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Per releases remix album of “Mazarin” songs

Written by tevensso on April 1, 2005 to .

STOCKHOLM (UPDATED) - Per has said earlier that he’s working on a new album and now he has revealed parts of the new material. It comes as a big surprise that, instead of writing totally new songs, he has been remixing and translating the songs from his Swedish “Mazarin” album which was a huge success in Sweden in the summer of 2003.

  “I’m trying to reach wider audiences and why not use the songs that have been tested to have hit potential,” Per said to reporters in a Stockholm hotel. “This album is also a homage to ’Dance Passion’. I always loved it, but it was so underrated.”

  There’s more in common with “Dance Passion” than just the fact that it’s a remix album. Per asked the same guys who worked on the “Dance Passion” tracks to remix some of the “Mazarin” songs. “Tycker om när du tar på mej” (or “I Will Love You Forever” as it will be called) by René Hedemyr will make it onto the album. In fact, Per had plenty of remixes to choose from. “There must have been at least five different versions of every song. Only one of each were chosen for the album. Fans will love the extra material on the singles we release,” Per said laughing.

  Capitol has released an advance listening sampler CD with seven tracks (CDPRO 5110). The retail version will contain all 14 tracks from the original “Mazarin” album. Here’s the track listing on the sampler CD:

  1. I’m Gonna Give You All I Can (But You Really Must Wait) (C&C remix) (Här kommer alla känslorna (på en och samma gång))
  2. I Will Love You Forever (René’s 7” Mix) (Tycker om när du tar på mej)
  3. We Will Be Again (Almighty 2005 Mix) (Smakar på ett regn)
  4. Strolling Through the Town (Nordin Trance Mix) (På promenad genom stan)
  5. Rockin’ (Slusnik Luna Vocal Anthem) (Gungar)
  6. It’s My Day (Stonebridge Dub) (Födelsedag)
  7. Disco Ball (Jimmy’s Guitar Mix) (Spegelboll)

The Daily Roxette wishes to remind everybody that this article was published April 1…


jajjajajjajajjajajjajajajaj...... i can’t believe this news...


Hmm.... I think it is an apriljoke!

yes, Marie is recording a new album with Madonna.



And Roxette is recording a new album :)

It´s very stutip to think that roxette will come back, because we all know that roxette will never return.

I disagree with all this jokes.. I find them too much stupid.

Sorry Tevensso, but the Fan Club has won this year!!! They did it first, now we suspect about EVERYTHING!

Nice try, anyway.

@Roxlight: I disagree. They will come back, but no this way. They will take their time, good things can be made in a rush. Thanks God, that awful artwork is not real!!!

Sorry totally onto you guys ;) After being fooled by the fanclub earlier today there’s no way I’m gonna be had again...oh and even if it was true what a horrible idea ;)

It would be great, if it wasn’t April 1st... Yet such kind of activity would be useful for PG to refresh “writting in English” skills ;)

April Fool’s prank or not, it’s not a bad idea for while we wait on the next studio album...whoever it may be from.

None of these jokes are funny, we have been waiting for so long to hear Roxette since Maries illness. I thought it funny however that these projects have just popped up completed. Roxette have never done anything in under a year almost, and 8 songs in a few weeks, yer right!!

We know this is a joke, because TDR have not done a story on the Fanclubs joke!!

Not a nice one, sad....

Enjoy! It’s April 1!

Good! Bra!

A remix album for April’s fool day ... wonderful what’s next? A porn fim?

Well, the FC:s news must be true since that one was published on the 31st March. I know it is just a bluff, but it can’t be considdered a april fools joke IMHO. So seeing it like that I think TDR “won”! ;-)

Homage to Dance Passion... ROFLOL!!

Wow! Cool!

Which track is Tom Petty collaborating on?

APRIL FOOL JOKE! you got me there!

lol.... nice one thomas

APRIL FOOL JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To bad, actually I think that would have been great! I will love you forever

I think it would be fun if he releas a remix album
But it isn’t nice to joke about it when we long for news ;-)

Dance passion was ROXETTE not per solo, why not release ROXETTe remixed ?

** ow i forgot its april fool’s LMAO **
what a fish i am !

Ah how lame...
Remixed translations in the same package?

Anyway, the one from last year was way better as this one loses hands down to the FC April Fools News.

LOL, almost got me... ;-)

Look at the date ;-D

Dunno if I should believe the bit with the new Rox-EP, really...

you got me. Well done TEv, oam

We have been waiting for a new Roxette album, not Per´s solo album again. I still believe our year will be in 2006!

...Nordin Trance Mix... LOL!!!!!!! =)))

lol not the best thing to see when ur half awake but quite funny indeed

April april...

and...what kind of joke is to be read on jokes with new Rox-albums please.....that is not sooo much funny...

she wears loud clothes..ramalamadingdongjoy.. ;) ;)

This joke is a way better :) Good idea, too.

Joke over.... it’s past 12pm....

i like this joke. it’s not that stupid like the one from the fanclub...

i thought april fool finishes at 12 ?

Nice one Tev! You got me. I was so amazed about the “news” until I read the first posts by users::)))

It’s quite a nice joke.:) But it didn’t sound so real for me. However in my opinion, Fanclub’s joke is better. Though it is so cruel - new Roxette E.P.!!!

Are we in a kindergarten????

It was fun to sit and think of the article so we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did preparing it :P

I specially like the “Strolling Through the Town (Nordin Trance Mix) (På promenad genom stan)”. First I came up with NordinLoveMix but then Visa thought about the Trance :D

Thomas, Visa, Lars thanks for the laugh :D

you got me!!!!!!!!, the fool day in ARGENTINA is December 28

I didn’t get that “April’s Fools” thing because in this part of the world there’s no such thing in this date. So I thought it was real news, and actually I was excited because I’ve always liked Per’s songs in English :-(

Thank you anyway.

That was a good and funny joke... but I wouldn´t doubt if Per release something like this - Gyllene Tider remixed “Sommartider” and “Flickorna pa tv2” in 1989... but no, he would never use this titles :P

Although the FC joke wasn´t funny at all.

I’m Gonna Give You All I Can (But You Really Must Wait) is my favorite ;)

Hehe... You actually had some serious time with this news item all 3 of u?

I wish it was true!!!

Visa sprung the idea, I wrote it, Lars edited it and all four of us polished it. We were thinking about making it more serious, but that would’ve also meant that people may have gotten upset because it would’ve been very believable.

It was fun to make :D Hope you had as much fun as we had while writing the whole thing :D

lol, great fun!!


Mazarin 2...Hahaha!!!!!!

The joke from the fanclub wasn´t funny at all!!!!! We all hope, that Roxette will come back one day and everyone- reading the article - at the first moment believed it. Your joke wasn´t bad, it could have been even true, but your joke noone hurts. The FC joke does!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

Please removed this Great Jokes from TDR

It’s o.k. but i still waiting to released new Roxette album!

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