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Per turns his attention to Roxette’s 20th; no tour for Son of a Plumber

Written by colinvdbel on May 7, 2006 to .

EDITOR’S NOTE: Per spent last Monday in the Netherlands promoting his new album. Earlier in the day, he was interviewed by the newspapers Algemeen Dagblad, Telegraaf and Metro, and the website Now, at lunchtime on a rainy afternoon, it’s an interview with The Daily Roxette that appears on Per’s schedule. TDR reporter Colin van der Bel and photographer Jaap de Vos walk into a suite on the 8th floor of Schiphol airport’s 5-star Sheraton Hotel where they’re met by EMI’s Li Lindebäck and Danielle Metselaar. After a few minutes, they enter Per’s room and sit down for a chat. Because of some changes in the schedule and heavy traffic ahead of him, Per has only a short time to spend with us…

AMSTERDAM – When Per sees the big old-fashioned tape recorder this reporter brought along, he says it reminds him of a funny story: Gabriel had just realized Per had a turntable and wondered what it was. So Per played Deep Purple’s “Smoke on the Water” because “it has the guitar riff which has affected the most people on this earth, and now I had the chance to see a nine year old hear ’Smoke on the Water’ for the first time.” Per said this made Gabriel a big Deep Purple, Black Sabbath and Roxette fan.

  First of all, welcome back in the Netherlands! It’s been a while since you’ve been here on promo tour, I think it was some years ago for Roxette?

  Yeah probably, we didn’t make it here for the Room Service Tour.

  What’s today look like for you?

  We did some other interviews earlier and after this we’re doing this radio thing and then we’re flying to Berlin.

  Do you still enjoy these promo days, or have they become routine for you?

  Well, no, it’s not become a routine, but in a way, every interview is like the other one. I remember the days that we were doing this every day for months and months – it’s not like that anymore, it’s fine. But it’s also an album – a project – that needs to be described, you have to sort of talk about it a bit and tell what’s behind it. If I could do a big talk show on TV, that would be easier.

  Any developments yet regarding performances for S.O.A.P.?

  No, you know what, we’re gonna do some new Roxette stuff in the summer and so I think there won’t be any Son of a Plumber shows, because I have to work on the new Roxette.

  Earlier this year you started a new project called Bad Hair Day, which puts unreleased songs and demo’s online. Bad Hair Day has seen Mazarin and S.O.A.P., but lately there haven’t been that many songs… how is the project going, and will there be any Roxette and Gyllene Tider demos or albums on there?

  Might happen, though there is this Rox Box thing coming out in the autumn. That will include demos as well so we haven’t decided yet what is gonna be on that album. I don’t wanna interfere with that. So the latest thing was “Keep the Radio,” since it was released for S.O.A.P., as well as other stuff in the past. But I don’t want to release too much of the Roxette stuff because I want to save the best for the Rox Box. But on the other hand there are the demos for Finn 5 fel!. All the demos for Finn 5 fel! exist, and there are still hundreds and hundreds of songs left.

  Any more updates on the Rox Box? Will it include the CD Kill Your Darlings which was cancelled a few years back?

  No, the RoxBox will be 3 CD’s, the core of Roxette’s music. It will have the most common songs as well as some hard to get songs like for instance “Happy Together.” And then we have the demo thing. And then we have a DVD thing, which is videos I think. We’re trying to get permission to release MTV Unplugged. It’s really hard, but I have people working on this, I’m not that involved.

  Will the Rox Box include a book or booklet about Roxette?

  Yes, made by the best Swedish music journalist of all time, Jan Gradvall. He was our first choice.

  Any ideas on how the Rox Box is going to look? The design? Could you reveal something about that?

  No, but it looks good. Stunning!

  What is the market for the Rox Box? Is it only for fans or will it also be in the record stores among the normal Roxette CD’s?

  Yes, it’s not like it’s mostly hard to get stuff and b-sides, things like that. It should be like an introduction to Roxette. I think it’s almost 60 songs on there. It should be like an enjoyable ride on these CD’s, as well as some hard to get stuff – if they’re good. There are two songs we really loved, “See Me” and “Weight of the World,” which we didn’t include because we didn’t want to lose the tempo of the album by having these acoustic tracks, even though we loved them. So both of them are included here. So it shouldn’t have songs which are inferior to the others, it should have songs which are hard to get but really good.

