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“En händig man” revealed

Written by tevensso on April 1, 2007 to and .

STOCKHOLM - In a open hearted, albeit short, interview with Per he has revealed to The Daily Roxette that the new album "En händig man" does not consist of new material after all. Per has done a "Bon Jovi" meaning he has recorded old material in a new and different way. Just like Bon Jovi's "This Left Feels Right - Greatest Hits with a Twist." In this way "Leva livet" has become a power ballad, while for instance "Spegelboll" is now a jazz piece.

There will be a couple of new tracks on the album, but the main part is old stuff. "I wanted to take a new view of some of my older material," Per says, and continues "Some songs I was never happy with, this way I can make them sound just the way I always wanted." Per compares this new album with the restored and changed original "Star Wars" trilogy.

So the title "En händig man" is really referring to Per being handy in changing the songs around. The album is out June 13, as planned.

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April fools?

Sure - and a good one!!


got me before I read the comments :P Sounded cool :)


Per covers a song from Bon Jovi? LOL
Per is the BEST songwriter on earth. BJ should cover a song from him!

Um, no, that’s not what the article says...

Yeah, sure! Nice 1st 4th. Cool new design you have! ;-P

No new songs!!??

They got me this time! Last year I didn’t believe a word of the 1st April joke but this time they did a more realistic one!

OMFG, they REALLY got me!!! April Fool I am, indeed, but happy nontheless :D

April April...haha...:)

I logged in only because I was curious what this year’s april fool would be. Nice one! :-)

Got me too (-:

Man, I would have loved to have heard the jazz version of “Spegelboll” - I’ve missed the saxophone in that song from the first time I heard it! (-;

Question to Per: Did you believe it too maybe?? Har Har!! :) At least there were no german songs this year! :)

will it include Fireworks remixed, remade and remodelled? XD

Yahwn... Every year same history..

@flowersonthemoon: Ha ha ha! We know how much Per loves that song... how about, “Chances” - death metal make-over? (-:

Hope that is a April-Fool

i didnt even know it was first of April so i fell for it haha

Hey Tevenso... We all have just seen the TV Show, where he told it’s all new... So I didnt fall for this one... But you have a great imagination and made me laugh ...

Thanx for the laugh...

Good one Thomas!!! :-)))

Hey what happened with the TDR’s crew creativity, every april’s fool is getting worse year after year... the last good one was the 2004 one that sead GT album was going to be launche in the states... nice one

So sorry that it’s not up to par. You are invited to write next year’s. :)

I have to say it got me ;) Although I am reading it on the 2nd so I wasn’t really thinking April Fools ;) Anyway thank God it isn’t a remake album, how boring!


Well. okey. I have to confess that it got me to though, I just read it and it’s April,2, now so... that might be the reason I didn’t think about the April fools thing. Anyway... I’m really happy it was not true!! My spontaneous reaction was something like “WHAT?!?!?!?!!! Ooooooh No!!” hehehe.
Oh well. It still would have been fun to hear some of those remake’s, but perhaps in a diffrent package. Like “Bad Hair Day” or on a bonus disk to “En händig Man” or something like that. But not as a official release on it’s own.

I found it intriguing, but bearing in mind the 1.04. date I was not taken in :D Thanks Tev!

There again, how easy it is for some to criticise. Move your *ss and write a piece of your own, maybe?

bleh lol

Guys, I did believe this, especially since the newsletter arrived into my mailbox no earlier than today - April 2nd!!

I wasn’t on the frontpage yesterday. So it was naturally that when I read the title, I was like, “Yeah, it can be true”. So I guess, I have to admit that you got me.

And it was definetely a good one!

Everything here close to me is just the way I want it to be

I think it was a good april fool... but I didn’t fall for it, I accually went TDR just to see what the april fool was this year...


Are you all maried to TDR??? Does anybody have a trully objetive opinion?? (very few I see)

TDR suppoused to be international if your “April fool” is something as “innocents day “, You should learn Herodes History...but it´s not for me to Ilustrate you. and if it is not REMEMBER you have readers from all countries.

I´m travelling to sweden this july and didn´t like the joke. TO BE HONEST AS NO ONE REALY cares to be.

I think it is a luck of respect to Per , to quote him literaly Witheven “” as if he were law this is a “crime”....and if you consider yourself as journalist I think you should check your bases againg...oh maybe you don´t have.

Just an idea ..if you wanted to make a joke why to put “”. I insist is a luck of respect. Even more when you don’t republish the news once again...

I now there is going to be a lot of replies for this ..and even moderators will delete this post as we now how sometime things are treated here. This is the first time I´realy mad. hope you respect my point of view.

Well said,Unreal!

@unreal: I truly think that it’s luck that Per, Marie, Gyllene Tider, Roxette has such a site as The Daily Roxette!

The moon is alright

Ah!! How stupid i am! I believed every single word!!!
I feel like a fool in my heaaart!


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