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Christoffer Lundquist to release a solo EP

Written by roxeteer on August 18, 2005 to .

Christoffer Lundquist, who has worked as a musician and producer on many recent Gessle and Roxette albums, releases a 4-track solo EP on August 22. The EP is called “Major & Minor Songs” and it will only be available for download, first on CDON and later also on iTunes Music Store.

  The EP is published by the record company Junk Musik which is partly owned by Lundquist. On August 22, Junk Musik will also release a new song, titled “Une Histoire”, from Sandy Mouche. The band’s lead singer is Helena Josefsson who is also collaborating on the forthcoming Gessle album.


It’s nice that he releases that E.P., but why only for download?
Some people have no credit card to pay online for this.
And the collectors wants to catch some new stuff ;o)
Thank you Christoffer.

Once agaim it shows just one thing: no news under the sun.


I would never in my life pay for downloading a song!! If I pay for music I want the fysical record and cover.

Good for you Christoffer!

So who’s buying it then? :-) Is it any good?! All the best, Rich ;-)

I’ll be buying it.

Has anybody listened to it?

Only the samples at CDON. Christoffer sounds remarkably like David Bowie! All the best, Rich ;-)

he has a better voice than Bowie, but the songs aren’t Bowie-ish.

They are worth checking out if you like mellow sometimes sad accoustic numbers.

Not really for ’roxette-över-allt’ people.

The one from Sandy Mouche ist quite good, i really like it, although it´s a bit short.

I love these 30sec clips - but where can I get these songs?? Cant download them at because I’m German ... :((((

Looking forward to it!

the first 2 clips at cdon suck :S I mean the 30 seconds chosen as a pre-listening.. but the songs are good :)

Finally I got all songs :-P and i love “So let’s talk” sooooo much! well done, christoffer and what a beautiful voice!!! *meltingaway*


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