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Per explains his side of the ’Syd’ dispute

Written by tevensso on July 22, 2005 to .

HALMSTAD - Per Gessle has issued this statement to The Daily Roxette due to the recent reports of Per and Micke ’Syd’ being in dispute. Here’s his message, unedited:

The story so far:

I was born in 1959. Gyllene Tider (in the most famous line-up) was formed in 1979. The group was disbanded, with smiling faces, in 1985. Since then I’ve had my heart beating around the clock for Roxette or pounding gently for my solo career.

On very few occasions we have re-united Gyllene Tider. Two of those occasions were Återtåget in 1996 and GT25 (the tour) / Finn5Fel! (the album) last year. After the latter’s amazing success everything has returned back to “normal”, i.e. Roxette and my solo stuff.

There are currently no plans for further GT-projects. The main reason being the unbelievable success from last year which is hard, if not impossible, to follow up.

I have sent my wedding-congrats to Micke & Helena and I sincerely hope they’ll get a happy and prosperous life together.

Moneywise I never make any official comments regarding deals and contracts. However, the figures and internal splits that have been suggested in the media are laughable and nowhere near the truth.


P., sunny Halmstad July 22 - 2005

Micke ’Syd’ has denied the reports as well, but said that “sometimes in life relationships just don’t work” without going into details.


maybe they are just not that close, i wouldnt invite anyone i worked with if i got married !

Hugh..the boss has spoken! THANX! !

sunny Halmstad??? Would you please greet the sun and tell her she should come back over whole Europe?? I’m sort of drowning here...and .eehm..nice idea with the webcam in Solgården..let’s join After Beach all together..and forget these strange stories in the papers..skål...

well you don’t need to be friends to work together. I sure like some of my colleagues at work, but not all of them, and still manage to work together.. I really don’t see the fuzz about this.. damn Aftonbladet + Expressen! I guess they are bored... *rolls eyes*

After the latter’s amazing success everything has returned back to “normal”, i.e. Roxette and my solo stuff.


Any hint? :)

A little light: thanks to the tabloids we hear something from Mr Gessle himself. I mean the part, and I quote, “after the latter’s amazing success...i.e. Roxette and my solo stuff” > that means there’s some hope Roxette will come back :-)

BTW, hopefully Per sends some sun over other parts of Europe as well (just like Chris said). It’s still not raining here in Holland but the so-called ’cats and dogs’ are hanging in the air...

edit: typo

So cool to hear from Per again! Thanx Per & TDR team - u the best!!! I’m waiting in anticipation for more details about upcoming projects! Hope he’s enjoying the sunny weather; I’m so jealose!!

*It’s so cold here in Cape Town -> i can cut glass with my nipples!*

lol @ purplemedusa,i can’t believe that it’s cold in capetown your joking right?

Well done Per....

He’s in Halmstad... oh I know Arlanda gonna be happy she’s off there today! :) hope she catches a glimspe of him, it would make her hols! :)

Classic statement from the boss... :)

Thank you Per!! A explanation! You‘re the best Per and TDR!!

The message looks ceremonial, bossy and charming (here and there). It doesn’t answer any real question, of course, but there is a certain tonality that’d make any reply or any further question seem hilarious and ungrounded. It looks like he said it all, whilst saying nothin’ really. So, I guess the message has its merits. ha. ha.
To be honest, I think he shouldn’t have written it only for suggesting commun-sensical things (for the TDR “inhabitants”) like: the periodical existance of GT, as a band and - now -the improbability of a recurrency of any kind; the oscillations of his heart that beats roughly or gently for roxette&solo materials; then the money-taboo (while, like always, trying to inform his audience that the tabloids are obviously way wrong); and finally his sincere congrats to the couple (the sunny Halmstad is actually a civil Halmstad first of all, and so are his ex-permanent inhabitants); all in all, he made up the kind of ballance sheet that shouldn’t have been written in an occasion as such; because it made him look more arrogant than he really is and more involved in this stupid issue (while I bet he’s not).

however, I couldn’t resist the irony in the background so I personally have rated the message quite high. “Yeehaa!”

p.s.: I’m not from Halmstad so I feel no obligation for greeting the couple. “Yeehaa!” once again.


You are the hero!!!!!

Well, After looking back at the GT25 DVD, where Micke performed his “solo”-act together with Per in close harmony, I never believed there was something like an disagreement between the 2 of them.
The atmosphere is so good there!

tabloids suck! it’s summer and they don’t have real news so they made something up... it’s only the third time now...

hej !

as an musician I have to say :

“Everybody, sit back, and watch SPINAL TAP, and you will understand how the musicians are ticking :-)”

Greetz to everyone, esp. Per ;-)

You’re great!!

” When he goes to a wedding, he will get all the attention. And the wedding is about the two who are getting married, so he better be absent”
Should be true but do you really think an artist like Gessle thinks like that by heart?

