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Per sends year-end greetings to TDR readers

Written by tevensso on December 27, 2004 to .

HALMSTAD - In a fax message sent today to the TDR newsroom, Per wishes the readers of The Daily Roxette a splendid 2005…


Just a quickie from jolly Halmstad to wish y’all a splendid 2005!!

2004 made us very happy indeed with a great album from Marie as well as a quite successful album/tour from the old fellas in GeeTee. You can always rely on homecooking!

Hope all of you are making progress in life’s neverending goobledegook and that we might bump into each other some day soon. Who knows what 2005 will bring?

Lots of luv and happiness from

P.H. Gezzle


:D he was inspired, did he write another “my head go pop” or “gabba gabba” song today? :P

thanks Per, wish you all a great 2005, too :)


Thank you, Per!

Happy new year to you as well Per. Thank you for an unfogetable fantastic summer. But most important: Don’t foget to hug Marie! :D

Yeah thanx for a fantastic summer Per and all the other member of GEETEE!! ;) I found a best friend this summer and one I don’t wanna lose! :)

Best wishes to everyone there in 2005!

Alison Marie, UK
aka ally77

Guys, English please. :)

Thanx lovely Per!!!
Have a great new year & Marie too!!!
I hope 2005 brings some new songs from always greatest duo....Roxette!!!
Happy New Year!

Who knows what 2005 will bring?


Wish all of you the best year of your life until that time, but not better than the year after which won’t be better than the year after the year after and so on.

Per knows what next year will bring? Wow, is he a clairvoyant or psychic now? *g*

yeeeeeeeeeehaw! what a dude :)

to per: greetz from the UK!

Obviously Per Knows!!!He’s got always new material waiting to be releasing!!Maybe under Per solo or maybe under Roxette!!!!

Ahahaha, that’s funny. :)

Thanx, Per!
Sommar was so great. Fantastic tour!
New Marie album is a good news too.
We are really expecting new material in late 2005 and perhaps a new tour (solo?) on 2006! :)

Thank you Per for fantastic summer! Happy new year Per and Marie!

Thankyou Per!!
Best wishes for 2005 Per & Marie from the UK!!!
and to everyone at TDR!!
Lucy_GT x x

Tack skaru ha!!

Hoppas att du o din familj får det bra! Koppla av och skriv lite bra powepoplåtar till ett kommande Roxettealbum! :-)

Hi Per,

thx so much for the message!!

Thx for the great summer, fantastic shows and the M&G in July, it was so NICE!!!

Best wishes for 2005 and I‘m waiting for the new album, hope it will be Rock like TWATG,

see you in 2006,

Greets from Germany, Munich

thx Per for a great year! I wish you all the best!

Best wishes Per: GT25 was awesome & your fan base in the UK remains strong :-)

Keep up the good work (and enjoy your time off;-)

All the best from Rich

@ Per:

Nice one dude!

Cheers for takin time out from the festive period to send us greetings.

Looking forward to 2005 and hopefully some English Per Pop.

Come back soon!

Yeap, it seems Per will read all these comments about his greetings... iam sure he will. Thank you very much Per!!! I wish a great 2005 to everybody here!!

Hello Per!!!
Happy new year to you too!
A new solo album would be great- in english or in swedish. But nothing could compare to a new Roxette album..please think about it. But its up to Marie I guess...happy new year to her as well by the way :)

Many greetings and love wishes you Rox-Van, from Argentina (Per loved you!!! I want to continue enjoying your music forever!!!) never leave us!!!

Kisses and affectionate hugs!!!

Always love you!!!


[email protected]

Thanks a lot for this message Per!! Thanks specially for your wishes and for encouraging us facing 2005. It’s really nice of you =D
All the best for you, Marie and the band.

ahaha that is funny ..and cute. That P. H. Gezzle does humour well :D Happy New Year, man ...oh, and to the rest of y’all ;)

Happy New Year to you too, Per, from the small (but big-hearted) country of New Zealand. :)

That was just fantastic!!! 2005 will be great for me for sure.

