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Per Gessle reveals upcoming releases; RoxBox to include MTV Unplugged

Written by colinvdbel on August 12, 2006 to .

STOCKHOLM - In response to several rumors on the releases of the “Rox Box” and “Greatest Hits,” Per Gessle tells The Daily Roxette that there will be the following releases:

  1. One standard CD with 20 tracks + a 12-page booklet.
  2. One deluxe package with a 20-track CD + 18 videos on a DVD + a 20-page booklet (“Awesome!”, Per comments).
  3. One standard CD for the Spanish-speaking markets with 20 tracks including one Spanish song (one English removed) + a 12-page booklet.
  4. The ROX BOX with 78 songs including 14 unreleased ones + all the videoclips Roxette has done + the entire MTV Unpugged show.

  The official titles will be: “The Rox Box/Roxette ’86-’06” and “A Collection of Roxette Hits - Their 20 Greatest Songs!”

  This week some Spanish radio stations (in Barcelona) reported that Roxette “will be in town soon.” When TDR asked Per for a comment on this, he replied that he didn’t know anything about that, except that “they might have been talking about Marie, since she has a house there and has been there lately.”


Who’s buying what?

I’ll buy the box and the deluxe, maybe when I go home (Spain) for xmas I get the Spanish edition, we’ll see :)

I’ll buy everything! 78 songs :O

I hope ’all the videoclips Roxette has done’ covers more than one DVD. Wasn’t there criticism of All the videos ... DVD because its low quality was (partly?) caused by being squashed onto one DVD?

I wonder if the 14 unreleased songs are demos.

Edit: actually excluding the documentaries as were on All the videos ... having all the videos on one DVD may not be a problem.

hello everyone,

It was high time that the unplugged show to be released on a Roxette album or best of.
Thanks to MTV .....

18 unreleased songs ... expecting to that ... looking forward to be available in Belgium.

oops ! it’s 14 and not 18 new ones, sorry

Yeah the deluxe package and the Box seem like the way to go for the fans....though i might actually be cheap and buy the standard CD as u dont need the videos again....i suppose it depends how much the price difference is. dont want to pay a huge amount just for an extra 8 pages of booklet.

The box sounds great. Didnt expect as many as 14 unreleased ones....just hope they are half decent.

Not keen on the title “A Collection of Roxette Hits - Their 20 Greatest Songs!”. Could they not have thought of something catchier, or at least something that refers to the 20th anniversary. For a start, the 20 songs on the collection will not be their 20 greatest songs. It wouldve been much better to call it a similar name as the Rox Box. “Roxette: The Hits 86-06” or even something like “The Hits: 20th Anniversary Collection”.

Anyway these are minor does sound great though, even if they are milking the different releases a bit. 5 years ago i probably wouldve bought all 4 as a completist, certainly not now

3 normal albums 20e each...
Box... 50e? So I have to get over 100 euros to buy all of them... ;)

ncurran: they do like long titles, remember? :D

My guess is that the Spanish track will be “Un dia sin ti” or?

I must start saving money for this!.
I hope the 14 unreleased tracks are completly unkonwn, then i would be like getting a new whole album!.

i dont know why people what this mtv show id rather have a rs tour show hands down.

sounds a right release selection lol alot to choose from !

look like rox box and deluxe package for me.

Wow..that will bring fun to the shopassistent of my CD shop..Hej have to order this and that...but not that and this.....:) we really have to watch your hairstyle from Unplugged again?...>:)

Does 14 unreleased songs mean 14 songs like “myth” - ones that have never been heard in any shape or form ?

So this means that deluxe edition will include only those videos to those songs that’ll be included on CD, yes? A little disappointment...

Hmmm, well, as Judith, I think that I’ll buy Deluxe edition and Rox Box ;) Wow, I must earn a lot of money to get them ;-)

The Spanish version of 20GH will include Un dia sin ti, I assume. I hope they won’t record anything new :D:D:D:D:D

Talking about ’unrealeased tracks’, I hope it’ll be tracks that no one knows ;-) Not b-sides or sthg you can download e.g. from ;D Only COMPLETELY unknown music! Per, c’mon! :D

And what does ’entire MTV unplugged show’ mean for Per? Will it include songs like Fading like a flower or will it be only ’

Ah, some news again! I’m not too much in love with the GH title, sounds a bit like these low-budget collections. But it all depends on the photo and artwork, the Rox Box title is cool anyway!

I’ll probably buy the Box and the Deluxe GH, maybe some more as a gift... I hope that ’14 unreleased songs’ don’t include demo versions of released songs, only unknown songs which we don’t have as demo-downloads yet!

Some new documentary would have been nice for the DVD... But I’ll be happy with every little bit we get, it’s all a big bonus after the last 4 years! :-)

i undestand with “14 unreleased songs”, that these songs are 14 songs we have never heard, because if it’s a demo e.g. of joyride, we already heard this songs because joyride is a relaesed song. if per said 14 unreleased demos, i think that would be demos of songs we already know

and i hope ENTIRE MTV UNPLUGGED is really ENTIRE UNPLUGGED (perfect day ....)

Sounds fantastic!! Everything!! And Im a freak so ill buy the box plus the 3 diffrent editions of the greatest hits!!!! :D

I´m not interested in this MTV unplugged concert. Never liked it!

The full LIVE-ISM concert would been a perfect idea!!!!!!

I’ll buy the box for sure...
Maybe the deluxe CD also...

I really hope that the 14 unreleased isn’t just demos...

