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“I never said I’d cancel Roxette” says Per

Written by tevensso on August 19, 2004 to .

HALMSTAD (UPDATED) - While The Daily Roxette waits to see Per Gessle before the final Gyllene Tider concert, it rained, rained, rained… I don’t think there has been more rain in Halmstad ever.

  When we finally get backstage, Per greets us with a smile – he has just met a bunch of foreign fans. TDR gets right down to business and asks Per about the “end of Roxette” story in Aftonbladet.

  “The rumors are not true. My sentences were taken out of context totally. If Marie wants – and can – we will certainly continue with Roxette,” Per says. “Of course, we won’t aim to conquer the US again… but why not a smaller tour, like the one in 2001, that one wasn’t longer than this tour for instance,” he continues. “We also still have a contract with EMI, I don’t remember how many records, but…”

  How about the time out? “I haven’t said that either, I will disappear from the limelight, but I won’t stop doing things, as per usual… all I want right now is to get out of sight for a while. ”

  The Daily Roxette inquires carefully about Marie Fredriksson’s condition. “There’s not much to say really, it’s more or less the same, she has her good periods and her bad ones. She needs time. It’s also a lot about how motivated she is about moving around. She’s been recording her album for a long time now, but I really don’t know much about it.”

  That said we go on to other business. The new Gyllene Tider single, “Solsken,” will likely be out in September, with some “Finn 5 fel!” demos as b-sides. The song “Choklad, vanilj, jordgubb” is not yet finished so it won’t be used. In connection to this, The Daily Roxette inquired about other future releases. “There will be the DVD, hopefully out before Christmas. The footage is shot mainly in Gothenburg, and the sound will be the best possible. We recorded all the concerts,” says Per. “In addition we may release a new live CD, but that hasn’t been decided yet.” Per also mentions that the old remastered albums will be released without the bonus tracks (as single CDs) mid-priced, and they are thinking about releasing a b-sides CD with unreleased demos. “I’m really against releasing these demos, but on the other hand, they are a part of our past so why not,” Per tells The Daily Roxette.

  SF (Svensk Filmindustri), is at the moment restoring the original 16mm film of Parkliv manually, frame by frame, so it can look its best on DVD when it finally is released.



Well, that’s great news, isn’t it !!! But I must say Per looks a bit tired on the picture, witch is totaly understandable, he also lost some more weight I see.

what about the rarities cd per spoked about in july?

Great, great, great!!! Thank You Per and thank you guys from TDR!

you welcome + thanks to you for reading :D

Yes!!! Thank you very much for clarification! *goesonwithbigsmileonhisface*

thansk so so much TDR, excellent job :D
*very happy now*

Fear not, fellow fans! The world can now continue to spin round!

Great news!!! I love YOU PER GESSLE!!! I can’t believe that this morning I was scared to death. Isn’t that funny to read all these comments about the end of ROXETTE?.. But whydidn’t ROXETTE management cancell this article???
Thanks, The Daily ROXETTE. You’ve made an excellent job.

Well, Aftonbladet show you once again what they expect from their readers - never trust the meaning of their articles. Visit an oracle and you get more reliable news. :-)

Wow, this is GREAT! I never doubted you, Per!
Argh those people from Aftonbladet....get your stories straight!

Yay! It looks it’s going to be a great day!

Is Per scared of us??? Jeje - Suddenly he speaks a lot.


Oh C’mon lazy guy work hard and you’ll have the U.S. on a silver plate, now that music is turning to guitars again and you’ve tasted it with your cd and Gyllene’s one, could be big time!

But of course, first we have to see Marie solo in english having world success (she has the music and the lyrics to do it easily) then everything will be ready for Roxette to rox again.


but what about the “rarities” cd u talked about?

and parkliv DVD?

Great!!! This news makes me again happy. Many, many thanks TDR for this article and Per & other guys for great summer 2004.
Lucy from Prague

Thanks to TDR and thanks to Per. Look at Per´s face. Thats the ansver. Rox 5ever.

