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“I’m gonna run to you...”

Written by tevensso on April 25, 2005 to .

HELSINKI - Finally it has happened! Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of The Daily Roxette, Visa Kopu, has finally gotten his Tia! On Saturday, April 23, Visa and Tia tied the knot in front of 35 guests at restaurant Haikaranpesä. The venue is located 76 meters above sea level in the Haukilahti Water Tower in Espoo.

  To the sound of Roxette’s “Run to You,” they walked in: Tia wearing a beautiful champagne-colored dress with matching flowers while Visa donned a British style tuxedo with a golden cravat. The civil ceremony and vows remain somewhat of a mystery to TDR, as this reporter doesn’t speak Finnish.

  After the ceremony there was a reception with a buffet lunch consisting of cold and warm dishes and wine. The happy couple received presents of course, among them a CD with rare Roxette demos, a couple of rare Gessle DVDs, Kosta Boda glasses, Iittala silverware, bath towels, numerous other CDs and of course money.

  In the middle of the dessert an a capella group appeared and sang a few chosen bits in Finnish that seemed to be appreciated. They finished with a – to say the least – strange version of Roxette’s “How Do You Do!”.

  When the reception was over, the younger part of the assembled guests left for a bar in central Helsinki called “American Bar” where, of course, drinks were consumed.

  The bridal couple will go to Osaka, Japan on their honeymoon.

All the best to you from Lars-Erik, Judith and Thomas… and we understand Per sent personal congratulations as well!



Congratulations to Tia and Visa on your wedding day, may you both be very happy togeather! :)

Woo-Hoo as Homer would say!!

Were you nervous?

I’m supposed to be getting married this summer at the top of the Empire State Building in New York....

All the best to you and your wife :) Enjoy Japan!!

I’ve only been on this forum a couple of weeks but you have a great set of people here...

Congratulations and all the best to you!!!!

*toastes with champagne*

congratulations on what I hope will be a long and happy marriage

sounds a wonderful day congrats :-DDD

Cogratulations to both of you! :)

To Tia and Visa - Many happy years together. My wife Natalie and I met 10 years ago on Dan Zimmerman’s Roxette Mailing List, and have been married almost 9 years with two beautiful children. I hope you are as blessed as we have been.

-Roger Tetzlaff, USA

Tia and I also met on the Roxette mailing list, in June 1996.

RML getting people together? ;) similar happened to me in 2000-2001 :D

A lot of congratulations!!!

Rox-Vän greets them from Santiago of Chile.

All the best to the happy couple!

I wish you all my best

Congratulations, Visa!

Just want to wish U all the best !

... Roxette does have a magic touch - brings people together :OP

To stay in rox-related title, I wish you the Best.

I wish you all the best!
Hope you’re having a great honeymoon and lots of warm and sunny days in the future! (well... sunny for finnish conditions... :-) )

Yay, how sweet it is guys! My warmest congratulations to you! :)

Hey, congratulation from me, too!!!

How could a wedding start better??? => This must be a NEVERENDING LOVE!!! ;-))


And just like Gessle sings - I wish you the best!

Dear Visa!!!
CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I wish you all the BEST!!!! I found real love and the most excellent husband in the Zimmerman’s Roxette Mailing list too. I still have a copy of the FAQ created by you in 1993!!! Thanks for everything Visa, and BE VERY VERY VERY HAPPY with Tia!!!! At least, as much as I am with my Rox-fan-husband! :-) Big big hugs, Ana Karina :-P

All my best to you both!!!

Many congratulations on a wonderful day you and your new bride will cherish forever.

Congratulations from Bulgaria!!!
We wish you long and happy marriage!!
HANHoneymoon ;-)

Congratulations, Visa! All the best to both of you! :)


I wonder which rare roxette-demos there was on the cd´s.

Congratulations. :D

Congratulations !!!
All the best to both of you

Congrats—best wishes for every happiness!

I wish you both the best.



Wonderful news. :D Congratulations! Have a great time in Osaka.

Congratulations Visa and Tia.
I wish you the very best for your future together.

Congratulations! All the best, Sascha

Oi what a suprise!! Congrats u guys - urm & I want some wedding cake!!

*huggles* from Cape Town

This seems to be the best stuff I’ve read here since the news about Marie’s new album! Just one more wonderful thing about good music is that it brings people together. Visa and Tia, and everybody who met friends and lovers thanks to Roxette, I’m really glad for you (and a bit jealous, to be honest :)). Let your love for each other last for ever! And - big THANK YOU to Marie and Per for all the good things they keep on bringing to our lives.


What else could I add? Congratulations:)

Roxette “run from one heart to another again” and bring ppl togethr!

Congratulatulations to you Visa and Tia!!

Having the pleasure of knowing you both... I too would like to add my personal best wishes to those that have already been given here. Both of you are kind and generous individuals and all of us wish you many, many years of happiness together!

Hej! I also wanted to wish you the very best! I didn’t find love thru Roxette but yes many good friends and e-friends from around the world.
Ezequiel @ Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Hej hej! Congratulations!!! Like many others I wish you all the best, a lot of love and happiness!

And yes, Roxette bring people together indeed. It happened to me and my bf about 4 years ago too :-)

Best wishes from Germany!

Hopefully you both will have many wonderful years together.

Hip, hip, Hooray!
Hip, hip, Hooray!
Hip, hip, Hooray!


kinda late but.... congrats to you both!

Although this comes a bit late but I wish both of you the very best!!! Greetings from Austria


Muchas felicidades!! God bless you!!

Hej rox-väns...!! i wish you the best and enjoy the time you will have together. from Colombia, TiCkO. Enjoy Japan, and please don’t forget to eat some tempura chicken!!

*does a one woman wave*

It must have been love... and it happens, now! :) Congratulations!

Congratulations from Australia...have just found your wonderful site and am looking forward to reading, contributing and enjoying all the news about the fantastic Marie and Per.

I hope you enjoyed your Honeymoon!

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