I hope the 4 rox box CD’s are like this:
1st CD GH
2nd CD b-sides like see me, the sweet hello and other songs that are not included on the albums like I don’t want to get hurt, breathe, june afternoon.
3rd CD Demos incl. Svarta glas
4th CD 14 unreleased never heard song...

3rd CD Demos incl. Svarta glas ? ? roxette are an english recording group and have to stay like that ? lord.

Yes, Svarta Glas is, if I understand correctly, as Swedish demo meant for Per’s 3rd swedish solo album, but was translated for Roxette?

If the DVD included in the so-called “deluxe edition” is the normal video clips of the songs, I’ll certainly skip that. 8 extra pages of a booklet doesn’t mean much to me. That’s something I look at the day I buy it and no more. Who’s going to read the credits for a compilation every day?Anyway, I doubt that is going to be released here, and wasting money to import it is just pointless. The average CD is ok for me. But I am not in a rush to get it. I didn’t buy TBH and TPH until this year...

A “special” release for Spanish-language territories = a version including “Un dia sin ti”. Totally useless. The worst part of this is that I am totally sure we’ll get this one here in Argentina. I am feeling sick...

I wonder why they are releasing the videos AGAIN! We already have 2 DVD’s with (almost) the same stuff.

For me, the only worthy release is the Rox Box. All the rest is not essential, and I am not dying to get it.

Wait & see for me the buy the rox box & maybe deluxe one the rest’ll b dwnlbl...

@ daniel_alv

Good god! I definitely hope there won’t be any separate Hits CD in the Rox Box!

Roxette — A Collection of Roxette Hits - Their 20 Greatest Songs!

God, the cool days, when a GH album was called “Don’t bore us — get to the chorus” are sadly over :-( Why can’t they just call it “The Rox Set” or sth like that?

But all in all I’m really looking forward to the new songs and the MTV unplugged in a high(er) quality sound and hopefully the cover design / photos aren’t as uncreative as the GH title (BTW I am not talking about “RoxBox” … that one is nice …).

Hmm, deluxe + box + Spanish version.
This is gonna cost me a lot I think :)

Maybe they include (in the cd for the spanish market) a new song in spanish cos i guess the other new song is a ballad...

I am not too keen on the GH title either.
Something like “Rox20: The Anniversary Collection” would’ve been far better than “A(nother) Collection of Roxette Hits”.

Will be RoxBox available also in Slovakia? Or it will be in countries like swe, ger, fra, esp, uk etc.?

Oh, c’mon...everyone actually have all these videos...!!!

Like you said: in 2 dvd’s, some in a DBUGTTC-video and for everyone @!!!

I would like to see rare stuff. Like backstage and live scenes from the RS tour! I know they exist...

What is so great with the MTV Unplugged? I think it is one of the most boring performances ever by Roxette. I’d rather see a RS-gig.

Well, the MTV UNPLUGGED quality I have is very very good. So....

I agree that RS-gig would be better, Unplugged is good to hear, but there is nothing to watch in my opinion :) no action at all :) but of coure i’m happy about this release.

@Kecho - everything will be released in Poland so in Slovakia probably too :)

Hey Eds, could you find out who;s putting together the DVD’s for this release. I’d like to see what they are planning, and if they are open to input.

Every Roxette & Related DVD release has been flawed in some way.


I really hope, that the fact, that the “deluxe package” contains the greatest hits cd with 20 songs, and the DVD just 18 vids does not mean, there is no new video for “one wish”. But, what could be the reason that they don‘t include the new vid on the DVD? A bit confusing...

Hmmm... so if 14 songs are unreleased tracks, what are the remaining 64 songs?! I’m going to guess that the Hits CD will be one of the four discs, so that’s 20 songs, with the remaining 22 songs spread across each of the two remaining discs. But what will these be? The other singles + favourites? A tonne of B-sides? Some live tracks? Remixes?? I’m going to guess it’s all of those things, just a smattering of songs from all over the place (e.g., Abbey Road, the Spanish songs, demos that have already been released as B-sides, etc).

In any case, I think this would mean that there really will be 14 absolutely new-to-us songs not available anywhere else. Just speculating of course!

Isn’t The Rox Box including everything?

@ some people above

Svarta glas is the first song of Roxette in Swedish, we have heard so much about it, wouldn’t it be fun for the world to hear it?

as I said, it was a Per song, the swedish song, so technically rox ;)

78 songs and ONLY 14 unreleased!!Oh God!
The entire MTV,buuuu.
Maybe this Rox box will be a flop.

I agree with you!!RS tour backstage,plz!!!

Amazing!!! Can’t wait to get it all!

The Spanish song mentioned has to be “Un día sin tí”. No doubts the most loved and remembered Roxette hit in Spanish.

LOL. The videos included in the Rox Box? We can only hope that third time is a charm. Perhaps we’ll finally get upgraded picture and audio (namely for the earlier videos)! Ha. Not counting on it. They’ll just transfer from VHS to DVD again. What’s the point in issuing the videos on DVD again if we aren’t going to get an upgrade visually and sonically? I surely hope I’m wrong.

I have a feeling that all the videos and MTV are going to be squeezed on 1 DVD disc and, as a result, be highly compressed. Perhaps issuing them on 2 different discs would allow for higher quality releases. Otherwise, what’s the point?

I really hope the Rox Box does not include the ’Greatest Hits’ package (especially with that cheesy title). A simple ’Roxette Hits 1986 - 2006’ would have been fine.

Well, I’m looking forward to the 14 unreleased tracks and new mastering for the entire project (hopefully).

