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Fans in Argentina gather for reunion

Written by jorgerox on May 31, 2004 to .

BUENOS AIRES - Organized as a reunion get-together for individuals who know each other mainly online (TDR and R2R forums), fans from both Chile and Argentina met yesterday at Plaza San Martín in Buenos Aires. The group then moved indoors to the food court at Galeria Pacifico, a shopping mall, for a bite to eat and to continue socializing.

  Eighteen people enjoyed the afternoon meeting, the date having been selected to coincide with Marie’s birthday. Photos from the event have been uploaded by Jordi (see link).


Looks like everyone had a great time! Hope I can get back myself again sometime for another one of these...

The germans at have also fan-meetings...

wow that looks like you had great fun ;D

Even we have an extra board for that ;-)

crashi: you have one every now and then, we can’t write every month “german fans meeting” :P:P

Mmm... goodlookin’ boyz... mmm!

Looks like you all had fun! Would be great to hold a UK fanmeeting somewhere.. although me thinks half of them will be meeting up in Sweden anyway!!!! ;)

in poland we have fan meetings every year in the end of august.

Wish you the same in your country:)

I never thought there could be so many strange people together in Argentina.

oh well, it’s a shame I wasn’t there ;)

Germany, Poland... wherever. We think these kind of fan get-togethers are special, and TDR would love to have you report about them, especially when – as is the case here – you have photos available. Use the “Submit Article” tool.
P.S. Such a fan meeting was organized when I visited Buenos Aires, and it will forever be one of my favorite memories.

yeah, we had a good time yesterday and i hope to see the argentinian roxers again.../ jordi

Lars, you’re always welcome back :)

hi Eduardo i live in “la plata” but im moving B. Aires , im going to visit Brazil in september, maybe we can meet first in Argentina and after in Brazil :D

where will you stay in chile? i was born there and i have my family there too.../ cheers / jordi

I had a great time on sunday.!!!We can meet again.

i really spent a great time there!very nice people!i hope to meet them all very soon!
july sound cool!

Oh! what a great time we spent together. Thanx for being there everyone. You are all my favourite friends!!!!


[email protected]

I’m so sad I didn’t know anything!!!!! :( I wish I had been there. I hoe you had a great time! And we can organize another meeting.

Marie, as you see, Argentina loves you very much!!!!!!!

I’ve been there and it was great!!!
I’ll never forget this, I made some new friends and had a great time.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if we do an international fan meeting? I’d love to know fans from other countries.

QRoX - [email protected]

why’s the pic page down :(

I spent Sunday afternoon playing the guitar at home and listening to music.Maybe it is not a very good way of celebrating Marie´s birthday on my own,but I had a good time anyways.I bought that guitar on the 30 of May last year so I named her ¨Marie¨.I think it was a good idea,but know i just Sunday was ok I think,but i couldn´t see the photos of the roxers so im rathes sad............
I wanna see them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Hi Jordi.
I´ll be arriving in Santiago on 10th july and stay there until 17th july when I must go to Buenos Aires and I´ll stay there until 21st july.
Me and I my friend are going to a hotel.
Well, I hope to have a nice time on both cities and I hope to meet you and others there.
Hugs from Brazil.


The site with the pix will be up in some hours ;)

the site will be up next week, i had to pay to and they will recive the payment soon...

Eduardo, would be great if all fans meet again during your visit in b aires :-) , i ll contact the fans and if they cannot i d like to meet you anyway...

it is a pity that no everyone knew about this meatting, and it was only for the people in the forum.
anyway i hope you had a great time.
next time make it bigger, cos there are losts of roxfans in argentina and most of them not in forums.

Lars say somthing to me about this meatting the other day by messenger... :O Is a pity....! I didn’t know about this meatting :( And I couldn´t see the photos !!!
Sorry about my inglish :p

Alex ;)

When Roxette fans are meeting again in BsAs????????? please let me know. [email protected]


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