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More than 100 million SEK to Swedish songwriters

Written by tevensso on June 16, 2008 to and . Source: STIM.

Few talk about the "Swedish musical wonder" anymore, which was strongly connected to successful Swedish artists, but Swedish music is still popular outside of Sweden. Swedish songwriters still hold the fort.
"Sweden is a small country, but Swedish music is big abroad. The foreign proceeds are a receipt showing that Swedish songwriters are of high international class" says Margita Ljungberg, senior adviser at STIM.
"I'm happy that ABBA does so well! " Per Gessle comments to The Daily Roxette.

The most played songs by Swedish composers outside of Sweden 2007:

1. Listen To Your Heart
Per Gessle/Mats MP Persson
2. Dancing Queen
Benny Andersson/Björn Ulvaeus (Buma/Stemra)/Stig Anderson
3. Since U Been Gone
Max Martin/Lukasz Gottwald (Ascap)
4. Hung Up
Madonna (Ascap)/Benny Andersson/Björn Ulvaeus (Buma/Stemra), Stuart
Price (BMI)
5. Who Knew
Max Martin/Lukasz Gottwald (Ascap)
6. Behind These Hazel Eyes
Max Martin/Lukasz Gottwald (Ascap)/Kelly Clarkson (Ascap)
7. It Must Have Been Love
Per Gessle
8. Mamma Mia
Benny Andersson/Björn Ulvaeus (Buma/Stemra)/Stig Anderson
9. Gimme Gimme Gimme
Benny Andersson/Björn Ulvaeus (Buma/Stemra)
10. The One
Max Martin/Brian Littrell (Ascap)

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Besides the ABBA & Roxette songs (6 out of 10, as the one by Madonna uses a sample of an ABBA song), the others are quite unknown. Margita should be grateful for Björn/Benny & Per...

And it’s Stig Anderson, no Andersson!

Max Martin is no slacker. Besides, he worked with Marie on The Change.

i always thought that IMHBL was more played then LTYH...

What did Max Martin do on ’The Change’? Did I miss something??!

I don’t remember, backing vocals and possibly some instrument. Max Martin=Martin Sandberg.

“Since u been gone” & “Behind These Hazel Eyes” performed by Kelly Clarkson
“Who knew” perfomed by Pink
“The One” performed by BSB

@7-Twenty-7: What??! You think all those Kelly Clarkson songs are “quite unknown”??! And Pink’s “Who Knew?” They’re all I ever hear on the radio here in Canada, and when I travel in the States! Are you in Britain or something?

“The One” performed by BSB... My God, are they still ALIVE?

@ roxtexanet: These songtitles don’t ring a bell for me. And Kelly Clarkson is just an American newcomer/wannabe artist, so she (like any other ’singer’ that comes from ’Idol’ or shit like that) doesn’t count as a big artist to my standards. That’s why I avoid the radio, I don’t like that kind of bland poppy stuff.

That thing about Max Martin doing vocals on ,The Change’ is most ridiculoes piece of crap I’ve heard recently.He is the most succesful songwriter of last 10 years on the globe responsible for the biggest hits of Britney,BSB,Avril Lavinge, Bon Jovi (it’s my life),Celine Dion, Kelly Clarkson,Pink. So please Tevensso please ’Look up’ before you write something.

so Martin Karl “Max Martin” Sandberg is not Martin Sandberg, hm, who is he then?

“He is the most succesful songwriter of last 10 years on the globe”. That’s too much exaggerated in my opinion....

If he wrote songs for ’celebrities’ like Britney, Kelly and BSB, it must be the crappiest stuff ever. I don’t even dare to play such a kind of music! He’s like the Paulo Coelho of music: his books sell massively, but they are bullshit.

According to the “The Change” booklet, a Martin Sandberg provided backup vocals for “2nd Chance”.

Gee I must be wrong then. Sorry for bothering such masterminds as piotrek6. Moron.

@7-Twenty-7: The article is about the most frequently played and purchased Swedish-penned songs, not the best. The whole Top 10 would be Gessle, if that were the case (-: Anyway, like them or not, Max Martin’s songs have rung in the ears of millions and millions of people... any songwriter would be proud of that, even if it’s just the flavour-of-the-month singing them. That said, in 2007, Per’s and Mats’ song rang in the ears of even more :-D

Actually 7-Twenty-7, the songs MaxMartin wrote for Kelly/Pink/Bon Jovi reminds me a LOT of Roxette. Powerpop with nice guitar hooks and sing-and-shout-a-long choruses.... Max Martin has been influenced by Per quite a bit.