Roxette - 20 years - 20 big Hits!

What do u think about this?

1. One Wish
2. The Look
3. Dressed for Success
4. Dangerous
5. Listen to your Heart
6. It must have been Love
7. Joyride
8. Fading like a Flower
9. Spending my Time
10. How do you do!
11. Queen of Rain
12. Almost Unreal
13. Sleeping in my Car
14. Crash! Boom! Bang!
15. You don’t understand me
16. Wish I could fly
17. Stars
18. Center of the Heart
19. Milk and Toast and Honey
20. Sail Away

14 unreleased, so we get what 70 demos? eh I dunno would be nice if the spanish song is one wish in spanish.....that would eb soooo coool
i wonder if the 78 songs on the box include the entire unplugged show mastered? that would be worth it actually

One week ago we can only dream about listen two new songs, a now... 14!!! it’s a complete album!! Thank’s Roxette!! It’s wonderful!!:)

So many complainst...! Pfff!

Looking forward adding atleast four new additions to the collection!!

I will buy the standard and deluxe cd:s and offcourse the ROX BOX.

But I don’t think this is enuff for a 20th anniversary. What I and i’m sure all the fans want is to have all the live concerts including Room Service tour released on DVD.

Gyllene Tider has released 3 DVD:s (4 if you count the karaoke dvd), Marie one and Per one. Sure, Roxette has released 2 video-collections, but NO live DVD. I think this is a SHAME.

Let’s also hope that Roxette does even somekind of promotion.


About the GH... give me a break ! Hoping it flops big time, but actually I don´t even have to wish it too hard... it´s meant to be.

About the Box... these 14 unreleased songs HAVE to be completely unheard songs for us. There´s no way it´s not like that.

Just think... 78 songs: 20 GH songs + 44 songs that we don´t know about + 14 unreleased.
If the 14 unreleased aren´t completely new and turns out to be in fact demos and B-sides... what the hell are the other 44 songs ? More “hits” ? Cannot believe it.

My guess... probably, 14 new demos (like “Myth”, but it can also be new remixes, old demos not officially released, like “The Look” - and that would be BORING by the way, but that´s Roxette) and 44 songs with live tracks, remixes and RELEASED demos (as See Me and The Weight Of The World).

The Mtv Unplugged... sucks balls IMHO too. A live concert or a documentary would be a lot more fun. But hey, that´s Roxette.

Anyway, not holding my breath for these releases... sadly ! :(


PS: 3 versions of a GH ? They do like money or not ? :)
PS2: The more Per explains, the more we get confuse.
PS3: 78 songs, only 14 unreleased... and Per said that proudly !!!

Let’s see how the box will look in our hands. I’m happy to have the MTV unplugged DVD then but another time all the videos?? What about to put the Crash! Boom! Live! on a DVD? That would be very nice.

Im impressed how this informative site, wich is very good actually, is now a “complaining wall for the modern fan”...

Not all “fans”..seems to complain about all, but the mayority does, is a real shame that they throw sh*t to everything they can.

Get a life!

My manager at work once saw Marie on ’las ramblas’ in Barcelona. At the time she didn’t know I was a fan so when she mentioned it in passing I nearly passed out. My friends have a apartment over there so we go out every few months, will be there in Sept, hope to bump into Marie then (One Wish!!!)x

Well, I’m sort of disappointed here.
I’m loooking forward to the 14 new songs and the MTV unplugged, but I don’t want to buy *again* all the other songs and videos to get them :(

And Per, *please*, release the *WHOLE* MTV thing!!! I’ve been waiting ages for this release... I don’t mind the video quality (c’mon, it was recorded 13 years ago!), but I want the whole thing, not the stupid resumed and mixed-up-as-we-please version that MTV used to put on air in the ’90s (which we already have and/or can get through roxbytes and such anyway) I want to listen to the bits I never had the chance to hear (or I had, but with TERRIBLE low quality), namely, Spending My Time, The Heart Shaped Sea, Surrender, Fading Like a Flower and Perfect Day. And I want the concert in the REAL order. And the comments. And the jokes. *Everything*.

As boring as many of the fans seem to consider this performance, I just love it. I really enjoy listening to the arrangements (both voices and instruments), and the warm, close atmosphere of that concert.

As for the rest of the Rox Box, as others have said I hope the 14 new songs are *really* new.

(edit: typo)

The Rox Box is a product that will essentially be purchased by hardcore fans, so i do kind of agree that “all the videos” are pretty unnecessary. We’ve already had that with the last 2 DVD releases....unless of course they are going to release them in better quality. Would have much preferred a live DVD, as Roxette has never had one, which is pretty sad when touring was such an important part of Roxette. I dont want to complain too much though...i’ll wait until i have the releases in my hands. I am happy that we are getting the 2 new tracks plus some other unreleased stuff in the Rox 14 unreleased songs I hope he means 14 songs that havent been heard rather than 14 versions of songs.... (ie demos)

If the 14 new songs are really new, then I am really happy

Also happy about the MTV unplugged, but would have perfered Look sharp live...

The strangest thing is that they include the videos since they have been released twice already... But hopefully the video for One Wish will be included...

Here’s what i want to know before i get excited, are these 14 “unreleased” tracks gonna be the same ones i’ve always downloaded on p2p sites? Or will they really be fine quality never before heard tracks? cuz if these are the same crappy demos with bad sound, I’m out.


MTV Unplugged-there is a God! Better have the cut stuff..

You see, I go to work and this fucking happens! Typical.

