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Marie Fredriksson: “It’s great being on stage again”

Written by Jud on December 2, 2008 to and .

STOCKHOLM - The Daily Roxette had a chance for a brief interview with Marie Fredriksson.

When The Daily Roxette asks Marie how she is feeling, Marie responds "I feel great, thanks!" Marie is currently on a break from the "Stjärnklart" tour, after playing five nights in Stockholm, she will play in Malmö tomorrow and until Friday, and in Gothenburg next week. Marie explains how everything started with this show; "They asked me, I thought about it and said yes. It's been a challenge and a pleasure." And it surely seems to have been the right decision, as Marie adds, after having more than half of the tour behind her, "It's great being on stage again."

Last Saturday, day of one of the shows in Stockholm, was a special day for many. Fans travelled from far outside of Sweden to see Marie live and had the chance to meet Marie. Marie, how did that feel? "It was a lot of fun, especially when someone [note: Rosa Planas from Spain] gave me a really really old record of 'Strul.' They were sweet and friendly as always," says Marie to The Daily Roxette.

As you may know, Marie not only composes music, she is also an artist, and has already had three art exhibitions, the last one in Gothenburg in October, "It was great in Gothenburg, even better than Stockholm." The Daily Roxette wonders if there are any plans for another exhibition, "I paint and I write music whenever I get the feeling, so we'll see what happens first," Marie smiles.

As Marie has mentioned often in the past, she takes a step at a time and has no fixed plans for the future. When we ask about more possible shows, or a solo album or with Roxette, she again answers "We'll see, one step at a time."


Very cool! Thanks Judith. ;-)


I have the strange feeling that Fredriksson is saying the same thing for three years now. “It´s great. It´s great. It´s great.” Boring.

I´m afraid my latest post will be censored, sooner or later...

What do you think she should say? I don’t understand your point.
Great things happen to her, fortunately :)
(Don’t forget: after a long time of suffering!)

For me, it is much more correct to say what she usually says (“we’ll see”), than to promise anything that she is not sure she is going to fulfill.


If it’s boring for you to see somebody recovering from a deadly illness then please go and play somewhere else. You would do us all a favour!

@ Poli, I really don’t know what’s the matter with you, I’ve known you totally different. I can only say, if you are so unhappy with TDR and Marie and everything around Roxette, then maybe it’s time to let it go?
Let the others have the party in peace.
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

Marie, you are a very special person!!!!

Poli: you weren’t there so you cant judge something you didn’t see. If you don’t like the news don’t read them. But you should understand that thing that might be boring for you are great for others. So just respect it.

I saw Marie at Gessles concert one year ago and after that I thought that I would never see her singing live again. Thanks god I was wrong, last saturday i had the chance to see marie singing live and believe me she did it better than ever. Her voice is as strong and clear as it was long long long time ago. A lot better that how it sounded during the room service tour.

We don’t “censor” crap, just really stupid things and similar. You may however leave any time you please.

Cool, those articles about Marie the past days.

I guess we can leave behind the ”TDR = The daily Gessle”-topics and so on :) ?

Thanx for this interview! Quite rare.How did it happen?

Not posting here that often but in this case... Judith, thanks a lot for this wonderful little report! :o)
Just beautiful to see Marie’s so happy and hear her sing live on stage a again.... thanks to whoever posted the video on youtube. | | |

I agree with you, Dorahun and Carola!!!
After this illness she will never do a worldwide or an european tour.
She’s a very special and nice person, and she has sung a very beautiful song, Där du andas. And after her illness she made 2 (!!!) albums and new songs with Roxette. I’m sure that she will make a new album with Roxette or in solo, the question is only: when? But tour all over the world or Europe ... that can we forget.

(Finally: I’m sorry, but my english is a bit poor.)


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