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Per spills the beans about plumbing

Written by tevensso on September 9, 2005 to .

SAINT TROPEZ (UPDATED) - “Son Of A Plumber… are you nuts?” I say to Per over the phone. “Ha ha,” he says, “yes it feels like it.” Per is in Saint Tropez to finalize the mixing of his new album, and another tradition he has is to finish off in Saint Tropez. “But it’s been raining until ten minutes ago,” he reports.

  The album title will indeed be “Son Of A Plumber” and will initially be released in Sweden only. If the record is well received, it may be delivered “worldwide” in January, with a European/Swedish club tour to follow.

  Per & Company have recorded no less than 26 songs, and when this reporter asks for a double album Per seems intrigued, especially if there’s a vinyl edition. “Vinyl? Great idea! A double vinyl album? Son Of A Plumber’s white album! Ha ha!”

  The album sounds very diversified; country, pop, ballads, instrumentals et cetera. “We’ve recorded three, four 50-second instrumentals that we want to include,” Per divulges. “Sort of like soundtracks to movies. We have pan flutes as well!”

  There will be a single off the album out in the middle or end of October, but the single has yet to be decided. Per decides to share some info about some tracks:

  • Substitute (For the Real Deal)
  • I Have a Party in My Head (I Hope it Never Ends)
  • Keep the Radio On (This is the Perfect Song) - “A newly recorded version taken from The Lonely Boys’ album.” Although it started out as an unreleased Gyllene Tider-song.
  • Making Love Or Expecting Rain - “It is
    a line from a Bob Dylan song, no need to speculate guys!”
  • Hey Mr DJ (Won’t You Play Another Love Song) - “A country duet with Helena.”
  • A nine-minute medley including a falsetto blues and “Are You An Old Hippie, Sir?”
  • I Never Quite Got Over the Fact that the Beatles Broke Up - “This one makes you happy, possibly an album closer, we have a few.”
  • Drowning in Wonderful Thoughts About Her - “Probably the first track of the album”.

  “My thoughts regarding this project was to sort of start a one man band, like Badly Drawn Boy. And also, we recorded no demos for this project. I played the songs for Christoffer and Clarence, and they were like the evil jury in [American] Idol. They then said if they liked the songs or not. If they didn’t - we didn’t record it.” Per tells TDR. He also mentions that they had somewhat strange recording techniques making this album. They would tell Helena to sing something and if she asked how or what, they would say “improvise.” This has given some strange, but great results, with lots of “la la la la la” but also other interesting effects.

  Regarding the sleeve, Anton Corbijn took the pictures this time around, just like he did with Per’s previous solo album, “Mazarin.” Most of the pictures are taken in Christoffer’s garden and some in London, while the sleeve pic itself is taken in London.

  The only thing Per didn’t tell us was how the guitars really were tuned after all…

  Update Sept. 30: The album has been delayed one week due to technical issues. The new date is November 23.


Oi, Gessle ...nooo!! Can’t you sit still for just a minute?! ;)

Love ya really *mwuah*

Thomas... I can kiss u right now!!! Thanx for asking the vinyl question!!!!!!!!

Ahh... Sjysta nyheter!

Och jag som sitter fast i Indien i ett halvar framat, Per far vanta med att gora spelningar till jag kommer hem! :) Vill inte missa...

Varldens basta namn pa skivan ocksa.

So the album will be called Son Of A plumber?? Or this is a new name of Per?:)

Ah great! But please, no europe-club tour, stay in sweden and do a tour instead!

He just can’t keep his fingers still can he?
Always something going on :)

Love you Per!

This is going to be THE ALBUM!

BUT and a BIG but:

I’m starting to get really frightened of the idea of NO place for Marie in this album.

C’mon Mr. G a Gessle album is not a Gessle album unless HER voice shines in at least one of the songs!!!

Congrats anyway

wheres marie and a club tour hmm

First HAND, now SOAP - hidden message, anyone? ;-)

But the previous news is saying sth different- that Son Of A Plumber will be “his new name”!

why should Marie be there if it’s HIS thing??

and why not a club tour ALSO outside Sweden? you too egoist to share him? ;)

As always, good one, Thomas! *thumbs up*

the ttles sound really promising...hope we won’t have to wait all too long for the snippets.I’m getting hungry for his music again. :)

The SOAP thing is indeed intriguing, I’m sure he speaks the language of the devil ;);););)

Judith: Yes, we are veery egoistic ;)

I don’t want a club tour... Maybe if the clubs doesn’t have age limits ;)

“Son of a Plumber” is the whole thing. The project. The name of the album is that and also the one man group. Marie is as far as I understood it not on the album at all.

Thank God we have Tevensso :) Thanks :)

Judith: Yes, Per is ours :) Besides, it feels more close and persional if it’s just in Sweden..

By the way, I like that he says: This is extreemly different from anything I´ve ever done
He said the same thing about Mazarin, and we all know how that came out :)

This is GREAT news! Not only for me but also for all Per-fans around the world! And please let it be a double-album...