I so can’t afford to buy it, but if the new stuff thats on Rox20 is in the box, then its the box for me. I already have 3 GH, I don’t need any more.

I don’t know what to think about the releases, sure we’re going to spend some money. But i’m really sure we’re not be as let down as we think we’re going to be...

I’m getting r ill y impacient to listen to Roxette again it’s like the Rox virus was sleeping inside my veins and now is alive and kicking once again, thought i was old enough for this not to happen guess i’m wrong.

Ohh my God!!! I will buy everything:)

After reading some comments I can say some people here have never bought a box set in their lives! What were you expecting? You can’t fill 4 discs with only previously unreleased material. That’s not possible.

A box set is like a retrospective of the whole career of an artist. Something to have a general view of all the artist has done. That includes all the hits, the best tracks that were never released as singles, B-sides, alternative takes (or remixes), outtakes, demos, early versions, some live performances, tracks hard to find and other rarities. If the artist is from the vinyl era you can also find songs that were not available on CD before. Previously unreleased tracks from the vaults are usually added, to make the set more appealing to the potential buyers. But a box set is never 100% “new” or previously unreleased material. That’s the concept for a box-set. It’s like a big, very comprehensive compilation.

So, 14 new songs are enough for me. I was not expecting more than that. People is very hard-to-please here. I am also happy with the complete MTV Unplugged show. Roxette was at the peak of their career then. I don’t want the RS tour. By then Roxette was only a European thing, that tour is the cheapest they have done ever.

14 unreleased trx?? sounds good...but what for the rest 64 trx??I hope for remixes,demos and live trx!!Specially from the ROOM SERVICE TOUR!!!
CD1: with only demos inluding some unreleased songs.
CD2: with remixes + alternative versions as”I Was So Lucky (Golden Boy Version)” + some unreleased songs.
CD3: Live track including the same tracklist as the normal “A Collection of Roxette Hits - Their 20 Greatest Songs!” but alive !From diff rox tours.
DVD: Including the great but soooo old MTV Unplugged + all the normal clips + some rare stuff as tv performances.
I hope TV4 make a Roxette special,something like “Really Roxette” but covering all these 20 great years!Keep my fingers crossed

I don’t surprise me this information, (only I am interested in the ROX BOX:) the rest is an election of each one.

Stop complaining... Don’t lose time... the life is short...

’Peace & Love’

NEAT! finally the truth about the Rox_Box is uncovered. I have to say I am not too crazy about the name of the collection but there’s nothing we can do ... it would be great if the booklet contained backstage photos from their tours and interviews.
I’ll definetely buy the deluxe package and the Rox Box... why? costhe MTV Unplugged is such a milestone in their career it can’t be missed! and yes as other fans I HOPE they include the FULL session (Dangerous, Fading Like a Flower, etc) otherwise it’d be like an incomplete treat for us fans.
I can’t wait to listen to those 14 new songs in the album, if they say songs that’s what they must be, I don’t think they mean demos. I hope it’s material right out of the cabinet all dusty and sealed so that neither of us has ever heard of...I’m crossing my fingers!
Documentaries...yeah, that’d make my day, much better than the videos I already have... there must be such nice documentaries, why not putting all of them together instead of the videos?
Despite the uncertainties and the probability of disappointment of a certain portion of the material, I just can’t wait to have those in my hands.


Which Roxette song/track is Sail Away?

and I thought I was critic with yet another Greatest Hits :O

After reading some of the comments, I wonder if some of you are visiting the wrong website and like the wrong band?

PS: Colin, I told you ;)

@ Room Service - It’s perfectly possible to fill 4 CD’s with unreleased tracks, but only if you have that many written. I always got the impression that Per only wrote the right number of songs for an album, plus a couple more for b-sides/bonus tracks etc. Any others have already been leaked out over the internet over the years.

If there is 14 brand new songs, that have never been released, then I will be shocked. I’m not moaning though. I’ll be happy if it was only the 2 new songs, so any extra is good.

Btw Where did the title Sail Away come from? Did I miss something??

My guess about the 14 unreleased songs:

Demos of CBB, The Look, Joyride, WICF, MaTaH, DfS, SIMC....

Do you guys actually think these releases are all intended for fans and everyone has to buy all? They just make different releases for different people, the box set for the fans ofcourse... I’m just happy the rox box is finally here after about 10 years of waiting for it since they first talked about it. GH seems logical to me given it’s a 20 year aniversary. And we get 2 new tracks! Be happy with what you get, don’t whine.

Sorry, it wasn’t 10 years, but actually 7: ;)

WOW to the news and the link above!!! First reported 7 years ago.. odd..

I’m with ditroia and TheRain1981, i’d like to get some more info on the DVD. They had better make sure this one is well put together unlike the last releases. All the videos and MTV Unplugged and only mention of one DVD is sounding too much like the previous versions.

What Colin said is exactly right, they release different versions for different markets, you buy what you are able to/willing to buy - no one is forcing anyone to buy everything that comes out.

Also with the title, there is always the possibility that it may change - rembember back to PopPeas/LovePeas a few years ago.

Are some Roxette fans out here? Raise hands.... Why are here so many negative thoughts? Did I take some valium or why do I sit here with a curious smile and just say...well..let’s wait and see...

Now we have 3 dvd´s with all Roxette videos. That´s too much!

I’m looking forward to see the tracklisting!!!

RoxstarLinz wrote:


Roxette - 20 years - 20 big Hits!

What do u think about this?