Ha Ha... was having a good day today, it just got so much better! THANX PER!!! and even bigger thanx to TDR!!! :)

I know what MY christmas present this year will be! ;)

Thanks daily! …the happiness returns to my heart!!!

uffffff .-.-.- ;-))))))))))))))))))))) neverending smile–Thanx TDR & Per

;D thanks TDR! and thanks Per!!! hope Marie wants to back to Roxette, or “can” as Per said...

Yes yes yes! I´m so happy to read this. Maybe we have to wait for the next happening with Roxette, but at least the intentions are good.

You guys from TDR have made an *excellent* job! Thank you very very much for the interview, and thanks Per for taking a minute to make this clear.
I think that this shows us all (again!) that the one-and-only *serious* source of information about Roxette & stuff is... TDR.
We MUST end believing in Aftonbladet and the like, and get worried about the nonsense they wrote for money.

Wow! I’m sooooo happy!

did someone asked about Marie how is she?

Oh my, I hate the yellow press so much - first Expressen with the stories about Marie and now Aftonbladet... >:-( Taking stuff just out of the content *GRRRR*

Fortunately TDR managed to get Per’s correct statement.


wonderful!!!!! Oh my god, so happy I got when I read the ROX statement!!! THANKS PER!!! Now I can finally be calm!!!

Thank, thank, thank you so much!!!!!

Thanks TDR, again... GREAAAAT JOB !! :)

Some “fans” now should apologize to Per... some stupid things were said.

Go Per... you´re THE numbr one !! :)

Me happy :D

Tanks a lot indeet TDR!!!!!!
And it is great news to know that Per is not kompleatly laying still!!!!!!!!!!!!
Roxette and GT Is the BEST!!!!!

hey per, if your sentences were taken out of context, where do we go ???? always rumors ... I better understand now, when you once said that the journalists “eat you for breakfast” .... These medias ....these rumors that irritate every one !

as I said yesterday, it would be understandable that you leave Roxette just for a while, just for a break (and i am not the only one who said so). after what you did during the last 4 - 5 years ...

any way like one of your friends once sang: “thank you for the music, the songs you’re singing, for all the joy they’re bringing (...)”

Stupid “Aftonbladet”! Thanks TDR for setting the record straight.

I think - as CRIZ pointed out in another thread - it’s very important to pay attention to what Per is quoted as saying vs. the spin that Aftonbladet, Expressen, etc. put on what he said... the press is always going to exaggerate whatever was said to get the best effect (whether negative - as in this case - or positive) and we as fans have to remember that.

Yeah! Great news!
Not the end of Roxette and a new single.

Ain’t that good news?!? :)))



This is the best news, sort of – the best news would be number 1 in the USA. But I can understand if they don’t want to tackle that again. But it’s not the end and they age beautifully with time just like fine wine. Long live Roxette!

Just got home from my trip to Gothenburg, Halmstad and Stockholm – and a few places in between. Ullevi was AWESOME! Truly a beautiful country and you Swedes are the kindest people. I exported a huge bottle of Tylosand sand, I hope you don’t mind – our sand isn’t that fine here in SF.

Thanks so much!!

San Francisco

I am the happiest woman of the planet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-D I LOVE ROXETTE!!!!!

GREAT!!What can i say?Thankx God!


R O X E T T E 4 E V E R!!!!!!!!


I knew Per would say that, I never had a doubt about it. Thank you guys at TDR, and for those so-called “fans” who already buried Roxette I hope next time you think twice before start saying such stupid things.

¡Viva Roxette! ¡Viva forever!

Thanks to God !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love Roxette so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I thought the worst but thanxs god roxette will keep on roxing great !!!Thanks tdr and per

This is what I was saying in my thread ( ). I knew the rumours weren’t true. ;)

@ LoneGunman I agree with you...some “fans” should apologize to Per....
I knew Per wouldn’t say that.