  The Night of the Proms gigs that had to be cancelled at the last minute a few years ago… at the time they said they hoped to reschedule. Is there any chance Roxette will play NOTP again now with Marie releasing a new album and working on Roxette again, or is that pretty much a closed book?

  I don’t know. I think it’s a closed chapter. I don’t think Marie ever will tour again. I don’t think she will leave her family. But on the other hand I can’t speak for her, it’s really up to her, but I don’t think so, no.

  Last Sunday, a brand new radio program – Nordic Rox – began on Sirius satellite radio in the States, and you co-hosted most of the show. Will you be doing this more often?

  I do, yeah. I’m part of the first three shows, but I might do it later on, too. So I’m talking a bit about my heroes, I think it’s gonna be fun.

  At this moment Li Lindebäck enters the room, telling us they really have to leave for the radio studio now. We thank Per for the interview, and accept his offer to answer the rest of our questions via e-mail…

  Do you have any plans at this moment about more online releases (Son of a Dancing Plumber, Vol. 1 hints at more)?

  Yes, more will follow but I’ve slowed everything down a bit due to the upcoming Rox Box which will contain one full length CD with demos… don’t want to bore people…

  Earlier you mentioned that there were no outtakes from S.O.A.P. Since Plumber in Progress #2 will be on “I Like it Like That,” what is going to be on the B-side of the next single, “Substitute”? Maybe more remixes?

  Don’t know. Don’t even know at this state if there will be a fourth single from the album. We might pass on that due to the upcoming Rox releases.

  During an interview in Vienna about a month ago, you said Marie should do an album like S.O.A.P., and that it would be fantastic . Now she has done something like that. What do you think of her album?

  Well, I haven’t heard very much from her album yet. Will do next week…But it doesn’t sound like SOAP…

  Both Marie’s new single and “I Like it Like That” will be released in the same week in Sweden. How about that?

  I’m sure Marie will get the most attention. She deserves it.

  Let’s go back to Nordic Rox. Lars-Erik, our Managing Editor who lives in New York, tells me that Sirius has been working on this idea for at least a year-and-a-half, having sponsored the Swedish Music Seminar in New York City for the past two years. When were you approached and by whom? You’re billed as the producer and they mention you will provide “creative guidance,” but what does that actually mean?

  Yes, Scott Greenstein is the main man behind all this. He is a huge fan (he even knows the “Leva Livet” lyrics by heart) and approached me about a year ago about this. I’m not the real “host” of the shows (Viktor Petrovski is doing that… he’s great by the way) but I’m the one who, in the end, decides what’s gonna get aired. So far we’ve done four shows and I’m actually taking part in all of them with some stories about the songs I’ve chosen, not only Rox stuff of course but Scandinavian music that has meant a great deal to me over the years.

  The publicity Sirius is putting out on this prominently features mention of Roxette. Is this a good thing as far as EMI/Capitol in the U.S. is concerned? I mean, can they be counted on to fully support the upcoming Roxette compilation album?

  Will know next week when I meet them in NYC. If not, we’ll go somewhere else.

  OK, maybe we’re daydreaming a bit here… but wouldn’t it great if one of the new Roxette songs took off and became another hit record? Do you still have those kind of daydreams?

  That’s what I live for.

  You played “Opportunity Nox” on the program and promised it would definitely be included on this next album. You also said the original demo version was called “Yellow-Bellied Alligator.” Do you remember how the lyrics went for that?

  Yea, I have them in my computer but I won’t reveal them. They’re awful (even though the title is very cool…)

  Could you tell us a bit more about the background for “DJ,” how did it come to you?

  Well, I just wanted to write an old-fashioned country song for Helena and me. I never expected Clair & Chris to like it but they really did… I was so surprised. And, of course, it turned out to be one my fave songs on the album.


Great interview! Can’t wait to see what the RoxBox looks like.

Thanx for the interview!

And thanx Per for changing your mind about the tour ;) ;-D

Thanx for another great and personal interview. The waiting was totally worth. Can’t wait for the Rox Box hope it won’t let us down and brings a lot of unexpected stuff!!