1. One Wish
2. The Look
3. Dressed for Success
4. Dangerous
5. Listen to your Heart
6. It must have been Love
7. Joyride
8. Fading like a Flower
9. Spending my Time
10. How do you do!
11. Queen of Rain
12. Almost Unreal
13. Sleeping in my Car
14. Crash! Boom! Bang!
15. You don’t understand me
16. Wish I could fly
17. Stars
18. Center of the Heart
19. Milk and Toast and Honey
20. Sail Away

Earth wrote:



Which Roxette song/track is Sail Away?

pwbbounce wrote:


other text in the post (I wrote the meaning other text in this post my self):

@ Room Service - It’s perfectly possible to fill 4 CD’s with unreleased tracks, but only if you have that many written. I always got the impression that Per only wrote the right number of songs for an album, plus a couple more for b-sides/bonus tracks etc. Any others have already been leaked out over the internet over the years.

If there is 14 brand new songs, that have never been released, then I will be shocked. I’m not moaning though. I’ll be happy if it was only the 2 new songs, so any extra is good.


Btw Where did the title Sail Away come from? Did I miss something??

Earth wrote:


I wonder the same. Where do you have heard about it RoxstarLinz?

Sorry..I just can’t resist to add my idea of the 14 “unreleased” songs. Cause as far as I kow have these demos never been released before...just on a bootleg with “stolen” material...

1. shadow of a doubt (demo)
2. Cry (demo)
3. Listen to your heart (demo)
4. Spending my time (demo)
5. The Look (demo)
6. Joyride (demo)
7. Don’t believe in accidents (instrumental)
8. Perfect day (demo)
9. Fading like a flower (demo)
10 What’s she like (demo)
11. Dance away (demo)
12. Myth
13. One wish
14. The other new single....

..and if I’m wrong..I really don’t care leaning back again waiting for the next news...watching the fights here with a grin

I love LoneGunman‘s post 8/12/2006 20:58 page 2!

“After reading some of the comments, I wonder if some of you are visiting the wrong website and like the wrong band?”

Judith do we have to like everything they release to please you?

Even if this release seems not to satisfy everyone – it’s already quite entertaining! ;-P

@ ThePopHits: Does Roxette needs to please you with everything they may release, under your liking?


It´s a comercial release, it will be what it will be,
no matter if u have all videos or not, or u want Unplugged uncut, Marie doesn´t show her boobs, or u think it sucks big time.

Yes... they dont care about you, sad isn´t it?

Some months ago all of u was begging for a possible Rox comeback, now that it will happen “someway”, all of you just know how to complain everyday better.

Of course that you are really free to speak what your ass wants, but when this site turns into an annoying thing, about nonsense complainings about every detail, or about “something that´s not even released”, i think it may be consider for the forum moderators, for sure this people is not 16 anymore...

I really suggest some of you, to send your Resumes to D & D Management, maybe you can do it better than Dimberg.

Noise annoys.

“After reading some of the comments, I wonder if some of you are visiting the wrong website and like the wrong band?”

That´s something really stupid to say... The fact I don´t like this release means that I´m not a fan? What do you know about me and the time I follow Roxette? Do you want us to be fans or fanatics?

Sorry if some moderators have to smile with everything just to please Per or EMI, but the fans don´t need that.

It´s obviously a MONEY making release... in a world of 78 songs we only get 14 unreleased? So I already have 64 songs? I´ll pay for 78 songs, but only wil listen to 14? The videos AGAIN? Cool, I really should be happy, I´m such a pain in the ass, Roxette is just helping me in fact, trying to make me memorize ALL their hits... C´MON !!!
Is this the so called magic Rox Box for the fans?

At least, you´re right in one point... no one is forced to buy it. But since it´s a forum we have the right to say what we think, or am I wrong? Do we need to turn the “robot fanatic” botton on?

And again, I´m happy to see I´m not the only one pissed off with this whole 20 years releases... I´m glad that Per himself reconized that some (in fact “a lot”) are whining... someone here said that we all would be very happy at the end of the 20 years party... let´s see, cause so far I´m not happy.
Gonna save my money to buy Evanescence´s new album “The Open Door” (at least it doesn´t have “The Look” again on the tracklist). And these new Roxette songs, well, I know where to get them without paying for “The Look” or “IMHBL” AGAIN !!!!

Don´t want to start a fight, just expressing my opinion.
All the best

@punxnotdead - “Of course that you are really free to speak what your ass wants, but when this site turns into an annoying thing, about nonsense complainings about every detail...”

Ahahaha, nonsense complainings? Nonsense? Really? 78 agains 14, do you know what that means? Oh my...

Above:Then dont buy the damn box! jeeezz.. Stop whining. What did you expect? 78 totaly new songs??

Thepophits, if you would have been here around long enough, you would know that I myself don’t like everything they have done, solo or as Roxette. I don’t even have everything they have released, I passed on the latest DVD for example.

This is Roxette’s 20 anniversary, they already said they would release a GH, of all the GH they have released, this is the most logic for me. I imagined everybody would be happy that they have recorded two new songs, that the two of them are there to celebrate the 20 years since their first work together, but it is sad to see very few fans support them and are there to party together. Even my work mates are happier about Roxette releasing something new, Marie being fine and that they celebrate their 20 anniversary. If I would be them, I would not bother to release anything new anymore, seeing the warm welcome back and support they receive.

Besides that, this is much ado about nothing, as those who complain the most will end up buying the 4 releases in the end, they would even buy 10 if they would exist ;)

“If I would be them, I would not bother to release anything new anymore, seeing the warm welcome back and support they receive.”