A word of advise: dont diss someone/something you know nothing about.

And to say the American Idols are crap... well, to some extent I have to agree with you, but Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood (cant stand her though) and David Cook (my fave) are some of the most talented ppl out there in the industry today. Receiving Grammy’s, getting Billboard nr1’s, etc etc. Instead of stamping your feet, you should rather have a listen to their tracks.


that’s great!!=)

Don’t get me wrong. I think Max Martin’s music is shit compare with Per. But some comments are just lacking common sense.
Sorry If I offended you tevensso!! moron

You couldn’t offend me even if you tried. Why not check out things before posting *cough cough.* And a word of advice; if you are apologizing to someone, don’t end the apology with something worse than what you’re apologizing for in the first place...

max martin also wrote a couple of excellent songs on the album freaks of nature by a swedish all girl metal band called drain sth. Right through you was one of the best songs on the album. I wonder tho if the rankings also include digital sales, because roxette isn’t very prevalent internationally in terms of digital exposure. I’d like to think some of their other songs might come close. But then again same could be said for abba. I’m amazed max martin actually did something on the change. I hate to say it but the more I listen to the change the more I hate the arrangements and production value. But eh, he didn’t have too much to do with the album. The one is an excellent song, even if bsb perform it. Who knew is so relevant considering pink is divorced now. And the kelly clarkson songs were huge for nearly 3 years. It’s just really unfortunate per hasn’t had much success writing songs for other people, maybe it’s because his chemistry with marie is so strong he can’t really function writing for people who don’t posess her real artistry. Didn’t max martin prodouce and or write that’s the way it is for celine dion, that song I would think would be in that list too, it’s one of her biggest hits

oh and no offense you left chris daughtry off the successful idols list. I really question what kind of success david cook will have, he’s really good looking but he doesn’t rock, I’m sorry but he just doesn’t

so say we all

Max didn’t write for or produce Celine, but a friend of mine did - Peer Astrom (Pär Åström). :)

Tevensso!!!! you really can’t take criticism,can you?I did’nt apologize for Max Martin cos I was right. He had nothing to do with Marie’s work. And i called you moron cos you called me that first,remember? And Max Martin wrote for Celine (that’s the way it is) for Greatest Hits album. And Im sorry for you cos unlike me you judge peaple not their opinions. Please, don’t answer!!!!!

Max Martin sings backup vocals on 2:nd Chance. What is it you don’t understand?

Max Martin doesnt use Martin Sandberg name for ages and his birth name is Karl Martin Sandberg. There are hundreds of Martin Sandbergs in Sweden. But who da hell cares? Is it so hard to admit when someone’s wrong?


Heeeehah! Nothing like a disagreement that turns catty! *evils*

@ Piotrek6; I would take Tevensso’s word on this one, if I were you!
Album of the week “Hugh Masekela- The CHISA years 1965-1975”

Max Martin did cowrite a song for Celin Dion, according to Wikipedia


I don’t trust too much wikipedia, anyway “That’s the way it is” sounds pretty much to all those Britney and BSB crap songs.

It’s so great that Per is number one! Roxette deserves it :)

PS It feels so fantastic to be back here :)
PS2 Welcome back, purplemedusa!

I wish you the best there is before you go to sleep

He’s not the most successful songwriter of the last ten years, no where near! Get your facts right. Diane Warren is by a million miles the most successful songwriter in the world. All her hits have sold millions more than his. Leann Rimes “How Do Live”, Aerosmith’s “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing”, plus number one songs for Toni Braxton, Brandy, Another Level, Celine Dion, you name it. There is no major artist that hasn’t performed one of her songs. How ignorant are you? Her songs are classics unlike Max Martin who writes here today gone tomorrow crap. Take one look at them - “Crazy”, Oops I Did It Again”, I’m Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman”, “Overprotected”, “it’s My Life - hardly a Bon Jovi Classic is it? Lol. Most people in the street wouldn’t know these songs if they heard them, never mind be able to sing them. Whereas Diane’s songs are known by everyone. Now look at them “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now” “If I Could Turn Back Time”, “Unbreak My Heart”, “I Turn To You”.People are still playing “Rhythmn of the night” and that song was written 23 years ago! I rest my case really.

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