Thank you tdr & Per. It’s so sad you think that Marie will never tour again... i hope so much you’re wrong on this, dear Per. Roxette live on stage is the best thing that could happen.
Oh, and thank you for your interview @ SWR3, it was really interesting what you told about China.

great questions, good answers, very nice interview!

i’d love to layout the new roxette booklet ... “visualizing the roxette sound” would be an interesting job for a graphic designer.

this was definitely worth waiting for. Well done guys! Great questions and great answers! I’m sure you had a great time both asking the questions and putting them in a readable form.
Does anybody know if there is a more fixed date for the release of The Box? I hope it will include some stuff that makes our mouths water ;)

im really saddened by the news marie may not tour again, from being ill myself for a few years i never got to see her sing live :-(
1 hand i dont blame her,
on the other no good bye thankyou :-(

I hope it will include some stuff that makes our mouths water...

Yes, me too. But “See Me” doesn’t sound very exciting. I don’t think that song is so “hard to get”, as Per stated. Same for “Happy Together”. You can found a copy of the WICF single in eBay, even for 1 euro...

Is it just me or is this Rox Box sounding more like a glorified GH compilation...?

so were gonna get a raities cd thats isnt rarities cause most fans who collect singles or have internet access will already have them and we’re gonna get another video compilation?????
am I the only one getting really turned off by this

i was hoping for crush on you remix and the orig slow down tcoth :-( got all the others twice over lol, and im not a harcore fan lol

after every interview RoxBox is getting less and less exciting... :(

i read this interview and i think ’end of the roxette road’ sorry to be negative but thats the take i get on it.

the roxbox will be full of fantastic stuff everyone already has and maybe a final few new songs.

still an enlightening interview

hard to get song happy together?? And See me? And weight of the world??? Come on Per, let us see something interesting please

“the roxbox will be full of fantastic stuff everyone already has and maybe a final few new songs.”

That’s exactly what I thought while reading the interview (which is great though!!). Finally: no RoxBox for me, I had hoped for something “different” (that we never will get)..

He might wanna keep some secrets till later ;)

it´s very sad with Marie-but i can she understand

hopefully,of TV-entrances in Germany-Sweden or other countries

Please put the pictures in a bigger version for us!

Yes great interview.
One concert would be enough for me.

svarta glas on the rox-box would be great :-)

Well done guys, must have been great interviewing him.

Nice that you mention where the interview was and who else he met... let’s wait for any further press coverage here in Holland!

Well Im not making up my mind whether Im buying it until I see the tracklisting. I will probably still buy it tho and am choosing to remain optimistic. Good interview.

The interview’s great, but I have to agree with everyone else - the more I read about the RoxBox, the less I want to have it!
Seriously, we’ve been told about this for years and were led to believe it’d be something for the fans with mostly songs we don’t already have, but now it looks like it’s going to be a combination of yet another GH and - in the age of the internet - not so hard to get b-sides and another try to get our money with the least amount of effort possible by making us buy lots of songs we already have just so we get some unreleased ones!
Can you say disappointment? *sighs*

Yeah, sounds like Ballad & Pop Hits in a box...

Thanks for the interview, but I’m so sad if Marie never will tour again.

This so awaiting Rox Box looks very boring by now!
See Me,Happy Together,Sleeping Single demo,Silver Blue demo,Cry demo,OISALN demo??!!What the hell!!

Great Interview!

Great interview as always guys....

Very nice of Per to be finally honest and say he doesn’t think Marie will tour.... I never ever expected her too...

Like Vix I think this Rox Box is the finally goodbye.... but it’s been good!

Ally hoping that’s not true...!?!

vry nice,inteed.

i think not that the ROX-BOX the last Roxette Album is.

The RoxBox is starting to seem not as amazing as what everyone was hoping for. I’m still hoping for a nice surprise in there when it is finally released.

Interesting comment about EMI/Capitol US, lets see what happens with that.

Great interview once agian.

The interview is super :)

I hope it’s not true that Roxette won’t ever tour again. Well, a concert in Sweden won’t hurt anyone...

And I totally agree with both purplemedusa’s comments ;)

Well, let’s hope, Per and Marie are keeping some good secrets...

Nice interview! Good to hear that Per will switch to Roxette soon to produce some great new stuff for us – instead of taking left-overs as “new songs”. Songs like See Me and The Weight sound a bit disappointing but I’m sure they’ll keep some cool surprises until release time... Don’t forget songs like Myth and the live stuff he mentioned earlier! ;-)

i think certainly that it´s true with the tour.