Simple... next time do something really cool for your fans. Ok, if the GH release is absolutelly necessary, why not put the 2 new songs in other format too (like a single or EP) so your TRUE fans won´t need to spend their money AGAIN buying a GH with a bunch of songs they already have (in more than 2 cds at least), and just buy the single or EP with the new songs. I think that´s fair enough.

Next time... when releasing a Rox Box (that was meant to be to hardcore fans) try to put at least 50% of unreleased material, so your TRUE fans won´t spend their money with 64 songs they already have, just to get 14 (and I hope these 14 songs are new like “Myth” and not demos/remixes of old hits... that would be the end of the highway).

The problem is not the fans, we´ve been here for them for 20 years... I´m a fan since I was 12 years old and have almost ALL their releases, including solo material. The problem here is with EMI/Roxette being more comercial than ever and not caring a sh*t about their fans. We support them, they don´t support us.

And don´t get me wrong, I´m happy that they´re recording new material, I´m happy that Marie is back (and I prayed a LOT for her)... I´m just saying that I´m unhappy that they´re using this 2 new songs to sell old material again, again, again, again...

“Besides that, this is much ado about nothing, as those who complain the most will end up buying the 4 releases in the end, they would even buy 10 if they would exist ;)”

It´s not my case this time, but I´ve been there before, must admite it (i.e. TBH + TPH).

But, as said before, nothing is gonna change anyway, so I might just shut up.


Some possibile new songs?

From a 2001 news release:

“Always the Last to Know,” “Being With You,” “Only When I Dream,” and “Ghost in the House” are some of the songs that have been written by Per Gessle, apparently for the forthcoming album (“FA”).

Other new Gessle songs include “Holiday,” “Little Miss Sorrow,” “Loud Clothes,” “Makin’ Love to You,” “Run to Me,” “Turn of the Tide,”

“Checkin’ in checkin’ the sKY!

Do you think it’s too much to ask to open another topic only about complaints and leave this for the people who’s happy to have Roxette back together again at least for a couple of new and unheard songs.

Thank you

@ fireworks: we have “Little Miss Sorrow” and “Makin’ Love To You” on “The Pop Hits”.
“Always The Last To Know” could be one of the unreleased songs as I don’t think the “Myths” CD was an official release. So perhaps we will also find “Bad Moon” (I love that one!), “Remember”, “New World”, “All I Ever Wanted” and “Do You Wanna Go With Me” in the still 8 “new” songs left ;o)

@ Lone Gunman: “Ahahaha, nonsense complainings? Nonsense? Really? 78 agains 14, do you know what that means? Oh my...”

R: For sure you can afford the singles, or much better, download in cheesy mp3 format!...

awww...maybe u start to complain too about mp3 thing... well.. it´s u may like it.

No one pushes you to buy something.. i dont buy more rox related things since 1999, because it was insane to buy all the releases.. and i dont consider myself a “fan” at all nowadays, i just have what i really think is good... so what? one cares...

I agree with Judith - “very warm welcome”..quite nice actually.

This site is not EMI Costumer Hotline... u should start to email to D & D, for releasing such a profitable anniversary box....

Personally, i come to this site to inform myself what´s going on with P & M, as many of you, but with things like this.. it´s a real shame.

I suggest the moderators to create a “Complain” forum, so the site comebacks to normal: “Info + decent Feedback”


Please Per, give us the tracklistings now :D

All I hear is whining... what a downer!

I think it’s quite a gift considering they might or might not record another album again.

Personally, I’m very happy and I can’t wait for the releases.

Don’t wanna buy it? Then don’t... and keep whining.

I can’t believe some people is stupid enough to think the box set would 100% new material. I have a couple of sets, and they are never like that. Box sets are not for “hardcore fans”, that’s not true. They are for people that want a comprehensive collection of an artist. More than a single compilation, but less than buying every album they have released. So, I never expected a whole set of new material. I don’t think Per has composed enough decent material to fill 4 discs with outtakes. Tracks like Love Spins, Reaching High and Drowning On You (among many others) are not good for me, and I would’t buy a whole set of that! But apparently that’s what some people wanted.

This set sounds nice to me. 14 songs it’s more than I was expecting. And I’d like to get a set with the hits, all the best they have done, remixes... A bit from here and there. That’s better than a neverending bunch of cheap and lousy demos. I believe quality is better than quantity.

I only disagree with the videos being included over and over again. I hope they will include the versions of Almost Unreal and It Must Have Been Love without the scenes of the movies.

To LoneGunman and many others: don’t buy this if you don’t want it. I guess you were flying too high and put many expectations into this.

I’m a Roxette fan since I was 12 years old. It’s been 15 years as a fan and I’m so glad and happy for them....
Doesn’t matter for me if they will release a greatest hits again. It’s time to celebrate 20 years of a brilliant career.
The most important thing is that they are back and Marie is feeling better.
I’ll enjoy a lot this moment and this box!
BTW I’m a roxette fan! :)

Nice words for this moment.
It´s roxette´s 20th anniversary baby !!!.
Greetings from Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Go on supporting Roxette.

OK and the 78 songs are?
b.t.w M.T.V Unplugged is sooooooo boring

Can’t wait!

Reveal the tracklist, I’m ready!...

Erwee, I won’t explain it again, hehe.
The Unplugged is great!

I don’t seen any reason to buy anything other than the box.

Am I on a Roxette fan site or an anti Roxette site?

