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Marie working on a new site

Written by tevensso on March 14, 2008 to and .

STOCKHOLM - It seems Marie Fredriksson is working on a new site. Where her old site used to be is now an autograph and a message saying that a new site is in the works. There are logos of MaryJane Music, d&d management and T/R (TransmitReceive). T/R being the company that manages Per Gessle's sites.

On a side note: SCM is offering at their Marie's new art book "Ett bord i solen" for 345 SEK (36.50 EUR, not including postage) as well as Marie's previous art book "After the Change" for 295 SEK (31.20 EUR, not including postage).

Thanks Mikael Bolyos for the book tip!



I like the red autograph with the white background it’s classy.

Hope this new site is born with some news :)

like magic and love lots of forgotten words

Maybe it’ s another sign of coming Roxette reunion. Now Per (and his GT and SOAP) even Marie will have official web pages in one place. It looks like that to me. But maybe I am wrong.

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Would be great if Marie would have a guestbook on this site.:-)


Cool! Getting curious now..
They wouldn’t change it without a reason.


Supose the site will be related to Marie’s drawings i don’t think new music is the reason.

I really want to be wrong!!! ’Cause some new Marie’s music would be out off words

I still miss a full new solo album in swedish :)

like magic and love lots of forgotten words

I had the same thought as Roxryder - but thinking about it, it’s not like there are any drawings that haven’t been sold, and exhibitions are only once in a blue moon... so what would be the point?? So it’s got to be music. I just really want to be right about that!!!!!

Just wait and see, if T/R is doing it, nothing can go wrong ;)
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

Yeah, a guestbook and lot’s of pictures would be great!!! I’m excited :-)


Ha - WAIT - our favourite verb :)

like magic and love lots of forgotten words

I hate to be negative on this but I think she wants to make something related to her two art exibitions. Maybe a “compilation” site including black&white + colour works with some info that we already know...

I wish I’m wrong but I won’t be surprised if it indeed turns out to be something like this.

Thanks for the link to that merchandise shop. I already paid over the odds on ebay for the ’ett bord i solen’ book, but I missed out on ’after the change’, so I’m really happy that ive been able to order it now!

I’m also gonna order After The Change book :) I just have to borrow my dad’s credit card...

The night is so pretty and so young

Yay. I got both books deivered today !! Very nice books.

@chrisjankunas: lucky you. I still even haven’t ordered After The Change :(

The night is so pretty and so young

So the new site is now ON and you have to judge for yourself.

I think it’s a nice, pretty simple and really tidy site and it works fine (if you click on a pic from the gallery it opens)

There is a news section, Bio about Marie, and a Forum which we didn’t have on the old site. And of course there’s a link to the webshop.

The gallery has some (all?) really nice black and white pics of Marie.

All in all the site is nice hope the news section gets updated when there is news.

Have A Nice Day all !!

like magic and love lots of forgotten words

should be english/swedish option for lang i think.


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