C´mon Per.. release it worldwide !! I can´t wait until January 2006.

Now it is up to Swedes ! 500.000 copies sold there and Per will make european-club-tour :) Let us pray! :)

Nope. This is unacceptable; Marie’s GOT to be in the new album. Unless Per wants to be called a son of something else!

@purplemedusa - :)))

...and another article. Well done TDR!!!

The tour thing is really good news. I hope it is before I leave Sweden, otherwise I cannot imagine the nightmare that would be getting tickets for small venues by phoning ticnet... imagine if it was difficult for GT25 how would it be for this...

Let’s see how well does it sell, but I guess Per must come up with a really really good catchy tune to attract Swedish audience’s attention. Swedes may be quite tired of too much Gessle. Of course, we don’t (as long as it is new stuff :))

Edit: some misprints...

Tour club!!!Ohhh buaaaaaa!!!!

Per is not obligated to have Marie on all his albums, but I would be surprised if he did not ask her.

I think the fact of the matter is that a lot of you people are still deluding yourself on Marie’s condition. It has been three years since her tumor was diagnosed, undisputed rumors in the press that the cancer had spread, continuing treatment, recovery at home... her husband doing most of the legwork for her album, which was heartfelt but certainly not up to her usual vocal quality... limited public appearance...

Don’t let your heart hide what your head is telling you. Marie is making the most of her time with her family, let’s not pester her to record for Per, do a club tour, etc. She is not up to it.


@ Judith:

Because it’s like a rule: Per solo albums includes Marie in some way.

The Titles seem to be quite long :) i like them :)

Wonderful news! Thanks!!


Since anything else but “well received” isn’t possible, I’d kindly like to ask for the tour dates... I want to get started planning... :)

yes! I agree, any hint about tour dates would be mostly welcomed :)

:O you don’t have enough for today? :P

As always.. we will publish as soon as we know! :)

WONDERFULL!! anew album in english!!so, you PER, now you will come to ARGENTINA, at least for promotion, won‘t you!? here we are waiting for you and marie ALWAYS!!! THANK YOU PER FOR THIS NEW ALBUM!!!!!contact me to: [email protected] bye, friends!!!

WOW!!!!! Yes! English!
I hope it will be released outside of sweden!

I was referending to club tour as ” the tickets will be gone in a minute and clubs = age limits

Judging by all this, this might even be the best Gessle album yet! Can’t wait to hear it!!!

So very grateful! _o_

exciting stuff!! Can’t believe I leave the office for 2 hours, come back to this!!!

@jud: no, we never get enough as you already know :) I was just wondering if Per said something about when the tour could be... but it doesn’t seem so.

Everything Per said has been writting here :)

that all sounds sooo exciting!! :-P

“son of a plumber” hmm :S.. hehe its gonna be great to hear the new album anyway! :P

I’ve not read the new news article yet..... but I was playing with the nice new promo picture we have and made a couple of wallpapers!

Help yourself if you want!

Gessle - No Boarder

Gessle - Black Boarder

looking forward to the record.

Hooray! It´s in English! Great.

i guess its a plus its in english but he’s been smoking too much weed, seriously. Some of it isnt’ going to be new material to begin with, and the titles?

this wont go anywhere beyond sweden or at least scandinavia. WE need roxette back NOW

Well, this might be even better than Rox imho

Though I love “I never quite got over the fact that the Beatles broke up”, I think those titles are very unlikely...

they are typical Gessle titles... with all the ( .. ) and length..

so the name “Per Gessle” wont be mentione at the alum so it will be like lonley boys???

also getting curious of Keep the radio on in new version...the Beatles title rocks - if it stays in its form till the release date :)And the last one mentioned, which is said to serve as an album opener...mmmm...sounds really nice :)

Thanks for editing the pix ally!

Tour tour tour tour tour tour!!!!
Please Per, I (and a lot of fans) want a swedish tour!!!

I’d love to hear a live version of Keep The Radio On!!!!
Great song!

You’re the best Per!!!


cool news again! all that he makes is just cool! PER RULES.

Now I have had time to read it all... sounds good! :) looking forward to the single choice!

Hang on.... did he mention he was not touring, not he might....

ally77: He said he MIGHT do a european/swedish clubtour if the album is well recieved.

And ofcourse it will bve well recieved!! I HOPE!!

International release *maybe* in january 2006!!

who can wait that long?!

i guess not us :)

Big news for a big composer!!! roxvän ;) support the new album of Gessle! (i love you Per!)

Have people thought about the fact that it might be Marie’s choice not to appear on the album?

I doubt it was a situation of Marie banging on the studio door in her desperation to appear on one track on the album...

Golly gosh, they’re long song titles!

Can’Can’t wait! Can’t wait! Can’t wait!!!!!!Can’t wait! Can’t wait! Can’t wait!!!!!!

ohh it´s a great notice, I can´t stop, I´m jumping of happiness!!!!!
Per is the best!!!!!!