I also think the Unplugged is one of their best performances, Marie’s voice is awesome.. can’t wait to watch it again :D

Unplug is great if you like to watch people sit around and sing... Live in SA now thats a lekka show

What a great news :D


So if we don’t like everything Roxette realeses we are not fans?
If not even us, the fans (may we call us fans?) are looking forward to this, I can’t imagine the “ordinary” people does it either.

As mentioned before, everyone in this world who wants to have a Roxette GH most likely already got a copy or two.

Great news. Probably I’ll end up buying all of it x) .. Haha, but I’ve really been longing for this! :)

I wouldn’t bet on big surprises regarding the tracklist. Besides the two new songs I really don’t think there will be any song in the ROXBOX that the fans haven’t already heard.

I think the unplugged show was a MASTERPIECE! If you want the CBB show buy the video and rip it to DVD...!!

I’ll go definately for the ROX BOX, the total package! Does anyone has any idea what are the release dates for Holland? Can’t wait!!!

it’s stupid to say–if you don’t want to buy it –don’t buy it....

We wanna buy it ... we understand that the new songs wil be just few.....BUT... why for example (after buying 2 almost identical DVDs)
we must buy another copy of All videos?
how much will cost the Rox box because of that??

will new song be in standart cd or deluxe version?
will they be available everywhere in Europe?
or again like in the case with TBH-limited edition the stupid EMI won’t allow us to buy it!!!!!????????

The MTU unpl is great to watch once or twice but boriing..
Live concert from 2001 was a must!!
now it looks that Roxette has done nothing after 1995 for example..

How many of the RS shows were filmed professionally completely for a DVD production or TV show?

@ Colin, as far as I know, Stockholm concert was recorded with the sound and the picture and Brussel concert at Forrest National (22 X 2001) only with the sound (we have FLAF from this event on Opportunity Nox single) ;)

But as Per said earlier, RS-concerts weren’t recorded in high quality, so it’s rather impossible to release them... :( A pity...

colinvdbel - FLAF in Brussels sounded good enough - soundwise anyway.

A lot of people seem to be jumping on the moan-wagon! If people expected completely new material after hearing that “some B Sides” and “The Hits” would be included at various different times on this site - they need to start paying attention to what they are reading ;) The GH have been argued to death so I am pretending I didn’t read anything on it.

But who knows what 14 Unreleased songs even means? Is a different version of Crush On You considered a “NEW SONG” or an unreleased “VERSION” ??? Think before you jump up and down like petulant children !!

Having said that - I AM surprised that they are going to include the Videos AGAIN on the Deluxe GH album AND the Roxette-Boxset. Perhaps the GH DVD will have improved quality considering just 18 songs will be on there. But four different Video DVDs is a bit much - even for me. I guess we’ll see what they do - but my fire of hope is not quite distinguished yet !!!!

I guess those 18 videos on the deluxe GH DVD will be CBB Live; there are 18 songs on it, right? Plus considering the old release of CBB Live isn’t included in the discography anymore.

Go Chris!!

Despite what people say about MTV Unplugged, this is something that should have had an official release. Just so happens it is now.

Overall i’m quite happy with what’s being released, some new songs, b-sides, demo’s, and who knows what else. I just want the DVD to be well mastered, even if it is the clips that have already been released before. Third times a charm ;-)

I’m really happy that The MTV Unplugged will be released. It was a nice show, I like the way they played the songs. Let’s keep the firgers crossed for a worldwide release :)

The Big L. Demo is a must for this release.

“I guess those 18 videos on the deluxe GH DVD will be CBB Live; there are 18 songs on it, right?”

That’s rather unlikely. They’re probably the respective videos of the hit songs without the two new songs.

Even if they had the “One Wish” video ready, I don’t think they have time to include it in the compilation; I might be wrong...

god thats an awful title........ sounds like a cheapo compilation you can pick up for a couple of quid............they might as well of named it “heres an album of songs we couldnt be bothered thinkin up a proper title for!”

i´m so glad to read this information. i just hope the 14 songs are new , totally unreleased ones.

It’s unbelievable how many complaints we have here.
Sure, there are some decisions about this release which seem to be a bit odd (i.e. the title for the album or the videos again). But even if I don’t like this or that, I’m not complaining. I’m happy for what I get, doesn’t matter if this means 2 new songs, 14 new songs or whatever because everything we can get from Roxette nowadays is a bonus to me.
See, there was a time when nobody of us could even expect something new from Roxette. And now here they are again. Not like before, okay, but at least they are back. That’s great, don’t you think so?

I am guessing the unreleased tracks will be songs like:

Love Spins
Drowning In You
From Head To Toe
Reaching High
You Turn Me On
I’m Under Your Magic Spell

Along with all the other demos that appear on a bootleg that I have.

As a completist I’ll be buying the lot!


I’m quite surprised to see a few people saying that this isn’t enough for a 20th anniversary (I’m not surprised by all of the bitching and moaning - that’s par for the course, it wouldn’t matter if Per and Marie invited each of us into their homes to pick through and take whatever we want, some of you would still demand more). Please tell me who else has done more to commemorate a 20th anniversary?? Per and Marie seem to me to be unusual in that they actually like to stop and look back every so often whereas other artists like Madonna rarely look back and would rather work on new material than relive her golden years... of course we’d all like P&M to celebrate 20 years with a new album, but we just got Marie back and it isn’t clear what the future of Roxette is, so I ask again - what exactly was everyone expecting/hoping for to mark 20 years, and who else has done it?