Enjoy YOUR winter holidays, PER & MARIE. Thanks for incredible 2004!!!:)

Thank you very much Per!!!! Good to see you still care about us:)
We know there’s always more to come, hope it’s all good and fun! Merry Xmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year to you and your family as well!


P.S. If you ever come to Chicago incognito give me a call, I’ll show you around and keep it secret:))))

Yes, Thank You Per for the great year 2004! Thank you that I could see you live again!

And then the big surprise with Marie’s new Album, the year was perfect!

I wish you all Per, Marie TDR and all Fans a Happy New Year 2005 and hope that it will be such a great year like 2004!

“Who knows what 2005 will bring?”

Please new Roxette album with NEW material!!!!!

P.H. Gessle? P.H.???

“what 2005 will bring” ? hopefully not too much new, I don’t have the time... I won’t make it to Sweden next Summer :-(

Thanx for one of the best summers in my life. It was fantastic.
I hope 2005 will bring some fresh new Roxette material but I totaly understaands if you want to take the year off.

Best wishes Mikael Karlsson

P.H.= Per Håkan

Thank you so much! I hope you have a great christmas and new year! You gave me 2 fantastic summers in a row. There is no other artist that can compare with you! You are simpley the best! Im really looking forward for the next album from you! Either solo or Roxette! Have a great time!

Hey hey ... “Per Håkan”!
... please give my best regards to Å & G and all GT:s and Ma&Mi&Jo&Os and hope you all have the greatest 2005 !
... from ... “Per Michael”/”Cristal-89”.

Wow! Thanks Per! You really gave us a great 2004!
For me it was fantastic to see G.T. live for the firsttime...truly a dream come true!
The G.T. album and the Marie album were something no-one had even dared to dream...awesome!

I hope I bump into you next year, and Ialso hope you keep releases such great material!Happy 2005!

:)))) Thanx Per!

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas to you and all the people you love!
Hope you already have fantastic plans for 2005, dont you? ;)

Greets from Ukraine,

someone’s been on the GLÖGG this Christmas! Best wishes, oam.

why GeZZle, not GeSSle?

Happy New Year!

my guess is the glögg, oam

that’s Per.. :)

PH= Per Håkan
sorry people allready told you

Yea great 2004 - 2005 will be better.

Best wishes to one and all

Happy new year Per! hope you have a nice 2005, the 2004 year was perfect!! when I read Aftonbladet I saw that you promised to be back in 2006, you really desirved a rest now=) but I hope to here from you soon again, maby with Roxette=) and when we wait for the comeback, it would be great with a Roxette DVD, the Room service tour...why not..take care! Magnus Wester

...Goobledegook...what? Cool word...please put it into a song...*giggle giggle* Goobledegook....*rOFL**...goob..reminds me on something like..ramalamadingdong..or so....


....Oh..I have a lovely new password...goobledegook...schwubbeldiwub...

@cRiZ: I bet he has spelt it wrong, since there is indeed a word called GOBBLEDEGOOK, means something like KAUDERWELSCH in German..but still I don’t know what he wants to tell us with it. ;)

WordNet knows the word “gobbledygook” which means “incomprehensible or pompous jargon of specialists”.

Edit: My dictionary lists “gobbledegook” as an alternative spelling for “gobbledygook”. WordNet didn’t have it.

“bla bla bla”? :)

“incomprehensible or pompous jargon of specialists” - yeah, that’s Kauderwelsch, definitely.. ;)

Dear PER

Thanks a bunch that you are there!!!
Delighting us with lovely music
we would never refuse it :-)
You let us...
... smell the taste of Mazarin
... having birthday all year long
... sending us sunshine to where we are
... dreamers forget the though times.

Maybe the heart found home...
Or does it still feel alone?

Thank you for a crash boombastic summer 2004!
Celebrating such perfect parties and more
Oh, what bright summer nights
All the voices out there followed by lights
Pretty smiles and happy faces
Singing along all the GeeTee songs

It was worth being part of it
More than that
I’ll never regret!!!
Although I lost my voice for several days
But I didn’t care
Wished I’d be aware
That I haven’t seen
just a dream passing by...!

