLN
* Courier delivery service (Poland) + gift envelope 28,00 PLN

The dutch site where they sell the tickets for 28 euros only requires a membership.
Is there any member willing to buy me a ticket? Please help me!

Yeah! Great news Per! Thank you so much!
Please, come on in Brazil! We love you so much!
Do you remember of our people in Porto Alegre, Rio de Janeiro & São Paulo? Good times...

Leo Clume from Brazil!

Sandyam, when you buy the ticket online you can select incl membership. It is only 3 eur for one month membership. Good luck

Per come here in Italy!!!

anyone from Berlin here planning on going to any of the concerts?

the real berlin guy

i got my tickets for cologne and hamburg today wow iam the happiest man on earth but please per next time i want a concert in berlin my hometown ok.

Do you know the capacity of the halls - clubs? It would really interest me - esp. the differences between each of them - because the Czech Lucerna is really big I think...

I’m being sent quite a large amount of leaflets from the Tour Promoter. If anyone from the UK wants to have some of those sent to them (sorry, but only in the UK due to postage costs - I’m not rich!), let me know!

We can bombard our local music stores and anywhere else you can think of with leaflets. Anything to help promote the UK Show!!

it’s only good when marie is with him and i think it’s not a good choice of per to do roxette numbers even though he wrote them. he once’s said that he would never do roxette without marie but for me it feels like he does right now

As long as Helena will do only backing vocals I don’t mind. But if she sings a lead vocal that belongs to Marie,...I will walk away. ( and that out of the mouth of a Gessle fan ) But I would love to hear demo versions live with lots of guitars sung by Gessle :)) ...7twenty7 (demo) ,..ohhhh yeah!!!!! Or June Afternoon!!! :)

He is not doing Roxette without Marie, he is singing Roxette songs without Marie. It would be a lot different if had used the name Roxette on the album. That would not have been ok in my opinion.

I can not belive why people are so negative to hear Roxette songs. Marie doesn’t want to tour right now (for obvious reasons). Per has not broken up with Marie or something. Per has to be able to sing the songs he has written on his own if he wants to. If Per doesn’t sing them we might never hear this great songs live again, and that would be really sad.

See you at the cirkus!

By the way, would have been fun if the tours name would have been “Sing Along Tour”.

So happy about this European tour!!!!!! :) And also a bit sad that Per still doesn’t consider coming to Romania...:(
Anyway, I’d really like to go to one of the shows. I sill can’t make up my mind what to choose: Prague, Zurich or Munich.... Maybe Zurich though as I’ve never been in Switzerland :P
Any choice I’d make, need some help. So can any of you guide me a bit on how I could get tickets for these three cities???? Pleeeeeeeease!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks a lot!

Hi:) I must recommend Prague:) The tickets u can buy here: - but if u want I could help you with it, cause I know how difficult it could be. So if u want and have ICQ/ Facebook or also email, it will not be a problem:)

Here is my e-mail:
Can I also have yours? I’d like to talk more with you!!!! :) Thanks sooooo much! :*

for the fans who come to belgium:

I may have a Zurich ticket forsale... an e-ticket of course. I bought it but I don’t think I want to travel to Zurich, as much as I love Per I wish to extend my stay in London a little longer to catch some musicals! :) Of course if anyone wishes to buy the Zurich ticket I’d only be too happy to sell it for the price I paid and since it’s a PDF file to print at home there is no postage cost. Email me I take Paypal!

I also have a spare ticket for the Stockholm concert on 10th May... a seat, a good seat... don’t ask I somehow bought two tickets for the same concert, it’s also an e-ticket!

Hi! this is great Per is on tour ...
glad to see him coming in april in Belgium ...
what a pitty it ain’t Marie and Per ...
I’m expecting this

Got tickets for London! Work screwed me around with time off for travelling back the day after, and I could only get 30 minutes, but I worked it out - and it’s doable if I go by train.

I’ll be a zombie when I get back, but feck’em, that’s what they get for making me do things this way. FIFTEEN YEARS since I saw the guy live at Sheffield Arena - I was missing this one for NO bugger...!

finally i have received my tickets to the concert at the Lucerna hall. I have been dreaming to see PER live for 15 years and here I am - the happiest person for now, so happy that scared a little bit that everything is just in my imagination!!! By the way, is there anyone coming to Prague concert from Ukraine?

My tickets arrived at the weekend, making the excitment levels rise again!! :-)


Would it be possible for you continental fans to post a songlist from the shows so that we Swedes can prepare for the party at Cirkus in May?

/Jakob, Sweden

Don’t you want it to be a surprise?? :-) I’m sure something will be posted here

And now the London concert is being advertised in the Daily Mail.


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