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Olympic athlete a “secret” fan of Roxette

Written by Lars-Erik_Olson on March 26, 2006 to .

MELBOURNE - The Swedish postal service honored Roxette by issuing a postage stamp with their image back in 1991. But how many Roxette fans have been similarly honored?

  Of course, the King and Queen of Sweden have appeared on a multitude of Swedish postage stamps, and all the members of the royal family are known to enjoy the music of both Roxette and Gyllene Tider, especially Queen Silvia and Crown Princess Victoria. But there’s another fan, from a country well known for their love of Swedish pop, whose image has appeared on a postage stamp.

  The Daily Roxette has uncovered that Olympic gold medalist Michael Diamond, 33, a target shooter from Australia, listens to Roxette. In fact, he recently mentioned the group to Melbourne’s Daily Telegraph as one of his secret loves (along with gardening) when the paper asked several Australian athletes to share their “secrets.”

  Diamond succeeded in winning the Olympic gold medal for trap shooting both in Atlanta (1996) and Sydney (2000).


Very cool - he is heaps popular here in Aus but I had never read that before!!

Well, Roxette + gardening = he’s gay (I am 99.99% sure) LOL! I haven’t seen a gay holding a gun before!

never heard of him... but nice.

Cool :)

popular? i’ve never heard of him.

Nice to hear!! I wonder what other ’celebrities’ might be Roxette fans as well??

I wouldn’t say he’s popular, but he is well known. He was big news after he won a shooting event at the Olympics a few years ago.

I would’ve thought most aussies would at least recognise the name?

I remember him! That’s cool at least he admits it ;) hehehe


Plenty of gays hold guns... :-)

Probably just not the one’s you’re thinking of


That’s great! Any publicity for Roxette in Australia is certainly a good thing.

Room_Service: quite an homofobic comment...full of ridiculous prejudices. My fathern likes gardening and some Roxette songs...and he is not gay.

By the way, it could be nice Michael Diamon would be gay...he is gorgeous in a way!!!

It was not homophobic, it was just a joke. You take everything so seriously, guy. It was SOAP, now this...

What for celebrities other the swedish royal Family is Roxette ” Fan”?

@brent - well i thought he was well known but then i watch too much news - I remeber in the athens olypics and i think he had a domestic violence charge on him and he really worried he wouldnt be able to hold a gun licence and then wouldnt be able to compete - i think that was him anyway...........

yeah that was him, he’s married.

Cool news


Its very nice & respectful to hear that an athlete of such calibre comes out with such high regaurds for roxette,i for one will definatley look out for him when the next olympics comes around,(good on yer mate)

that story does ring a bell


An Olympic Champion who likes Roxette!!!!

I´m little jealous, and a little too late, because I wanted to be the first Olympic Champion who likes Roxette.

There must to be more.

I hope there are more...

Does anybody know more Olympian fans??? whether they won the gold or not, just athletes of any sport that had participated on any Olympic Games...

Hej, one of the guys married to a daughter of the King of Spain, who used to play handball (Iñaki Urdangarín) is said to be a Roxette fan, and he won 2 bronze medals in the Olympics (Atlanta and Sydney).



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