Why can’t autumn be now? :-( I can’t wait to have the box and the dvd, with the unplugged concert, hopefully. C’mon MTV, do not let this concert turn to dust... :-/

It’s so sad to hear that Marie might not tour again!
Let’s at least hope for a big final concert or something!

About the RoxBox, the only thing that thrills me is the possibility of MTV Unplugged on DVD, otherwise it feels pretty lame!

@new Roxette-Songs

Give´s a new Roxette Video that´s interesting.

Would someone explain this:

“There are two songs we really loved, “See Me” and “Weight of the World,” which we didn’t include because we didn’t want to lose the tempo of the album by having these acoustic tracks, even though we loved them. So both of them are included here”

So are they in or not?? Is there a typo or does PG really talk like that?

I think those “hard-to-get” songs should span to the earlier years, too. Interesting remixes and so... I think there’s one for How Do You Do - a US remix that was available only in the States if I am correct. Also the 7” BomKrush for Knocking On Every Door would be kewl!

@animalkingdom, i think he was talking about RS album. And that they are included in the RoxBox, at least that’s my view on it.

I think the major reason why there won´t be any SOAP-tour is the lack of succes. The album hasn´t done so well, has it? Outside of Sweden.

It might have done okay in the UK... but then again!

@ RobS

Oh yea, thanks.

But I never thought that See Me was supposed to be on any album. I know TWOTW was written for Room Service but got excluded.

Just a note for the news editors & interviewers:
how about some brackets? Here, there, it, there, here, WHERE?? You do lose the track while reading this interview.

i would be glad to have see me as i dont have it already i do have happy together on WICF single.I hope this Rox Box will be released in U.k though.It would be good to see a farewell concert released on DVD and then close the book as its obvious that they both want to move on.

Well MUST add that Mr G’s looking damn fine late!!!

agree with you, david. might be the best thing to do considering the circumstances...

“He might wanna keep some secrets till later ;)”

Yeah, like including a number of songs played live at Brussels 2001. We all know the Fading Like a Flower version, and from having spoken to Jonas Isaksson I know that the entire recording turned out to be pretty OK. So bring that it on! It was an excellent concert!!!!

As for releasing Unplugged, don’t we all have that one both on video and on CD?... so that doesn’t sound particularly interesting, not to me anyways. It would be nice to have snippets of the About Roxette documentary included though. Or better still, why don’t they do a new one?

All Per has mentioned sounds more like the only reason for releasing all this is that they need to fill their contract with EMI... but then again, we have been surprised before, so why not again? And if they don’t feel like touring, I’m sure none of us would mind flying up to Sweden for a showcase as the one done in Cologne.. :) Imagine that! I know what I’d wish for......

I don’t get where you all read that “The End Of Roxette” drama out of this interview. If I compare all of Per’s (and Marie’s) latest statements with interviews from 2003, 2004 and 2005 I only see positive movement for Roxette! No tour in sight but a couple of new songs and maybe more albums after ROX20, maybe even concerts every then and now! Be happy, stop whining!!! :-P

@Sasha: You are right. I don’t know why some of our TDR friends keep on talking the “End of Roxette”. Seems like whenever there’s news about releases relatedto Roxette, it means the “End of Roxette”.

It’s so pessimistic. It’s so bothersome.

Really nice interview by the way! :-)
And, the “EMI/Capitol USA comment is really interesting too.

Take care!
Carlos E., New York.

well i disagree, i think if they want to stop roxette then stop it, roxette can not carry on without maries imput , if she doesnt want to tour or leave her family again fare enough, They themselves said roxette is a live band. but lets not drag a dead horse here peoplee, lets call a spade a spade. They need to end on a high , not slowy burn into the sunset like it seems to be happening. just my opinion i like things clear cut.

Sasha & Roxrider, I agree!!!

And I also want to tell all of you who are complaining about the Rox-Box to stop!
You say that there are no really hard-to-get-songs in the Box. Right, maybe you can find almost any song you want on the Internet, but that’s not the same thing as going to the record-shop and buy the single, album or wathever, at least not in my mind.
I think you’re losing the wholr point in buying music when you think like that. It’s this who’s forcing the record stores to close down.
Shape up!
And hey! There’s going to be a new cover with lots of funny reading to. Maybe not much we haven’t heard before, but with new outfit, new pictures and maybe more funny things?
That’s enough for me to buy the box anyway.

speedo - true Rox-fan.

