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UK fans plan long-awaited weekend gathering

Written by ally77 on March 12, 2006 to .

LONDON (UPDATED) - After a long period without such a get-together, a small group of UK Roxette fans are organizing a fan meeting here and they’re hoping to attract a crowd. With low weekend airfares available to London, perhaps this might be the excuse you’ve been looking for to schedule a visit. The working title for the two-day event, scheduled for April 1-2, is “Meet, Greet & Get Drunk!”

  “We’ve set a meeting place and time,” says Alison Marie, one of the event organizers. “This is something that many fans have wanted for a long time and finally we’re trying to have one big party for us all. This will be a great opportunity to meet people and what better time that the 20th Anniversary year of Roxette,” she concludes.

  Plans are still being formulated, but further information is available on Ailsa Plain’s website and, where webmaster Steven Howlett has set up a page, or you can email the event organizers: Alison (ally77) or Paul (pwbbounce). Both of them say they’ll be happy to help!

  Update March 12: An auction will take place during the Fan Meeting “to raise money for Cancer Research UK in respect of Marie Fredriksson and her battle with cancer,” explains organizer Alison. “I was aware that Per once donated some items to a similar auction the German fans had a long time ago and I thought I could repeat the idea!”.

  Marie Dimberg, Roxette’s manager, sent a parcel full of Roxette, Per Gessle and Gyllene Tider items signed by Per Gessle and Roxette, which will be auctioned off during the two-day fan meeting. Among these items are four copies of “Finn 5 fel!” promo CD, two copies of “I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend” 7” single and various Roxette singles and postcards.

  A reserve price has been put on the items to ensure a good amount for each item “in order to raise the money for charity,” tells Alison. The items not sold during the event will be listed on eBay afterwards “to give Roxette fans all over the world the chance to own something signed and also to raise money for the important charity Cancer Research UK,” explains Alison to The Daily Roxette.

  If you wish to donate any Roxette or related item for the auction please contact Alison.


I’m jealous but also very happy for UK Fans. I hope that oneday USA fans will have that kind of fan meeting too, or maybe Californian Fans?
Anyway, good luck with your meeting, don’t forget to keep us update about how it’s gonna be, including the pictures. It will be fun to look :)

O M G!!!!!!!!!!! We’ve made front page on TDR! Thanx guys!!

Any of the moderators interested in coming??


Thanx for getting the article up for us guys... it’s much appreciated it’s gonna be a happy weekend! :)

Now if only Marie Dimberg could answer my emails.... I would be a super happy bunny! :)

Have a good time ;) would be great it attend that party...Somewhere I could stay, anyone hahaha??

ps - theres another “event” page at :D

cant wait to see you guys!

I join if you pay for the flight :D I’m broke :(

Isn’t it supposed to be “Meet, Greet, EAT & Get Drunk!”


As I already said: Wish you sooooo much fun!!!!!!!!!!

Sounds like its gonna be fun. Hope everyone has a great time :-)

Awwww I forgot about Xarrr’s site... :)

hey guys - I think its cool to have a UK meeting. Ive lived in London all my life (although live on the outskirts now). Im happy to meet up in Lecicester Square......who’s going? Anyone??????????

theres about 20 of us i think!!! check the link on my first post here... it has a list :)


We have a fan site...

I am going to email the owner Xarrrr to get her to update the name list for me! :)

cool thanx!
I have emailed Alison so my wife Debbie and I are now on the list - so see you all there on Saturday 2nd!!!

oops sorry ally77 - just realised you are Alison!!!!
ha ha - im new to all of you guys - at least ill get to know you all in April though hey :-)

Hi Natasha, and welcome to TDR!!!

Looking forward to meeting everyone at the weekend!!

yeaaaah its all updated now!!! thanks ally for the stuff :D

Your welcome!

I’d love to come, but I don’t get to London until early May. :(

Hope you guys have a great time though. :)

We will.... I am sure of that!

sounds like your gonna have a great time :-D

Have a great time!!!

What a nice idea to raise money for the cancer research!!!

Thank you....

and thanx for Judith for the update... :)

Well it was a success.... I did submit an article and photo to TDR for an update but nothing yet has been published!

hi! i’m very happy for you.....

....too much late, i know...but i wanted to do another thing....


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