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New Gessle song featured in Swedish horror movie

Written by tevensso on March 30, 2008 to and . Source: PG.


you should know it by now but… movies are in my blood! there's a brand new track of mine included in the brand new excellent (trust me, i've seen it!!!) swedish movie LÅT DEN RÄTTE KOMMA IN [Let Me In], based on the book of the same name. opening in the autumn but it has already won 2 heavy awards. my song is called KVAR I MIN BIL [Left in My Car] and is featured 3 times in the movie (including a short whistling version…). it was recorded during the en händig man-sessions and is a somewhat bluesy ditty with a great snappy guitar-hook. and it's under 3 minutes!
cheers, p.

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Wonder if it will be on the soundtrack!

It’s why I love Per so much!!!
He’s always bringing new features that always full me of happiness.
It’s obvious that living in Brazil I will not have the chance to see the movie, but being fan of this so talented man, I feel happy and really pround.
Per, you are fantastic!! You are my idol since I was a child and always will be.
I love you!

Great piece of news. Every new Gessle release is good reason to celebrate!

Gessle Rocks *yeah*

Oj..please don’t force me to watch a horror movie....Do we fans here also have a chance to get to know this little song?? Without any blood and murdering??? Would be cool. ;)
Double-oj..I just found out that we will have to wait until December here in Germany for this movie....

I can´t imagine Gessle´s song in horror movie. For this reason I am really excited for this song. :-)
I like View From A Bridge, very “ungessleish” song and also Shopping With Mother is excellent “ungessleish” song. Now we have another opportunity to hear another one I think.
Will it be released under Gessle or Son Of A Plumber name?

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yeah great news!!
i hope to watch this film here in italy.

Yep, I agree, it is hard to imagine a Gessle horror theme :)
On the other hand, everyone tells me my new songs sound creepy, check for yourself:

Look for The March Of The Cannibals, When Night Creeps In, and Party At The Sharks


Crashroxer, I love your sharp, witty and original posts. I don’t know where we’d be without them...

I rather wonder if there will be a soundtrack...

I’ve read the book and my qualified guess is that there will be quite a lot of blood in the movie. ;-)

thank Fans/Per the song will be uploaded somewhere somewhen (official website?). I surely won’t watch the film. I hate horror films ;)
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

If song won´t be included on the movie soundtrack and not be commercialy released, than it could be great Bad Hair Day song.
I like horrors, but inteligent, with dark atmosphere, symbols, with fear from something unknown, unseen. The less blood there is, the better movie it is. Where is now idea, there must be blood. Hope this movie is the first one case.

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Come on Per!....What’s with this ’under 3 miutes’ Crap? I remember back to when you were talking about just having written One Wish and were boasting the under 3 thing...2:58 or 2:59,Who cares as long as its good.I like a good song to go as long as neccessary-the longer the better,’cause one gets to enjoy it for longer!!! Also,what’s with the apparrent song writing formulae of late-singing the title of the song in the first line,well the first word,actually. e.g. One Wish,Opp Nox,Reveal etc...Is it a subliminal prompt to sell the song? Whatever it is,change it ’cause it aint workin’! Needless to say,it’s really annoying...P.S. I’m a huge fan,actually but i am stuggling with it this last year or two.Roxette seems to have taken a blander direction post anders/jonas.Please put some Balls back into it...half a one would do!Cheers: [email protected]

Imagine someone getting mutilated to One Wish or decapitation to Reveal..haha.

Another song for a movie... that’s wonderful!!! I love soundtracks, and specially if Rox-related are involved. I guess I’ll never see that movie, but knowing that there’s a new song from Per for it is enough.

I want it! Less than 3-min songs are OK for me, if they have that EHM-sound

I hope I’ll have the chance to watch the movie. We have a festival here in Lithuania that shows Scandinavian films. I’m so eager to hear the song :)

I’m gonna get dressed for success

TDR has a press pass to see this movie on April 24, when it will have it’s U.S. premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival.


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