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Written by tevensso on April 19, 2007 to and . Source: Per.

STOCKHOLM - Per "dropped by" and updated The Daily Roxette on the new project: "We've mixed 11 out of 23 tracks until today. It sounds tuh-riffic!" Per also says that the album photos were taken last week by Anton Corbijn in Lisbon, Portugal. They are finishing the sleeve this week and the album goes to mastering next Friday. "We're toying with ideas like a vinyl edition, a bonus CD and stuff like that. What do I know??"

A single will be released as promised, Per won't tell us yet what the title is but the planned release date is May 23. (This is a guess, but the single is planned to be released the third week in May, and as singles are released on Wednesdays…)

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Great news! 23 tracks - wow! so I quess we’ll have a nice pack of b-sides for the singles ;o) can’t wait to hear the new stuff...

Oh, my God, 23 songs!!!!! THat’s great!!!! %)))) Sounds like a really hot summer!!!!
Can’t wait to get on tour!!



LP’s, Bonus disks... now we’re talking my language!!

Photos taken in Lisbon??

Great new!!!!!! ^^


It’s says that 11 tracks out of 23 has been mixed... So it could be that the album only has 11 tracks... :-S ... But that’s ok ! Im thrilled and can’t wait to hear this new master piece :-)

The summer is going to be Superb :-P

No it’s “11 tracks mixed SO FAR”. Edited that.

Would be great to get 23 new songs. But I think there will be +- 14 songs as always. And what about The Making of En handlig man document?

Cool news!

I’m so curious!


THANX Tevenso :-) ... Thats GREAT NEWS *S* ... 23 Tracks ?! Wooooooowwww !!!!!

call me stupid but what does it mean when they are mixing the songs and mastering the songs?

Mastering is when they make a CD matrix out of the songs.


Comment from The Handyman:

MIXING is of course when you put together all the channels in a satisfactory way (the drum sound, guitar to the right or not, how the vocals should sound, how loud the harmonies should be compared to the lead etc etc etc... simply a gigantic task, but maybe the most important one in the whole recording process!!!)
MASTERING is the last process where you fine tune the sound of the songs so they sound optimal (a nice level between bass and treble, compressors etc etc) and work together soundwise, some recordings may be louder than others and then you have to lower the volume on your iPod at home when that certain song comes on and problems like that you really want to avoid of course. Us artists always think of our listeners’ health.

So the Son of a Plumber has become The Handyman... hmm, interesting ;)

Looking forward to hearing the whole album.
“A little sincerity is a dangerous thing, and a great deal of it is absolutely fatal” (Oscar Wilde)

Cool news and thanx to the handy son of a plumber for explaining the details! I hope that his Ipod-music is also compatible with my sexy SONY WALKMAN...(..does he get money from Apple?I wonder this since SOAP) ;o)

Have a nice mixing and mastering!

God created a few perfect people, the rest are righthanded

Great news! And cool to get explanations by Per himself! I hope the album won’t include 23 songs at once since I found the 24 (sometimes short) tracks on SOAP a bit too much. Rather 12 – 15 proper, great songs and the rest as b-sides and more! :-D

I want PIX PIX PIX PIX PIX.........Did Mr Corbijn maybe make some coloured ones for a change?

May 23? Nice date... that´s my birthday! :)

Now we’re talking! Lovely news - I can play Per’s single at my graduation 31st of May! And Corbjin photos? Gotta be awesome. A-W-E-S-O-M-E! Per, you’re making my summer. Honestly.

Gee! I was in Portugal at Easter and spent one day in Lisbon (10th April). Why didn’t he decide to come there a bit earlier when I was there? What a coincidence it would be to meet him!!! Life is cruel sometimes!

I wonder if Per has something against his name: he was the Son of a Plumber and now he’s The Handyman. Why? Has he a personality problem? :D

What’s going on Per?

But he also has an albums called “Per Gessle” and “The World According To GESSLE”. ;-)

23 songs 5 of which would have been killer roxette tracks that will never ever be on a rox ablum

Do you have some detailed informations? Share them with us. ;-)

Per came to Portugal and I had not a single clue???????? LOOOOOOOOOOOL
Great choice Per ... :)

Per didn’t name himself the Handyman, we did. This album is a Per Gessle album, nothing else.

Thanks for the explanation. It makes more sense now I always thought It all happens at once

WOW! This is cool. I´m very curious. Can´t wait to hear the new songs! Hope it´s good!

Gessle i love you!

Mr G always seems to keep my birthday in mind when releasing new material. LOL.

Cant wait.

Cheers cheers

Cool,that’s gr8 news!!!

Life is like a Box of Chocolates, you never know what you gonna get!

Wonderful news :D
Gooooooo Per!!!!

Love you,
Fernanda - Brasil

“What do I know?” Actually, mr Per, you know more than what you tell us, but that’s OK. You do tell us a lot more lovely stuff than many other artists, and we are quite spoiled ... so keep up the good work!

What can I add to this discussion? Just that’s super news! Per Gessle is definetely making my summer.
And choosing Portugal for the photo session - that’s even better, I’m very happy for every Portuguese fan :)

The moon is alright


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