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The performers of “Shopping”

Written by tevensso on November 29, 2007 to and . Source: PG.

STOCKHOLM - Since many of you are wondering who does what on "Shopping with Mother" Per has been kind enough to share some of his recording info:

clarence: distorted wurlitzer, handclaps, celeste, timpani
christoffer: Gibson bass, drums, Gibson ES-175 el guitar, tambourine, maracas, acoustic guitar, saxophones, wah wah guitar, autoharp, solina string machine
per: handclaps.
helena: operavox
someone's mother: laughter

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Fan! So is it really Helena?! Oh my, I’m suprised that Per doesn’t play on any instrument this time :)

Per provided some outstanding handclaps, didn’t he? ;-) I see this more as a joke song, so that annoying vocals etc. don’t bother me. Don’t have to listen to that track regularly. It’s nice that they seem to have lots of fun with fooling around in the studio! Hope that we’ll get some proper, outstanding songs soon!

Per if you read this: Wouldn’t it be nice to invite Marie to do some guest vocals on a song for your next album? That way we’d get a bit of Rox without pushing too hard. I still love ’I’ll be Allright’!


That why the song sound so fun and even funny. It’s cool! lol

@Sascha: “I’ll Be Alright” is really lovely.

Take care!
Carlos E., New York
“Communication is key”

Ugh...Have had enough of the creepy handclaps! F5F was the worst with those!

Helena is amazing!!!! =))))))))))))) Absolutely fantastic voice and sence of music!! )))

Have I missed something, can you listen to this song somewhere?

It’s the new single. You can probably hear a snippet at CDON or iTunes.

Ah, can’t go wrong with “hand-claps” in a Gessle song! ;o)


you can buy a whole song in 320 kbps for just 1 GBP at
IT REALLY WORTH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! )))))

I thought of waiting for the read CDS, but then went to that site and bought the digital song... and.. it’s fantastic!
Helena, sining an opera-vox is something unreal.... something damn special... )) She’s amazing, absolutely fantastic!

Yes, I agree with the comment above. Helena’s performance is surprising!

Surprising is the right word! Respect! in the end we also want to know whose mother is laughing so lovely? And how much wine was involved?

Hooray for someone’s mother, lol. :)

I’ve just paid my 99p and downloaded the track.

I really enjoyed it, not 100% on the vocal, was expecting some lyrics!!!

My wife suggested if should be from a horror movie but her fave CD is the Moulin Rouge soundtrack......

Well, this time I have to agree as well: Helena did an amazing job!

Du borde sett hur underbart jag mår

I tried to search on 7digital, what did you search for?

@JohnUK21: you can watch the video and also hear the song on Aftonbladet’s website.

Du borde sett hur underbart jag mår


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