“See Me” and “Weight Of The World” were included on on “The Ballad Hits” so how can they be hard to get. Plus they were b-sides before. I’m afraid there won’t be any totaly “new” songs on it, exept for “Myth”.

What we need now is Edel.

don´t know what to say. i just want that box. i´ll tell you then.

@ speedo85_90 Most people mean rare stuff not in terms of downloading - but ebay and buying cd singles. Neither Happy Topgether, Weight opf the world or See Me is not hard to find there ! And if a 15 year old can use ebay, anyone can.

I actually am still lookinhg forqard to this on count of it being the first Rox release since I became a die hard fan. My first Rox cd was afterall The Ballad Hits which I bought in 2004 when the Pop hits was already out :D

You never know the box may have a surprise!

@ally77:exactly!, anything can happen {:)

The only thing that makes me feel really sad is that maybe Marie will not tour again.
I understand her but I’m really sad right now.
Thaks God I saw them on CBB tour because I think I’ll never see again :(

I’ve got to say the Rox Box is looking rather plain. I don’t want to be a complainer but I was really hoping for totally new amd rare stuff, not all this so called ’hard to get’ stuff that, sorry Per, is incredibly easy to get! And please tell me that the dvd will not be the videos again, please no!!!!!!!

Sad to hear what he says about Marie but lets face it she has been through so much and perhaps being on stage and having to give so much when you are on tour just isn’t something she can do anymore :( As long as she is healthy and is able to release records in some capacity then I am greatful for that.

Very nice, thank you!

Looks like he found his wedding-ring.
Someone asked him where it was on sonofaplumber, and he said he had it ’somewhere’........

I cant wait for the Rox Box! :D

maybe the surprise will be that they have recorded a new album in secret and that will be in the box

Sad to get the confirmation Marie won’t tour again but I can understand it and will never blame her for this. She can do live appearances now and then though, I think.
As for the rox-box, it really starts to look less promissing, at least by now. “An introduction to Roxette”, it’s not that thing fans were waiting for. 3cd and 60 songs that is 20 songs on each, say 40 tracks of “rare” stuff. It looks like they want to include there the b-sides (songs and demos) and songs from the “... Hits” bonus EPs, mainly the newer stuff and a few from earlier years. So not too much room is left for the really rare material.

*rate mode on*
The rox-box is going to contain another GH cd and, if I’m not mistaken, it’ll be the second GH compilation this year. And the 4th in row (!) in general (without mentioning the second rox dvd. Gosh!)
Why the hell to do so, what’s the normal reason? Hmm, can anyone check what the Guinness Book says about GH compilations, maybe they want to hold some record???
*rate mode off*

*possible ray of light* I can hardly believe they’ll do this but anyway: what if to make a GH using alternative versions?
I don’t want to dramatise the situation. We have too little information so far about what exactly will be in the rox-box so it can turn out to be better than we can guess from now. I’m still hoping for a good video section with MTV Unplugged.
Big thanks goes to TDR for this great interview (as usual)!!!

My mustard to this, as we say:

Thank you TDR for this great job!
Thank you old man for answering!

As i feared, Marie’s changed point of view is too severe to go on with Roxette as a touring band. But I respect her choice, sounds like she now leads the life she always wanted to (and most of us dream about). Whatever her future contribution to Roxette may be, it is more than I expected already now.

You all know I had a hard time when I heard another GH was to be released, but i’m not gonna howl with the wolves as to the RoxBox. I’m looking forward to it. A crappy 128 kBit MP3 file isn’t the same as an audio track on CD.

Is Weight of the world already released? Where?

I have Happy together (Wish I could fly) and See me (Salvation).

Thank you Per for interview. Can’t wait for the Rox Box I hope not to let us down and brings a lot of unexpected stuff! But…… it’s so sad you think that Marie will never tour again... i hope so much you’re wrong on this. Roxette live on stage is the best thing that could happen and I hope that If you will having a tour you will including Romania on the tour list because here you have a lot of fans


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