A shining star for the outside world but among friends nothing special. That’s hard to cope with for an artist who have/had huge succes. Sad but true. So make yourself more important even among situations you should not be the center of the attention.

It’s the ” Stay away” or ” Come always late/last” syndrome at parties/appointments.

Ask yourself this question: Would mister gessle have gotten so much publicity/attention when he would have attented the wedding?

personally I think that the money is the reason why they have some troubles in their relationship.

here we have it! Per used the ocasion to make himself some publicity.. “let’s get people ready for what’s to come in some months”.. nooooow I understand it..

/sarcastic mode off

Hey Pelle! Thank you for letting us know about your point of view since this is about something privat, as i think.

The hint about “Roxette” made my day (or rather evening...)! Thank you so much for that ;-)))

All the best to you!

Peter, Stuttgart

i think this a classic case of tabloid meddling, people have rows all the time. who cares!? just bring on the music, the beer and the sun!!



100% Gessle again... I just love him.

Seems the newspapers needed a story again. You don’t have to be BEST friends either, just because you work together or whatever. Soemtimes even best friendships go apart without any big reason. Just for time and people change.
But I don’t put so much attention on these papers as I did several years ago. If it is true what they are writing it will be shown always a little bit later, so why getting upset from the beginning? This story is an evidence for that again. So whatever you hear - just take it easy in the beginning. Most of the time it is worth it.

message from per :) nice :)

Good to hear it from the horse’s mouth. It seems like they have a good working relationship, but are not great friends in real life....nothing wrong with that. Remember even Marie saying in the 90’s that she was sad that with the success of roxette their friendship developed into more of a business relationship. At least now it seems that they are good personal friends again. And i loved the fact that he mentions Roxette, which gives us some hope of them working together again at some point

Who’s Micke Syd anywayz??? ;)

Well, he’s the drummer of one of the biggest bands in Sweden, so I guess he may be almost as famous as Per.

I think it’s safe to say that Per is dropping a hint... I mean, why mention Roxette twice in a piece that’s supposed to be about his alleged issues with Micke? Even if it’s just a compilation of some sort, the tide’s got to turn back to Roxette eventually... we hope... (-:

Doesn’t Per write wonderfully, music in his ordinary wording? Lord, this is one gifted fellow.

he talks about roxette he talks about roxette he talks about roxette!!! *biggrin*

Yeah, I also liked the part about Roxette the most :) and enjoyed Per’s writing style :D Moreover, I’m happy that he made his statement here.

roxette back in business yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanx Per! Very nice weekend story, especially the parts “Since then I’ve had my heart beating around the clock for Roxette or pounding gently for my solo career” and “everything has returned back to “normal”, i.e. Roxette and my solo stuff.”

That made my heart beat faster as a Rox fan! :-) How about a regular column for Mr. Gessle at TDR? ;-)

“How about a regular column for Mr. Gessle at TDR? ;-)”

would be no problem at all for us :P

Per? :D

bring on roxette!!

“Roxette!” (clap, clap) “Roxette!” (clap, clap) “Roxette!”


I love Judith’s idea... how about it, Mr. Gessle?

Roxette? did I miss something? :-P

Tack Per!

Yeah!! Nice that he still remembers Roxette!!!;)

roxette - one word and everyone went crazy :)

there is a hope :)

HAHAHAHA did you see that performance of Micke singing the song with Magnus Uggla about how greedy Per Gessle is yesterday!!!!

He is making things worse hahahahaha

This is getting funnier and funnier by the day LOL

haha! *goes and gets the popcorn*

Yeah, this is really getting more interesting every day. Now it´s Pers turn. :-)

Hahaha!! Micke Syd and Uggla! They are perfect togheter. Wonder what Per will say now. Anyway its funny that it happen something..


It’s really summer now... I don’t understand neither of them (Micke nor Per) that they let themselves get involved in such silly thing :P

Did Micke really sang a song about Per being greedy?..

translation needed now :)

And who is Magnus Uggla ?:)

P.S.: And who is Magnus Uggla..

hmm..Swedens Wolfgang Petry in my humble opinion (Müll Müll Sondermüll)
That explaination only brings you further if you are from Germany...sorry...

*running someone down-modus off*

Well..Per makes jokes too so I guess and hope he can laugh about that....I can...ROFL

LOL at Criz! Good explanation! ;)

Aftonbladet’s article states that the swedish musician Magnus Uggla invited Micke Syd to sing a song called “Greatest Hits”, which is about Per Gessle (!!!). Micke Syd doubted about it first, but then said yes and joined Uggla on stage with a tambourine and sang along.

He said that Per had “made fun of his wife” by saying that he didn’t even know her name. “So, as he has such a good sense of humour, he will understand” said Micke Syd.

Do you really think Per didnt know her name?

Maybe he dont want his friend get married with the woman without name... (Helena)

It’s gettin’ stranger day after day...

It’s a good example of a “we need to write something but actually don’t have to say anything”-summer story: pimp the newspaper!
So, just don’t care!