Per you are the best!!! I love you!!!! :D

Fernanda - Brazil

I’m so happy I want to scream! YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!! We’ll have Roxette for many more years!!!!!! Now all we need is Marie to get well soon! :)

I LOVE YOU, PER!!!!!!!!!!! You brought happiness back into my heart!!!!!!!!!!! :D

I’m so happy to ear that!! It makes... my day, at least! Hoping that Per will be very innovative (like he did with Mazarin or HAND) with the future album of Roxette! We all want to be surprised!


They ever make the US again... to HELL WITH IT I AM GOING TO THE SHOW!!!!

let’s not get too exited,there’s a long long way to go yet before marie is up to doing anything.i can’t see roxette doing anything else,

a, they are not getting any younger & they will want to see more of their families

b,all good things must come to an end(sorry for sounding negative)

Thanks to God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,
Now I can be happy again, think in my life with out ROXETTE was terrible!!!!!!!!!!!

Always ROXETTE in my heart!!!!

Thanx TDR , Thanx Per!
...I’m a little proud that I read between the lines....Let’s all go on holiday a bit...(har har..I have only 6 days left this year..hmmpf´)

Thanx to the guys for a very exciting summer.
Thanx to all my friends and supporters.
But eh..what’s up with this vanilj..jordgubb..thing...get it finished pleeeze.

if only anybody read my comment about the contract in the other thread .....

YAY!!!! I can stop crying now!!!!! *sits at computer smiling*
I’m so glad Per cleared that rumour up. He ROX!

I think in the future Aftonbladet should try and get ALL of the facts before printing something as stupid and as rubbish as this.

In my opinion the ’end of Roxette’ is a very very long way off yet - although i don’t really believe there ever will be!!

*walks off singing ’hello you fool I love you’....*

I have noticed that there are less comments about good news than about bad. Strange world. It seems that Aftondladet really knows how to increase it’s circulations.

@ttmo: I don’t think the contract is so important... I mean, it doesn’t guarantee we’ll get new music, they can fulfill their contractual obligations through more compilations, live albums, etc. But I guess that you’re right that the contract guarantees more releases of some variety in the future...

Well, I was relieved to find out ’the truth’. When I read the headlines when I was in Sweden, I was a gullible idiot and spent the rest of the day being miserable. Why I believed Aftonbladet, I’ll never know - I’m just grateful we have TDR to get us the latest news straight from Per’s mouth. I huge thanks to you guys!

Hej, rather good to know that aftonbladet failed!!! Isn’t that a reason to start fireworks???
Comeback soon roxette and do a tour through Germany!
Thanx 2 tdr for keeping me alive.

Well I guess “Goods Things AREN’T Coming To an End” which is great. I just hope that when a new Roxette album is released that EMI Australia will promote Roxette in this country this time and hopefully tour this country again, but as for Australian fans we all know that this is only a dream.

So I guess My Finacée (or wife as of 18 September 2004)) well have to save up and come to Europe to see Roxette live, if they tour.

ITS_ME all the way from Australia

In my opinion, live album is better than no album.

Yes I agree they should release an Live Album. I would love to see the unplugged concert released OFFICALLY with all the songs.

Also, if there are more tours, it will be great to see more backstage stuff.

Good news, very good news. I’m sorry about being so disgusting some days ago, I should had given my suport to Per instead of criticizing him. Let’s let Per have a life and enjoy it.

It is very simple to criticize someone, but very hard to make it yourself.

AURYTE, I’ve already said twice that I’m sorry about all this. Isn’t it enough for you? Iv’e cryticized myself (I wouldn’t had said that I’m sorry if I hadn’t cryticized my reaction) so let’s forget for a while all this topic, ok?

Sun seems to shine again!!!!!! Great Thanks to TDR & Pelle for clarifying the things!!!! I went through a few really hard days after the previous news, but now... Roxette will surely go on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:-D Brave, that great news, I am very happy, thank you Per :-D

Roxette must go on!!!

OK.Thanks Per!!!

I would have had a hard time seeing Per or Marie putting an end to Roxette. When it happens it will be a part of me that will die. I can´t even concieve it. Best wishes everyone. xoxo.


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