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Norwegian Hydro celebrates centennial with Per

Written by tevensso on August 27, 2005 to .

BERGEN - Norwegian oil company Hydro is celebrating their 100-year anniversary and “Per Gessle & band” have accepted an invitation to play for the staff in the northern town of Bergen on September 3.

  Hydro’s celebration starts today in Oslo with Norwegian popgroup a-ha giving a free concert in Frogner Park. a-ha, who recently performed at the Live 8 concert in Berlin, will premiere some of the music on their latest album. The group will also play an already sold-out gig at New York City’s Irving Plaza on September 12, their first US concert since 1986 and almost exactly 20 years after the hit “Take on Me” soared to the top of the charts worldwide.

  Per tells The Daily Roxette that he will play Bergen and Stockholm in September to keep his band Mazarinerna in good shape.

  This isn’t the first time Per has played company gigs, Roxette played for the OM group a few years back, beer giant Carlsberg has had a visit as well, and now last summer Swedish operator Tele 2 had Gyllene Tider visit them.

Elisabeth Mathisen contributed to this article.


WOW, could you upload that picture in a bigger version ??

Was tempted to add “Note to Per:” before the mention of a-ha’s upcoming concert in New York City. If a-ha, with their ONE Billboard #1 hit, could come back and perform a sold-out concert some 20 years later...

Added. :)

I love A-ha, to have Per and them live in one day it’s a dream come true, unfortunately I won’t be able to be there sigh :(

@roxlad - Gessle and a-ha won’t play on the same show :) Read the news carefully :)

1) And what about gig for Metro? Is it still up-to-date?
2) I thought that Per (not GT) played concert for Tele2, but he played some GT’s songs? And after mazarin tour Per also played for a company. What was it? (please correct me if i’m wrong).

sure, Metro gig is coming up on September 7th. The other secret gig you are probably referring to is the one for Vero Moda some time in February, if my memory serves me right.

Any chance to see NRK broadcast at least parts of the show? Would be fab!

“keep them in good shape”? Hmmmmmmm... Interesting...

What’s about the gig for Vero Moda? Is it also a clothes shop? (We have a chain with this name...)

Yes Vero Moda is the other one, I had a blackout when I tried to remember all the special gigs... :)

thanx :) now everything is clear in my mind :)

I wonder what kind of cash is involved in all those corporate gigs? It must be worth his while, cos its not as if they’re the height of ’cool’

Per FINALLY playing in Bergen, my hometown!!!! Really sad if he only plays for the Hydro staff, and not the public concert on Festplassen, also to be on 3rd of September in Bergen. Anyone knows for sure whether he’ll be at a closed Hydro staff only event, or on the public event open to all??

It’s a closed event, only for Hydro staff.

tcooh: you’ll have to find a worker that has no partner.. in case they can take their partners, that is ;)

Last night, I was at a-ha’s (Hydro) concert in Oslo. It was just great!!

Can’t wait to see them again in November!!

He will not play at Festplassen, like some of you were hoping for. The concert will be shown to special invited of Hydro and their family.

I’m a lil sceptical about these concerts...

For those interested, the a-ha Hydro celebration concert in Oslo last Saturday, will be shown on Norwegian TV this Friday Sept 2nd at 19:55 to 20:55 at NRK1.

yyyyeeeaaaahhhh! Thanks!!!!! Finally some fresh PG stuff on TV :):):):)

The a-ha concert... Hello!

ok, I’m not enthusiastic anymore :D

Just a short info on tonight’s concert. Per played the following songs:
En sten vid en sjö I en stad - Juni, Juli, Augusti - Gungar - Hjärtat som brinner - Puls - prestentation of band - Här kommar alla känslorna - Segla på en moln - Kung av sand - Födelsedag - Ljudet av et hjärta. Extras: Tycker om när du tar på mej, Det är över nu, and Sommartidar (that’s when the crowd went beserk, hehe). The concert lasted just over 1 hour. No new songs, just the good old ones we know.
Band was almost regular: Per, Helena, Christoffer, Clarence, Jens, MP, and (to me) unknown bassplayer..

Any photos? Or perhaps some recordings? ;)

hi, i have it all on film. the whole concert! i will try to send daily some of the recordings!

thx for the pix and the information about the played songs!! I’m really wondering why per is not mentioned in ANY newspaperarticle in norway - I checked out all the websites but nothing, no word about him! strange ...

The concert was a closed event for employees of Hydro and guests. I guess they wanted to have Per for themselves, ergo no publicity about it. Local newspapers were tipped, but they had other stuff to write about, especially the free Hydro concert on the town square; Festplassen all the afternoon and evening before Per was to play indoor in Grieghallen to those with tickets.

Huge thank you for the info :D


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