Lots a luv to sunny Halmstad :-)

^^ Yes, but the thing ist that both Per and Micke are contributing in filling the summer hole. It´s not the newspapers alone.

And guessing from the comment of Micke (If he made a joke about not knewing the name of my wife, i´m sure he has enough humor to understand this song) he is quite upset by now.

I think it’s fun, not really serious! Maybe Per and Micke are testing how far they can go with the papers? :-)

The song “Greatest hits” first in swedish and then some kind of transaltion :P

Att skivbranschen upplevt sin värsta kris, är inte mitt problem.
Packet som avgudar mig har flis, men inte nåt modem.
Är så gamla att dom dör innan dom fått kläm,
på hur man egentligen gör, när man tankar hem.

Jag ska släppa ut en greatest hits, samma gamla spår igen!
Det är klart det blir en greatest hits, precis som förra sommaren.
Och när den toppar listan i april, då releasar jag en till!
För det är alltid läge, rätt sorts hits, släppa ut en greatest hits!

“Kom igen grabbar”

Massorna ropar på nostalgi, pop ifrån Tylösand.
Så jag slänger snabbt hop ett potpurri, och ringer till mitt band.
Plötsligt vill dom ha betalt och visar attityd.
Otacksamt och illojalt, typiskt Micke syd!

Jag ska släppa ut en greatest hits, samma gamla spår igen!
Det är klart det blir en greatest hits, precis som förra sommaren.
Dom får njuta av succén ett tag, men se pengarna tar jag!
För det är trots allt min talang och snits som skapat alla greatest hits!

Först så ska det komma ut, en box, en DVD.
En remix, en Absolut. Men till vårt jubilé:

Ska jag släppa ut en greatest hits, samma gamla spår igen!
Det är klart det blir en greatest hits, precis som förra sommaren.
Så det blir mera pengar ifrån STIM, hem till popens Joakim.
För det är faktiskt det som är min vits, med släppet av en greatest hits!

“Kom igen grabbar”
“Du ligger lågt Anders”
“Titta på MP”
“Han är musikalisk”

Precis som förra sommaren
Precis som förra sommaren

That the record industry has experienced its worst crisis, isn’t my problem
The rabble who idolizes me has money, but no modem.
Are so old they die before they’ve got the knack of, how you really do, when you download

I’m gonna release a greatest hits, the same old track again!
Of course it’ll be a greatest hits, exactly like last summer
And when it tops the list in april, I release one more!
’Cause it’s always situation, the right kind of hits, release a greatest hits!

“Come on guys!”

The masses shouts for nostalgia, pop from Tylösand
So I quickly make a musical medley and call up my band.
Suddenly they want to get payed and show attitude.
Ungrateful and unloyal, typical Micke Syd.

I’m gonna release a greatest hits, the same old track again!
Of course it’ll be a greatest hits, exactly like last summer
They may enjoy the succes for a while, but I’ll take the money.
’Cause it’s after all my talent and touch which have chreated all the greatest hits!

First a box, a DVD, will be released. A remix, an Absolute, but to our anniversary:

I’m gonna release a greatest hits, the same old track again!
Of course it’ll be a greatest hits, exactly like last summer
So it’ll be more money from STIM to the Scrooge of pop
’Cause that’s actuallt my point by releasing a greatest hits.

“Come on guys”
“Yuo’re low Anders”
“Look at MP”
“He is musical”

Exactly like last summer
Exactly like last summer

BTW, STIM collects money from stores who plays the music per has done and gives him the money. No confusion?

lmao...that is quite funny. It looks like there is real grudge there, even if they try to pretend its a joke.

every artist releases his greatest hits, nothing new from uggla (maybe he doesn’t know that because have no hits or he is just jealous).

I think micke gone too far with that performance, but per’s joke wasn’t right either.

BTW- Speaking of that “every year’s greatest hits albums” i think micke needed money more than Per, but it’s just a thought, only a thought...

As Bunio said, Ugla hasnt any greates hits... ;) he is jealous...

I’m not so much into it but I think Uggla has had his hits and won some prizes.. I guess he wasn’t that unsuccessful the past year with his tour because he is touring this summer again. Somehow I’ve always seen him around, since the 70ies.. so I guess he didn’t have that less of a success :)

The song was written last year, by the way. And I think he does have 1 Greatest Hits album :P

Edit: I just got to think about the parody Glenn Killing made of “The Roxette” long ago :D it looks like the thing of Per and the money is going on for long :)

Uggla has at least 3 greatest hits albums out that I know of.

:) this make no sense :)

I am guessing it’s a wind up!

When Uggla’s song “Greatest Hits” was played during his tour last year, he claimed that it was a one-off thing, that it wouldn’t be recorded. But when his album came out, there it was. GT heard this song back then and said “Uggla, isn’t that a bird...? ;)” Uggla means owl.

Quote: “After the latter’s amazing success everything has returned back to “normal”, i.e. Roxette....”

Yeehaa indeed!!! ^_^

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