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Extensive Roxette auction in Halmstad

Written by tevensso on November 18, 2005 to .

HALMSTAD - November 24 there will be a major Roxette auction in Halmstad. Hallands auktionsverk, where the Gyllene Tider-auction was held last year, will auction out a large Roxette/Per Gessle collection, with rarities like the 12” single “Spegelboll,” “Look Sharp!” as a picture LP and CD, the German edition of the “Chances” 12” single and many more. The collection includes basically everything released by Per Gessle and Roxette, from “Per Gessle” to “The Pop Hits,” on CD, LP, 3”, 7”, 12”, MD, DCC, MC et cetera, all in all over 400 items.

  The Daily Roxette has been in contact with the seller, who wishes to remain anonymous, and asked why he sells off his rare material. “I don’t know really, I just realized it was Gyllene Tider I wanted to collect. And I also think that I can never get a complete Roxette collection,” he says. Included in the auction are LPs, CDs, singles, cassettes and video tapes. All original and in great condition of course. Many items will be bundled, and the starting prices are kept low on purpose. “Yes, for instance the single of say ’Fading Like a Flower’, it isn’t worth all that much and was released in so many countries, so we bundled items like that.” Other things, like the very rare Mexican “Milk & Toast & Honey” promo CD will be sold separately.

  You don’t have to be physically there to bid; you can bid via e-mail, telephone, fax and regular mail. The only thing you have to think of is to bid before the auction starts. There is also the option to be on the phone during the auction, doing that adds a hefty fee to the bid and is probably not worth it in this case.


so the list that is online right now isnt the complete list????

i wish to be there!!Or being swedish at least =(

Some nice things in there that I wouldn’t mind having.

Maybe that question would be more appropriate directed at auktionsverket?

I couldnt find the chances 12” in the list
but why are you saing ” A full list will be added to the auction site Monday at the latest” ???????
when its already out

Seriously Ted, it wasn’t out when this article was written. And am I wrong saying it will be out Monday at latest when it’s already out??

no you are not
but where did you found the chances 12”!

53 Roxette; ’Chances’ (12’, 1363276, 1988, Tyskland). Unik 12´ singel som aldrig släpptes i Sverige. Innehåller mix som bara finns på denna utgåva.
Utropspris: 300

@jocke: sent u a pm on gyllene tider forum
and I´m quite suprised that nothing relsated to Marie is auctioned out

Sounds good. I’m curious....

Without wanting to be nasty but why use a private auction house instead of tradera or ebay... and it’s not like there’s actually bargains here - the prices are pretty much at their top end!

I agree with purplemedusa. I don’t have much of that stuff, so I am not sure the prices are totally accurate or not. But for example, I got the Brazilian promo of “M&T&H” recently, for 8 US dollars (in new/pristine condition, it’s not a poor and worn copy!). And In thic auction its price is 200 SEK (25 dollars). That’s too much!

I guess the fact he/she is using an auction house has increased the prices, since the seller has to pay them some comission. I don’t know the word “comission” is right in this case. Well, you know: the seller has to pay to tha auction house for their job. That increases the price, I guess.

PS: I can’t afford any of those prices, by the way! In cases like this, I’d like to be Athina Onassis! LOL

I’m sure it’s easy getting that particular record in Argentina. In Sweden it isn’t, and I would have to say that $25 is a decent price for it. Then of course you still can’t compare prices with Argentina, “the cheapest country in the world,” or however you put it.

Don´t some stuff with gyllene :(

@Tevenso ot whatever your name is:

For your information, I didn’t get it here. I bought it in eBay, and the seller was from Germany (and people from other countries bidded too). So, your “easy” explanation is out of place.

And for Argentina, “the cheapest country in the world”... I don’t know what you mean, but I think you should behave your language, because you can be misunderstood. I guess you don’t wanna hurt any feelings here, since there are many members from my country. So, you should think twice before posting things like that. To be sincere, your behavior as a moderator leave much to be desired.

Room_service: I agree with you in that case about Argentina when I read it I eondered “hey what does he mean with that?...”

Oh, I wish I were rich...

PS And you guys, calm down, take it easy :)

@Room_service “or whatever your name is”: These are your words, not mine. Taken from another thread where you constantly whine about expensive records.

“For your information:

1 euro = 9.49 Swedish Crowns
1 euro = 3.62 Argentine Pesos”

So I don’t know what your problem is.

emi shoudl buy the stuff up and creat a museaum or something this stuff shouldn’t just be split up

I’m fortunate to have most of the Roxette things on there and it has taken me over 10 years! One thing I really need though is the 7” single Never Ending Love in the blue sleeve as pictured on Item no waiting if anyone has a spare!

EMI create a museum?!?! Hahahahaha, very funny! ;-)))

rossyrox> Send them a bid, 300:- is not much for that record! :)

hey I want it too;)

Amazing :0

1 euro = 9.49 Swedish Crowns
1 euro = 3.62 Argentine Pesos”
Yeep but you must know that:
10kr = $1.00 Argentinean.
that’s the difference.
in other hand,take it easy guys!

cool stuff but terribly bad idea offering it at the news site. there is a special site called Market Place in this website and I wonder why this anonymous guy doesn´t offer his stuff there. I guess he is a very close friend of some moderator?? there is also a special place at internet to sells via bids, it‘s called ebay, I guess that the anonymous guy should have also offered his stuff there. he got the perfect publicity using the dailyroxette. Could I offer some items via news site? ha! what a silly thing men!

But don’t you think that this auction is a special one. I mean, it contains lots of rare items.

auryte: of course it´s very special and cool stuff but it should be at the “Market Place” site of this website, I think. Imagine if we all offer our items at the news site. As you know, we can´t do that and that is because the moderators put the news. Then I wonder why some anonymous people can do it. that is really bad thing at least for me. It´s unfair for the others fans who sell or swap via the market place.

Bank accounts everywhere will be screaming. ;)

@Eloy: This is a news. Why wouldn’t if be on the front page??? The forums are not meant to publish news, you can, but they are not meant to. That’s why there’s a “News” section (there’s a tab on the top of the page, you see it?). If I follow your way of thinking, then the announcement of the international release of SOAP (if it’s being released internationally, of course), should be done in the international forum!!!!

btw, it doesn’t matter who puts his/her items on the auction, the news is about the auction itself!!!

qrox: thank you for your opinion. I´m sorry, I recognize my mistake, honestly I didn´t know about that tab above the page. well, you say: the news is about an auction, ok, yes it´s true but it looks terribly commercial showing itself in the news site and giving besides details about how you can buy. I insist: IT SHOULD BE AT THE MARKET PLACE. And great thing having the possibility to put any news here!, I will try to make up a market place in the front of this page and we´ll get a new site called DAILYBIDSROXETTE, don´t take it personal. :D LOL


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