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Report from the Bergen gig

Written by tevensso on September 4, 2005 to .

BERGEN - On Saturday September 3, as previously reported, Per Gessle and band performed an exclusive concert for the staff at Hydro in the Grieg Hall in Norwegian town Bergen. It was a special invitation gig only, with an audience of about 1,500 happy Norwegians.

  Mazarinerna consisted this time of MP Persson, guitar; Jens Jansson, drums; Clarence Öfwerman, keyboards, Helena Josefsson, backup vocals; Magnus Börjesson, bass guitar and Christoffer Lundquist, guitar. Per comments the gig: “Bergen was a gas! Very heavy! This band composition is the most fun I’ve ever played with…”

  The Daily Roxette has gotten its hands on the setlist:

1. En sten vid en sjö i en skog

2. Juni, juli, augusti

3. Gungar

4. Det hjärta som brinner

5. (Hon vill ha) Puls

b a n d p r e s e n t a t i o n

6. Här kommer alla känslorna…

7. Segla på ett moln

8. Kung av sand

9. Födelsedag

10. Ljudet av ett annat hjärta

11. Gå & fiska!


12. Tycker om när du tar på mej

13. Det är över nu

14. Sommartider

  “’Sommartider’ was a huge hit in Norway as well, one could tell…” Per says happily.

All photos courtesy of Per Gessle, photographer unknown.


3 guitars! No wonder it rocked! :D

I think “WE” don’t want to know about this!

lol. Cool - nver really been into the swedish songs due to language barriars! But it’s good to know that one of our favourite duo is still rocking and not thinking about growing old (Not that I think Marie is under the obvious circumstances!)

Nice report Thomas, let’s hope it will keep happy to moaners....

Nice photos as well :)

wow, they played so much songs - hope it will be the same in stockholm - I’m on my way ... :-P

Sorry, but how is Magnus Börjesson?

What has he done whit his hair?! Its so...flat..

WOW!!!!! Sooooo great!!!!!!

btw: Fantastic playlist!! (-:

Uuuuuhhhh, Helena was there, too!!!

Who needs her voice?

I wish I were there... Per looks fantastic :)

great setlist and wonderful pics ;)

Yummi Perrrr...

@crashi: here, me! helena there is great! :-) and hell, does she look great or what?

@ Wonderful Baloon: I do not think it will be the same setlist in Stockholm, even if it sure would be cool. He will most likely only play like 2 songs. 3 tops. But I do think it will be the same bandmembers though. I really hope for MP anyways.

ow dear per, lay off the strightners abit , youll damage your hair hehe.

Magnus Börjesson? someone new?

@ little-miss-sorrow: I’ve posted some more pics on r2r that include Helena as well (+ I have some more). She looked really hot last night, and she was super sweet afterwards ;) She’s constantly smiling on stage, and gives you hilarious funny looks sometimes, hehe.


Really nice set list! =)

I agree, Helena is really beautiful, especially in this pix

Cool news! Thanx TDR! And thanx tcooh for sharing the pix and the story at r2r!

btw who is Magnus Börjesson?

@tcooh: i already saw your pix, wonderful! thanx! :-)

Magnus Börjesson is an allround musician that used to be a member of the Swedish band Beagle. He worked some on the Mazarin album, he’s a GREAT bass player, an AMAZING guitarist and a good songwriter, and besides, he’s nicer than most. He also has cocky instruments, totally in Per’s taste. Not to mention his good looking suits, says Per. ;)

Great to hear! :-D

The pics and especially Per’s hair are really BAD!!!

@tevensso - thanks :)

Per hair is different :) He should return to his Mazarin/ GT25 hairdo :)

I wonder what Roxetters think of he saying that’s the funniest formation he’s ever played with :P

Oh, and about the hair, the Edward Scissorhands’ look he had back in Joyride looked best to him, he should go back to that :D

I love his hair in those pix, longer than in Mazarin pretty ;P

me too

hehe, instead of getting happy with the report we got, we discuss his hair issue again :D:D:D If so, let me adsd that I also want his MAzarin/ GT25 style back...and gimme back Anders, he’s THE bass player, or what? Him producing Marie’s DSR was one of his greatest contributions to the world of music hahaha ;)

I totally agree with gyllene tjej!


I have no problems with Per’s hairdo :D

His hairdo looks fine to me to.

forget per’s hair, it’s the cleavage (and not per’s) that’s exciting ;)

I’m with Zargo. Gee!!!

hahaha, good for you guys...I however, still cannot find the words to describe what a huge drooling factor PG’s belly is... tcoth’s pictures leave me...ekhm....breathless *LOL*

what? what is all about?...I thought we’re talking about clivages...
is there any more drooling factors on per’s stage?...
what belly? whose belly? what’s going on?

lol lol

Sadly I can’t attach any file here ;)

check this link:

LOOL...if gessle’ll see these, it’s done with us. With all of us. HAHA... He’ll sue everybody!

oh well, I’m ready to be brought to court. But surely, these pix do overwhelm you? I’d not change these for any cleavage *lol* Wonder how it’s going for Per tonight at Globen. Hope to see a report and pix from this event too :)

@gyllene_tjej I’m with you :)


C:\Documents and Settings\linnea\Mina dokument\Mina bilder\peer

Excellent photos!


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