Cool. Now I can sing to this album and actually understand what he is trying to say. As happy as I get singing along with Mazarin, I just don’t get the words!
I wish he’d come to North America :(.

Great!!!! I hope this new album becomes the replace of my copy of X & Y (it‘s coldplay guys) ’couse Mr. Martin is getting tired.
For those like me who per’s music means everithing this are very good news. I’m still listening mazaring almost daily.

Good luck PG and don’t forget that the world is not only europe. Argentina listen to your music, yet.

Oh no Marie on backing vocals? Now I don’t have an excuse to order the album. I’ll have to do what I did with FFF, wait till I’m back in Sweden and buy it from Micke’s second hand records for 30 crowns. Darnit, it sounds funny.

I love those news!!!
I think his next album name will be: What A Solemn Hush... HAND, SOAP, WASH!
But what happened to “In Gessle We Trust”?! Now you made me disappointed Per... Don’t you think that Son Of A Plumber - In Gessle We Trust would be wonderful? I think I’ll write a letter and tell him that... Anyways... Can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait!!!!

I especially like I Have A Party In My Head (I Hope It Never Ends). Has Per written that song for me? lol

WOW! That’s all I can say right now, I’m totally overwhelmed! An album and a possible tour - great! Next year will be very busy then


Something told me yesterday that there was something to expect but I could just lurk because I shouldn’t surf while working. Hope I didn’t get caught.


I dunno, I’m just not excited about this album at all.


Wonderful! 3 albums in 3 years ( Mazarin,FFF and now this). Per must have been writing songs like crazy lately=). My only wish now is that he makes is 4 albums in 4 years, making 2006 a ROXETTE year =). But sure, its up to Marie, I know...

Great news!!! And the greatest is about eropean tour!!!


COME TO AUSTRALIA!!!!!!!!! (please!)

I wrote to Per telling him about the “In Gessle We Trust”-title. Since he seems to be in Saint Tropez I don’t know if he’ll read it... but one can hope!

Single anyone? ;)

i wish the project name was simply “gessle”... and then the tilte.

but great news anyway. cool.

i hope per brings some crashing guitars back!

Really wonderfull!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Come To ASIA...We missed YOU...
I Hope the album will be release in Worldwide in January 12th, 2006 at your b’day...!!!

Hooray!!! It will happen faster that i thought!

wunderful! i´m in love with this record allredy!
Per G, English, something different from the other records, WONDERFUL!

“Drowning In Wonderful Thoughts About Her”...



I think I’ve just found the perfect song for my next anime music video....! Ah! My Goddess, Ai Yori Aoshi, Narue no Sekai, Onegai Teacher... PERFECT! Per, dude, you ROCK!!

Don’t tell me love is what you feel cause you’re just a substitute for the real deal. Substitute is a cool song... Is it legal for it to be on Kazaa this early?


it´s on Kazaa?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Huh?! Good lord!!

It isn’t legal, but as the real song doesn’t I guess it’s OK.

me neither.

But just in case , anyone checked?

For real? Pleasepleaseplease can someone either mail it to me or upload it to a server like usendit.... BIG please!!!

Thought as much!

What a lack of news!

Everything is so quiet!


So SON OF A PLUMBER... Then nothing

Hey guys it’s been almost a week!

Hehe :)

Now talking serious, it would be great to have a single and a radio release date.

Good work!

Hej! Really great news, I can’t wait!!!!! =) GESSLE RULES AS ALWAYS!

26 songs...hmm...maybe if there won’t be a double album half of these songs are reserved for a new Rox album...but if there will be a double album it will be really GREAT! Finally some new material... ;)

about tracks: Substitute and Hej mr. Dj remind me a little bit....Madonna... ;)
but there are tracks inspiring, like I Never Quite Got Over the Fact that the Beatles Broke Up or
Drowning in Wonderful Thoughts About Her.... I always loved long titles...ehehe.. =)

Now...I can’t wait! no no...I can’t wait indeed! :O ;)

Has anybody noticed that, in the intro of the live GT dvd, when rehearsing, Per shows the camera his ukulele and says “The real deal”? :P

Yes! I think it’s cool. But I wonder if it has something to do with the song.

Yeah! A new album with lots of new sounds! I’ve already been shocked as they saled Mazarin for 99,5 kronor! - but that’s an explanation. Hope there’s Marie on the album again...
Thanx for new music and please come to Germany, Per!

Heh,heh ! once again Per´s sence humor! i love it, maybe we hear soon your song,i waiting

Have a party on your head? Nice thing,is that hapen every day? Sounds cool!

I’m so happy that Per’s new album will be released just 3 days before my birthday (the 26th of November). It’s the best present I could ever imagine!!!

I’m hungry for Mr. Gessle’s new songs. Yummy!!!

i think buty all editions!


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