Wish you a 2005 full of love, health and creativity!
Hope to see you soon again!

Big hug & kisseS

Dear Per,

Thankyou very very much for this year. I’m from Brazil and I couldn’t watch your tour but I really loved finn 5 fel.
Marie’s album is really a great album. A big X-mas gift for all brasilian fans.
I really hope to bump in you some day :) It’s my dream.

I wish you all the best in 2005.
Too much peace, love, happiness and cheers for you and Marie.

Oh, it will be great to bump into PER or MARIE some day:)

2004 brought to me a kitten i called him Pelle. wa if 2005’s gonna brind a crocodile?
happynewyear to Per and Marie...let them be happy we all so thankful to them :))
plz everyone be happy!!!!!

Looks like mr. Per was in a jolly mood when he wrote this!
And new stuff in 2005 is good news!

Ah, thanks PER!!!!
Hope you, Asa and little Gabriel will have a wonderful 2005....
And was truly this great album from Marie that made 2004 worth it....
Thx again!!!
Take care of you-guys and give Marie a great biiiig hug from Belinda in Cape Town when you see her!!!!

Thank you very much and a happy and gorgeous year 2005 to Marie, Per and all GT- guys who made that a great year 2004.
I hope year 2005 will bring a Roxette or GT tour in Germany!... Or at least a message that a tour will come in 2006, please!
A good new year to all of you!

Okay okay..I have to update my english knowledge....gobbledygook seems to be an existing english word. Per is a always. ;) ...the online dictionary says it means “Geschwafel” in german...2004 was really a strange least for me..hope 2005 will be more funny and relaxed again.

Heya, Per :o)
Thanx so much, Happy New Year to you too and to all GeeTee’s members! The summer tour was a BLAST!!!!! :o))

Happy New Year to Marie too ;o)) Hope she’s doing great :o))

Take care ;o)

TDR, happy new year!

Hiya Per

Thanks for the greeting and a huge thanks for the best year of my life! I can’t wait to return to Sweden to see you again.

All the best for you and your family for 2005


Merry christmas and Happy New Year to Per and Marie from your fan in America.
Hopefully 2005 brings a concert tour with both Roxette and Ghyllene Tider together with a couple of tour dates in America!
Happy Holidays to everyone else on TDR as well!

The year 2004 was fantastic just because of Marie’s winnersback. The fact is alone a dream come true. Per & GT were more than successfull. Oh God, I am so lucky... You know, yesterday I heard the song on the radio, I was nearly crying of joy! ALL ABOUT YOU! When a russian radio plays it, it might be the HIT. Antligen. Antligen a god sign for the year 2005. I hope, the things will be OK for all us. I know it.

Happy Cristmas and Happy New Year, dear Marie & Per, I wish you all the joy and happiness of the world, I pray for you. All the best for your families. Be happy and may all your dreams come true!!!


Dear Per,

thank you for your message! And thank you so so much for everything, especially for GT 25, it was unbelievable fantastic!!!

All the very best to you, Marie and your families for the year 2005!!! I hope to see you soo soon again! If you rocked Stuttgart with Roxette once more...would be a dream come true!


FANTABULOUS Mazarin tour,FANTABULOUS GT tour and best end of this year with Marie album.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart dear Per and Marie for great work!!
Best wishes to you and your families!!!

Happy New Year to Marie, Per and everyone who is reading this.

Thank you so much!! I wish you the best to you and Marie.Happy New year.

Thanks Per i wish you all the best for you and Marie,and i hope 2005 will bring a new GT album,tour who knows?

”...and that we might bump into each other some day soon. Who knows what 2005 will bring?”

I know that I hope for that “bump” on January 16:th at Rockbjörnen. And as far as what 2005 will bring... well. A NEW album... in some way. Solo, Roxette, GT... whatever. Just as long as it is new. And ofcourse, the GT-documentary tonight.

Thanx, Per, a wonderful 2005 for you. With a lot of happiness and joys!!!


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