No live DVD :( even though I’m happy I was kinda expecting it!

As long as I know, the MTV Unplugged is live stuff...

Rossyrox, I hope they are not including that crap in the box set! It will ruin the package!

yes, i really dont understand why every one is complaining as well, im happy with 14 songs and im sure per wouldnt be so much of a prick as to offer us “new songs” that have already been on rarities or a bootleg. ALSO stop complaining about the price no one has had to buy anything roxette since the pop hits and surly no one in this forum has to put a mortgauge on their cardboard box to buy a boxed set!!!! c’mon people no ones that jewish!!!!

don’t be so sure konstpaus !!

and you must have in mind that stupid EMI sometime don’t allowed us to order some items ...
I gues EMI don’t know that post office exist and can’t stop us from buying it..
We will buy it but the cost becouse of Western union and shiping will be twice..

And about happiness.. There are different levels of happiness and buying for 3 time the same videos take me down 10 levels :-)))

I can only say that is better 1 000 000 people to buy something that cost 30 euro than 100 people to buy sometning that cost 60 euro..

re: emil BG

go to use a credit card and you will be able to buy it without w/u !!!

what releases cant we buy from emi???
you can still buy the origiona dont bore us! get to the chorus from cduniverse and thats just one example

Well, I’m a little afraid with the 14 unreleased songs. If this sentence doesn’t include unofficial released songs like “love spins” (i.e.) well.......we could obtain repeated songs and only two new songs. But if the songs are 100% unreleased songs....¡¡¡¡Yes!!!! The 14 songs could be some from these ones according to BMI list:

01- Always the last to know 5339831
02- Another place another time 47316
04- being with you 5339975
05- can you touch me 178929
07- DREAMING 342765
08- FOOL 5679148
09- GHOST IN THE HOUSE 5346221
10- GIRL LIKE YOU 5339078
11- GOD IS A GIRL 6528349
12- HOLD ON MY HEART 6531304
13- HOLIDAY 5346363
14- LIBERAME AMOR 5702444
15- LOUD CLOTHES 5347202
16- ONLY WHEN I DREAM 5348219
17- ONLY YOU 3718575
18- RAINCLOUDS 6307908
20- RUN TO ME 5349002
21- TURN OF THE TIDE 5350763

PS.- JUDITH, Do you know something about (14) “Liberame amor”

I hope One Wish begin to sound 26 August or 2 Sept

@rovset Some of these songs are from the GT album “Heartland Cafe”... Other songs are other titles like “Beautiful things”

Ops!! Thanx!
But what about the spanish song?
I’m from Spain, I haven’t heard it.

I’m from Spain too. I think is the You dont understand me spanish version that never was released. I don’t know...

konstpaus are living in the different world..
the fact is that EMI Holland refuse the order of their own representative in bulgaria fo TBH-limited edition..
the fact is that some of internet shop refuse shiping in former comunist countries.. can offer me nothing in the moment that i don’t have..but however konstpaus ..thanks for info..

i still can’t agree with buying for 3 time all those videos..

I’ll try to get all of it somehow.
If not, I’ll wait until I have my 18th B-Day on 21.11.06

What about the Czechoslovakian Market(Tschechien Markt)?

@ Kathrin

lol that’s my birthday too (21-11) - except that it will be my 19th ;)

I am very happy about the Box, especially the MTV Unplugged. Also, I don’t have that much “rare” stuff - the rarest (or most valuable) thing I own is probably the LTYH CD single from -89. But I do hope there are some remixes, like the How Do You Do U.S. mix

Unplugged will make the package to “OLD” cause you will have songs, videos and live preformances from that era.

I just think MTV Uplugged is making the scale tip to the 80/90 to far. It would have been a nice balance to have had a Latest live preformance to balance things out

Just listening to the Uncensored & Uncut bootleg and I am really happy that the mtv is getting an official release now !!! Marie and Per’s vocal performances are just perfect !!

@ Roxvet: Wasn’t “Fool” on Room Service ? :)

@all.... maybe I missed something but isn’t the Rox box supposed to include the new GH CD? If so there’s no reason to buy it separately.

I suppose you can buy everything from CDON from 2007 when BG joins the EU. That’s just a thought. Edit: nope sorry..... I thought I read that CDON ships in ALL EU countries but apparently it’s only a few of them plus Norway, I’m sorry.

As for me, I’m quite happy to hear that there are 14 unreleased songs and for the rest, I wouldn’t mind to have some early stuff on CD that you can only get on vinyl at the moment (eg. I want you, Chances Dancehall version etc...).

@ darkhamster
Wow, i think i must listen all albums once again.
Don’t make my head go pop!!!!!!

@ Roxvet: :)

I’m really looking forward to this release, though I’m not sure if I afford to buy everything now... Anyway, I’m dying to watch MTV Unplugged. Believe it or not, but I haven’t seen it yet ;)

Leila, i agree with you absolut i will also buy everything i went to stockholm especially to buy min baste van.

I’m looking forward to getting my hands on the entire package - especially the unreleased material. I hope they announce the official tracklisting soon.

My friends and I are really looking forward to this release. 14 new Roxette songs – AWESOME!!! Unfortunately, I see no release in the USA so we will have a little more trouble getting our Rox Boxes.

Sometime I want to see the tracklistings, sometimes I don’t. Today I don’t want to see them. I want it to be a surprise when I get the boxset. But that is so not gonna happen.

It’s better the longer they hold out - less time to put up with the moaners on here about the tracks not being what THEY wanted!! lol :-)


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